Testimonials: Your Powerful Gateway to a Booming Business


Storytelling is an ancient tradition – one it seems we are still hardwired for today. One lesson that I share in my free Art of Success eBook is that “facts tell, and stories sell.” Really, what this means is that we emotionally connect to stories. We don’t always remember statistics or facts, but we can recall a story we heard years ago. In business, some of the most powerful stories are in the form of testimonials.

The power of testimonials!

The power of testimonials…

If you’ve been using the Luminesce skincare line or our other Jeunesse products for a while, you may have grown accustomed to a great thing. Remember, most of the world still has not heard of Jeunesse! Testimonials about how these products have changed lives will fuel your passion in sharing them. I often say, Jeunesse is the easiest thing I have ever not sold. I don’t feel that I sell Jeunesse – I just share it with people. Everybody wants to feel better and look younger.

Keep some stories in your back pocket so you can relate them to others. I often share the amazing-but-true story that after using the Luminesce skincare line for just six weeks, my esthetician said I had a 50% reduction in fine lines on my face! What a feeling to know that I am turning back the clock.

As you share the Jeunesse products and opportunity, you will notice a couple things.

First, people’s interest will pique as you share others’ stories. Whether these are inspiring stories of a successful distributor or life-changing product testimonials, these stories help people make the connection, ‘If it worked for them, it can work for me.’ Lead with stories, and back the stories up with the facts.

Second, people will tell you their own stories. Since the day I started sharing Luminesce and our other Jeunesse products, I can’t tell you the number of times people have confided in me about their skin and aging concerns. I’m not a doctor, so having product testimonials handy is a great way to relate to folks, letting them know they are heard and that there is a groundbreaking solution that has the potential to transform their skin.

What are your favorite Jeunesse testimonials? Share below!