How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days

How to Find Success in Life

How to find success in life – that is the question.

No doubt you’ve experienced failures in your years. You’ve had moments where you hung your head low, feeling defeated and ashamed. You may have felt like you work so hard and you want to crack the code for how to find success in life so badly, yet you just can’t seem to catch a break.

You have also experienced successes, though. You ran through the finish line. You scored the girl. You made the team or got the promotion. Some of your successes aren’t necessarily moments in time, rather ways of being that you have mastered more than most people.

The question is, which have you been focusing on — your failures or your successes? Which have you been identifying with? Which have you been projecting into the world?

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Do you want in on a secret of how to find success in life? Here it is… BE successful. No matter what challenges you are facing right now, you can choose to embody what it is to BE successful. That’s how to find success in life. You’ve probably heard that before, yet I invite you to try it on for yourself.

In fact, join me in a “How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days” challenge. Yes, I just made that up, although I have a sneaking feeling it might just change your life. After 30 days of following the “how to find success in life” rules, you tell me what shifts you notice.

Here are the rules of the How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days Challenge:

How to Find Success in Life Rule #1: Change Your Physiology

How to Find Success in Life

Tony Robbins talks about how to find success in life via “state changes.” We have four types of states of being: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. When you change one state, you change the other three. Which one is the easiest to change? Yes, you got it — physical.

Try this… put a pen between your teeth so that you create an artificial smile. Did you know research has shown just activating the “smile muscles” can increase your experience of happiness? This is because your body triggers smiley emotions rather than frowny emotions.

Ever notice how when you stand tall you experience more confidence? This is an example of a physical state change affecting your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. This key for how to find success in life is in your control at this very moment. Right now, put your shoulders back and your chin up. Take a deep breath and embody success.

How to Find Success in Life Rule #2: Dress to Impress (Yourself)

How to Find Success in Life

How you dress sends an impression of you into the world whether you want to believe that or not. Yet, forget about other people for a moment. Think about a time when you felt really confident. Chances are you felt comfortable in what you were wearing.

If you want to know how to find success in life, dress up! Not for other people, for yourself. If you have a job, dress as if you are the CEO. If you work from home, no more working in your pajamas! Spend time getting dressed nicely in the morning as if you were going to a high-end corporate job.

Stretch your comfort zone a little bit with this. You may find that you feel a little bit uncomfortable dressing up. I have a down-to-earth type friend who occasionally chooses to “sass it up” as she says, by wearing heels and red lipstick. Have fun with it!

How to Find Success in Life Rule #3: Play the Part

How to Find Success in Life

I met someone who threw a “Come as Your Future Self” party. The task was to show up as who you want to be in five years. You are still yourself, yet you get to dress and act like the version of yourself who has achieved great success in all the areas of life that are important to you. What a fun way to support each other’s quest for how to find success in life!

You don’t need a party to start playing the part, though. To know how to find success in life, just ask your future successful self! When you observe your thoughts, ask, “What would my successful future self think in this situation?” When opportunities cross your path, ask, “How would my successful future self approach this?” When you network, ask, “How would my successful future self greet this person?” And then BE this successful version of yourself!

So, will you join me in the “How to Find Success in Life” challenge?

If so, here is your assignment for the next 30 days: Stand tall, with your chin up, shoulders back, and a smile on your face. Dress to impress yourself. Role play you are the super successful version of yourself five years from now.

If you agree to join the 30 Day “How to Find Success in Life” Challenge, comment below! Your comment is your declaration that you’re in. And, please share your stories with me as you take this on. I can’t wait to hear about the shifts you notice and the results you experience!

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