Millionaires: Getting Rich in the Age of the Entrepreneur

Millionaires… What’s the secret?

Did you know that millionaires are being created every day? We are now in the “Age of the Entrepreneur,” and getting rich is no longer a pipe dream. If you’re a person who has a bigger vision for your life and the world than it seems most people around you do, don’t worry – you’re not  crazy, you’re actually in the right place at the right time! In fact, you think like the millionaires!

How are these millionaires getting rich, you ask?

A great book about this is “The Next Millionaires,” by Paul Zane Pilzer – a world-renowned economist, professor, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Pilzer, whose economic predictions have proven accurate over the decades, is now saying:

Ten million new millionaires will be created in 2006 – 2016. And most of these will be people who are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness.


Whatever business you are in (or are considering getting rich in), run it by this millionaires checklist:

Direct selling. Direct selling means that you market and sell a product directly to consumers, not from a traditional fixed retail location. This is indeed a growing trend. From the corporate standpoint, fortune 500 companies are lining up around the block to have their products distributed via the direct selling model. And millionaires are being created every day in this industry! This is because word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing on the planet. Think about it. Which are your purchasing decisions more influenced by: A billboard? Or your best friend telling you firsthand about her experience with a product? From the standpoint of the average citizen, getting involved with a direct selling opportunity is the simplest, low-risk, low-cost way to start a business. And because most direct selling companies involve a multi-level compensation plan, this is one of the most lucrative business models out there. This industry creates millionaires – in fact, it’s how I made my millions!

Technology. Pilzer asserts that as new technology is developed it becomes viewed as a necessity and therefore drives the market. Before the iPad came out, we didn’t know we needed it. If you have your hands on the next technological phenomenon, this is your time to profit. If not, think about how you can integrate technology into your business. This could be as simple as joining the online conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Millionaires think about how they can leverage what’s hot, and they take action on it!

Home-based Business. Do you have a telephone? A computer? Internet connection? Well, then you pretty much have what it takes to run a business. Working from an office was necessary at one point because technology had not grown to the point where almost anything could be done virtually. Now it can. Today’s millionaires work from home. By the way, the tax benefits alone are worth having your own work from home business — saving is just as important as earning in the millionaires strategy. Running a business out of your home is not only a big money saver, though, it’s also a big lifestyle enhancer! I don’t know about you, but some days it’s nice to work in my robe. Whenever I did that at my corporate jobs I tended to get funny looks. Kidding!

Product Distribution. The best type of product to distribute is a consumable product. Pay attention to this — it’s a secret of millionaires. This means it’s not a product that someone buys once and keeps for a very long time (like a car). It’s a product that a person consumes often and replenishes by purchasing more (like a food or skincare product). Another important factor to consider, which Pilzer also teaches, is that you want to have intellectual distribution verses physical distribution. Intellectual distribution means that you are teaching people about products or services that they didn’t know about before. My business is run this way. I don’t have a huge inventory in my garage, I don’t have a storefront, and I don’t have to drive around town dropping off orders. All I do is spread the word.

Wellness and Anti-Age Industry. The baby-boomer generation has led business trends since this large group was born in the post-World War II era. Diapers were made for them, schools were built for them, and the real estate market was fueled by them. Now, as they age, the most important thing to the baby-boomers is their health. And it’s not just the baby-boomers. This is a world-wide, generation-wide trend. Fast food is out; organic is in. Looking younger is in. Millionaires know this, and getting rich is a real possibility if you carve out a slice of the trillion-dollar wellness industry. Will you leverage this trend and join the new millionaires?

What do you think? Are you planning to become one of these up and coming millionaires? Comment below with your insights.