Success Secret: Love Your Life Now

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Sometimes we can get so consumed with where we’re going that we forget to look around us and appreciate what we already have. Now, before you roll your eyes, I don’t mean that you should settle. In fact, a little known success secret is that it’s actually good to have a sense of “healthy dissatisfaction,” because this means you are most likely up to big things and you are expanding. If you know there is something more for you out there, this is good news!

Let me put it this way:

Settling = Rough on the human spirit

Appreciating = Great for the human spirit

After all, the only moment you have is now. And when you appreciate where you are and what you have now, you are out of the world of your problems and into the world of your creativity. In that place, anything is possible and, because your appreciation leads to confidence, you are more likely to go for it. More than a success secret, this just makes sense!

I actually have a reminder of this success secret marked in my calendar so that I see it every day. It says: “All new things come into my life when I’m grateful for what is here now.”

Put this Success Secret into action…

Today, make a list of everything in your life right now that you truly appreciate!

Here’s a fun video about appreciating. Even if you have seen this already, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

So there’s your success secret! What do you appreciate about your own life? Post your comments below!

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  1. Ted Tanner
    Ted Tanner says:

    I’m grateful having the opportunity to engage in such a wonderful business with such tremendous upline leadership! Thank YOU Kathleen for everything you do and that you continue to do! You are changing lives!

    BTW, BIG CONGRATS on your engagement!!! YEA!

  2. Darcy
    Darcy says:

    I appreciate that all things show up in my life for a reason. I love that life always has teaching moments to help me expand and become a better person. Thank you for this life.

  3. joanne crawford
    joanne crawford says:

    I agree with the young lady, I love everything God has blessed me with which is everything that I have, everyone I love, and all I get to do and work with.
    I am thankfull for everyone in my business and everyone who has been. There is lots and lots to be thankfull for and appreciate.

  4. Liz Piazza
    Liz Piazza says:

    I appreciate my best friend who is my husband and my almost 20 year old cat. I appreciate the few close girlfriends I have. I appreciate cozy nights with a fire, Christmas lights and hanging out with mike. I Am greatfull for being alive and healthy and all the beautiful places and nature.


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