Warm Market Prospecting Tips – Network Marketing with Friends and Family

Warm Market Prospecting Tips

Warm market prospecting tips – Do you need a little boost when it comes to inviting your friends and family to join your network marketing opportunity?

The beauty of a warm market is that you already have an established relationship with your friends and family so, in theory, this is an easier group to approach. Of course, the fact that you know each other so well presents its own set of challenges, and the warm market prospecting tips in this article will help you through these.


Put these warm market prospecting tips into practice, and you will be set to build your dream team, complete with some BFFs and relatives, and plenty of space for new friends to come.

Warm Market Prospecting Tips

Warm Market Prospecting Tips:

When your friends and family members join you in your network marketing business, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with people you love, travel together, and achieve your dreams side-by-side. One of my best friends of 20 years, Jill, became a leader in my team and we had a blast traveling to places like Thailand and Hong Kong, building our business and making great money together.

One of the biggest warm market prospecting tips I can give you is to respect your relationship with the people in your life. This isn’t about strong-arming, guilt-tripping, begging, or otherwise “convincing” people to be in business with you.

What you don’t want is to make future holiday dinners awkward. You don’t want your friends to think the only time they hear from you is when you want something from them. You don’t want to hold grudges or resentment when your loved ones decide it’s not for them.

Warm Market Prospecting Tips

It really comes down to you supporting them in getting what they want in life. Most people need what you have more than they realize. The key? Simply find out if they are open. Rather than launch into a speech about your opportunity, just ask, “Are you open to hearing about a way to make some extra money working a side project with me that doesn’t interfere with what you are doing right now?”

Warm Market Prospecting Tips:

Want more scripts? You got it. Before you say anything, though, you want to posture yourself for success. “Posturing” is how you position yourself in relation to your opportunity and the person you are sharing it with. All the warm market prospecting tips in the world will fall flat if you come across as desperate or needy. Posturing is generating confidence within yourself. Yes, generating – it’s not something that happens TO you – YOU create your confidence.

Here are some warm market prospecting tips with posturing:

Posture #1 for Warm Market Prospecting Tips: With Or Without You

Posturing is making sure they understand YOU are doing this with or without them. Find your own words to get the message across.

“This is something I’m really excited about. I’m going to do it, and I would love to do it WITH you!”

Posture #2 for Warm Market Prospecting Tips: Let ’em off the Hook

Rather than defend your opportunity when you get pushback, simply take the pressure off. That shift in energy can give your friend space to reflect and reconsider on her own.

“I get this may not be for you, at least not right now. I’ll let you know how it goes!”

Posture #3 for Warm Market Prospecting Tips: The Big Never Mind

If your friend or relative says they are open at first, and then they come up with a bunch of excuses and objections, gently remind them you are here to build a business, not convince people.

“You know, it doesn’t seem like you really ARE open after all. I’m looking for people who actually are.”

Warm Market Prospecting Tips:

No matter what words you use, the bottom line of warm market prospecting tips is your attitude underneath it all. I know, you really want your friends and family to see what you see. You want them to have the life they always dreamed about, and you are committed to this. Excellent. Be committed, just don’t be attached.

When I first got started in my network marketing career, my mom grilled me with questions for a couple of hours! Looking back, I wish I could have recorded our conversation because it would have made a great CD on warm market prospecting tips and handling objections.

Sometimes your close friends and family want to watch how you do first, before deciding to take action themselves. Sometimes they need to warm up to the idea, and they come around later.

Other times, it doesn’t matter what warm market prospecting tips you follow – the answer is simply no. Over the years, even though I have made millions of dollars in this industry, I still have lots of family members that really are not interested. Not a problem. We still have a great time at family dinners, and I still have a great career!

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