Could a Penny Make You Rich?

Income for Life… from a penny?

I hope you grasp the concept I’m about to share. Have you heard the story of the penny doubled? It starts with this question:

If someone were to offer you a choice to A) Receive a single PENNY today, and your money will double every day for the next thirty days, or B) Receive one MILLION dollars cash today, which would you choose?

For most, the immediate reaction is to take the million dollars. One penny? No thanks. One million dollars? Yes please! Upon a closer look and some simple mathematics, though, we see a different picture…

This table shows you how a penny can create income for life:

Penny Doubled

The penny doubled is actually worth FIVE times the quick million. If you focus only on your immediate results, no doubt you will be disappointed for the first few weeks with your slowly doubling penny. Something magical happens as you approach the three-week mark, though. Your penny has become thousands, and now those thousands are doubling to become millions! If you had the opportunity for compounding results like this, might you have income for life? You bet.

Direct selling works a lot like this. Your first commission check may be enough to treat yourself and a friend to dinner and a movie. Give it consistent effort and stick with it, though, and before long you will experience that magic moment where your business takes on momentum. This is where direct selling becomes a vehicle – not just for extra cash on the side – but possibly for true wealth and residual income. Imagine if you gave up your doubling pennies on Day 17 because you weren’t seeing the big bucks yet!

Because of the doubling penny principle in network marketing, in just shy of two years I went from zero to extraordinary income.  It’s not magic. It’s the power of the direct selling business model.  Bet you never look at that penny on the street the same way again!

For more insights on what it takes to be successful and how to create significant income in direct selling, check out my training “How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star” on my website,

What do you think about the power of a penny doubled? Share your insights below!

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  1. David Cheong
    David Cheong says:

    Kathleen, nice penny comparison, the moment i saw you mention about from a penny and earn income for life, it really ring my bell and awaken me on how we should not give up so soon, too early, cos it never too late to start earning. 🙂 I think i should refer my reader to this example, cos it really true for what you’ve mentioned.

  2. Aaron Lubarski
    Aaron Lubarski says:

    This is great information you have! I am sure the skeptics are out there. I have always wondered how you can make a living doing this when my wife and I work full time jobs, have a toddler we raise, and like so many others out there, has taken a hit on the housing plunge. It seems that if we didnt have jobs where would our income come from? How can we dedicate ourselves to running a program like this and make it work without taking the risk of not being able feed ourselves. or make the rent? By no means am I saying it cant be done but how do you jump that cliff to see if maybe you will land on the other side? help me understand what you did! I love the product and I have never felt better taking it and would love to try!

    • Kathleen Deggelman
      Kathleen Deggelman says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Most people who build a network marketing business do so while they have full time jobs and lives. You earn your living during the day and build your fortune in the evening. No need to jump off the cliff 😉

      My eBook mentioned in the blog post includes many of the principles that got me to this level. Give it a read and let me know what you think! The link is

      Take care,

  3. Joan Hoxter
    Joan Hoxter says:

    Kathleen I tried to click on the free gift link and it did not work it said page not found. Is it possible for you to e-mail it to me : )

    Joan Hoxter


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