Jumpstart Your Business – How to Create Momentum in your Network Marketing Business

Jumpstart Your Business

Jumpstart your business this fall.

With summer fading and the autumn energy creeping in, you may be realizing it is time to jumpstart your business again.

It’s not always easy to get back into high gear…

In fact, my family and I just got back from our annual beach vacation in Santa Cruz, and I had a few moments myself where I wondered, “Where do I start?” I decided to just choose two things to get done. This kicked in the momentum again and, for better or worse, it didn’t take too long for the sound of the waves to become a distant memory!

Jumpstart Your Business

Every type of business has cycles and seasons, and our industry is no exception. As a rule, summer is not the biggest growth period in network marketing. Rules can be broken though – my company experienced their second best month EVER in August, and my own business grew substantially this summer.

If your business didn’t grow this summer, don’t beat yourself up. What you did in the summer was plant seeds, and those seeds will bear fruit in September and October. In fact, fall through Thanksgiving is the most productive season in our business, so you definitely still have time to make the rest of the year very successful. NOW is the time to make it happen.

Here are some ways to jumpstart your business starting today:

Jumpstart Your Business by SETTING GOALS

Manage-Feeling-OverwhelmedSet goals for you and your team as to what you will accomplish in the next 90 days. How many new business builders will you have? How many teams will you be working with by December? How many people will be on autoship by the end of the year? What rank advancement will you be celebrating on New Year’s Eve?

Jumpstart Your Business with OUTREACH

Over the coming months, focus on prospecting, networking, meeting new people, and calling the people you know. Commit to connecting with five to ten people every day, and just watch… You will get what you want!  Make sure you have at least two voice-to-voice connections every day – that will make all the difference.

Jumpstart Your Business LOCALLY

In today’s age of the Internet, more opportunities for connecting with prospects are available to us than ever before. Yet, don’t kid yourself that the Internet is the only playground you are going to play in – you are leaving too much on the table if you do that. It doesn’t work for me how some Internet marketers paint a bad picture about in-person marketing. The truth is, it all works, but you will want to focus locally to get a team in your backyard going.

You can have a lucrative business all over the country and the world. Just remember – your LOCAL community is the best place to start.

Jumpstart Your Business with ROUND ROBINS

A great way to jumpstart your business locally is by playing a game of Round Robin. Start a string of meetings – first at your house, then the next person’s, then the next. Moving from family room to family room will jumpstart your business and put your town on the map. Make your hometown the area that has the meeting going on every night. If you are the only person in your area, consider it a blessing and go for it! Become the top-ranking leader your town deserves.

Jumpstart Your Business with ONLINE SUPPORT

Social media and the Internet are there to complement what you are building in person with one-to-one meetings and home parties. Stay in touch with your local friends on Facebook to keep those relationships going. If you love LinkedIn, reach out to new connections in your area.

For my team, I’m creating a hybrid system, combining the best of the online and face-to-face worlds. Our online hub, JFactorTeam.com has our team calendar, a list of upcoming opportunity webinars, training videos, and more.

So, are you ready to jumpstart your business?

Take serious advantage of the next 90 days. What you do for the rest of the year will absolutely jumpstart your January too!

To more money, more freedom, a better life,