Daily Success Routine for Network Marketers

Daily Success Routine

Daily Success Routine… do you have one?

If you look at the daily habits of successful people, including top earners in network marketing, you will discover we all have one thing in common – we have a disciplined daily success routine.

Small Daily Improvements

Why is it important to have a Daily Success Routine?

Whenever people ask me how I made millions in network marketing, I share this quote from Keith Cunningham: “Ordinary things consistently done create extraordinary results.” There is no magic bullet in this business. It’s the specific actions you take consistently that build upon each other and, over time, your team grows and your paychecks multiply!

Did you know a penny doubled every day for 31 days becomes over $10 million dollars? It’s true. Do the math, or check it out HERE. Here’s the catch: Double that penny every OTHER day instead, and you will end up with a mere $300 bucks.

If you wonder how some people achieve the top ranks in their company so quickly, it is because they are disciplined to take action consistently, with a daily success routine. Being inconsistent doesn’t work in any business, and certainly not in network marketing.

Here is Your 10-Step Daily Success Routine for Network Marketing:

1. Review Your Goals

Your daily success routine begins with reviewing your goals every morning before you get swept up by the day. As you review your goals, act as if you have already achieved them. Look at your dream board and feeeeel what it is like to have that life. Post your rank goals somewhere you will be sure to see them throughout the day.

2. Say Affirmations

When it comes to breaking through to a new level of success, we are our own worst enemies. What you say to yourself every day really matters. The YouTube kid sensation Jessica, has a daily success routine we can all learn from. Who cares if it seems silly… building a positive mindset is critical to your success.

3. Read Empowering Books

Having empowered thoughts and actions comes from feeding yourself empowering content. Instead of watching violent TV (including what is often called “news”), relax with a book that develops, motivates, and inspires you. I created a specific space in my house where I keep uplifting books that move me…


4. Call 5-10 New Prospects

Set up a daily success routine where you reach out to new prospects at a scheduled time. Scheduling this outreach in your calendar means you are more likely to do it, which is important since contacting prospects is a key income-generating activity!

5. Follow Up with Prospects

Following up with prospects is just as important to your daily success routine as reaching out to new ones. If following up makes you nervous, pat yourself on the back. As Dr. John Maxwell says, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

6. Get 10-20 NO’s

Why set a goal to get NO’s? Well, because not everyone is going to say YES and, if you are getting NO’s it means you are out there talking to people. Let go of the attachment of needing YES’s, and sharing your opportunity becomes easier. (And, psssst… it’s hard to get all those NO’s without a few YES’s slipping in!)

7. Help Your New Distributors Get Started

Are you being the sponsor you would want to have? Properly training the people in your downline is how you duplicate your efforts. Support your team by helping them create and stick with their own daily success routine! 

8. Promote Events

What live events and webinars are the leaders in your business putting on this week? Be sure to promote those to your team and prospects. Social media updates, emails, and phone call reminders are all great ways to spread the word. 

9. Host an Event

Here’s a little mantra for your daily success routine: “The host earns the most!” Host a party at your house or at a coffee shop, share your opportunity via webinar, or ask your upline to jump on a three-way call with you and a hot prospect. A host has more skin in the game than a guest, so make sure you’re playing! 

10. Plug into Your System

Your system includes a set of tools, resources, and repeatable methods for sharing your opportunity and products. If everyone did their own thing, the results would be haphazard. Duplication is key and the wheel is already invented, so get your team on the bus and roll with it.

Now that you have your daily success routine planned out, what’s next?

First of all, congratulate yourself. Celebrate the small successes, like sticking with your daily success routine, and reward yourself with bigger treats (like dinner out or a weekend getaway) when you achieve the goals you have set.

If you are ready to move through the ranks and earn your fortune in network marketing, print this article out and post it somewhere you will see it every day (like your mirror or next to your computer).

To more money, more freedom, a better life,

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