Network Marketing Tip: One of My Biggest Breakthroughs

Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tip:  One of my biggest breakthroughs

 One of my biggest breakthroughs as a Network Marketing Leader came when I really understood that one of the most important things I could do was to advance in RANK.  When I realized that advancing in rank is an absolute best way to help the team, it helped me to understand a great network marketing tip that a mentor had shared with me years ago.
People need to know that it can be done.  People want to follow in the footsteps of people who have done it before.  You need to become the Network Marketing Leader who is leading the way.  Often we lose perspective on how important this is.

Why is your Advance in Rank Important?

We are all busy right?  A huge breakthrough for me came when I realized that even though I wanted to help everyone,  that the best way to help the team and inspire everyone was for me to advance in rank AND to partner with a few key people on my team and to help them advance in rank.  And then they could do the same thing for a few people.  And it snowballs from there.  A fundamental Network Marketing Tip is we have to lead the way and we have to set the example.  It is very true that the leader sets the pace.  Are you the network marketing leader that you would want to follow?  Have you made it a priority to advance in rank?
Advance in Rank
There are so many people to connect with and to build relationships with online and offline.  It is really easy to focus too much time on too many people.  It is easy to become overwhelmed.  Result: you are scattered and you have scattered results.  Not the best way to help the team.  Focus is key.  You have to decide in a strategic way who you spend your precious time and energy on.  We need to be spending our time with people who are open, interested and willing to do the work and most importantly, ARE doing the work.  Not saying they will do the work or saying they want to do the work.  But actually are doing the work.  They are coachable and are following your instructions and listening to your guidance.  One of the best ways to help your team is to FOCUS.  To focus on your own next advance in rank and a few key serious partners.  You can inspire many.  You can coach many with today’s tools.  You can build very serious partnerships that last with a dozen.  That sounds contradictory for our network marketing business model.  I know.  I resisted it too.  One of the reasons we do this business is from a sincere desire to help many people.  And you can and you will by first becoming successful yourself and then helping a few people.  You have to start out with a few before you can help the many.  How do we eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  As the leader you need to focus.  Look at your back office reports and find who are the people who are making it happen.  And then help fan that flame.  It will be the BEST way to help the TEAM.  
It is fascinating how often we find someone that really wants to build with us and what I have noticed is we help that person get started and then we often move on way too quickly, because of course we need to find another “good one” like that one.  And we end up spinning too many plates and there isn’t enough time to really hunker down and help a few to become really successful.  The best way to help the team is for YOU to advance in rank and to help a few others to advance in rank, then they can help some others advance in rank.    Choose the few to help advance in rank – be strategic.

What is the best way to help the team?

Best Way to Help the Team

Take the time when you meet someone that is ready to go that you really connect with, to help them become successful.  Don’t move on too quickly.  We often move on from Rachel Rock Star because we think “they are making it happen, I need to go work over here because Joe Bob really needs my help.”  That is faulty wiring.  If Joe Bob isn’t doing the work and isn’t motivated, you should keep spending your time with the Rock Star, not the ones on your team that you want it for more than they do.
You can’t do it all.  One of my biggest breakthroughs came when I realized that for me to advance in rank didn’t mean that it was all about me.  And it wasn’t selfish.  I realized that the best way to help the team was for them to see teammates advance in rank and that your OWN advance in rank helps them and inspires them in ways we can’t even imagine.  Help many.  Focus on a few.



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#1 Most Important Tip When Handling Objections for MLM Prospecting

What is the #1 Most Important Tip when handling objections?

This may surprise you.  Maybe not. First, the worst thing you can do when you are prospecting and come up against an objection, say for example  “Is it a scam?” – the worst thing you can do is to get defensive.  The most worst thing you can do is to get MAD.  Is it a scam?  Of course not.  You know it isn’t but you have just been asked to see how good you are at handling objections.  It is a test.  That is all.  The #1 most important thing to do is to take a moment and to be empathetic.  You tell your story as in “That is a great question.  I wondered about that too.  What I found out is this business model has been around for about a century and is federally regulated.”  Be empathetic not in the sense where you apologize or start explaining away.  Keep your posture.  Keep your confidence.  Never give your power away to anybody.  It is okay to be understanding and to ask where that objection comes from.  You could say “No, of course not but it sounds like you have had a bad experience.  I would not be involved with something like that.”   When people ask “Is it a scam?” it is coming from a place of fear or concern that they could get involved in something not right.  Take a moment to reassure them.  Be empathetic.  Say things like “That’s a great question.  I had the same concern because of course I only want to be involved in a real business too.”

Is it a Scam Objection?

Handling Objections Professionally

When you are out there MLM prospecting, you need to let them know you are like them.  That you had some of the same concerns or fears that you had to get over.  If you are defensive or attacking, it will turn them right off.  Maybe they aren’t the right person for you anyway.  Maybe they don’t have the right mindset but you can still keep your posture and show that handling objections can be done professionally and quickly too.

 MLM Prospecting – important to develop your skill handling objections

There are really only a few objections that people raise – we hear different versions of the same few over and over again.  If you get really good at responding to the few standard objections, the outcome for your MLM prospecting will be much more successful!  If someone throws a random question at you that may not even be worth answering, like “How much Vitamin K is in this?”  another great posturing sentence is to say “I don’t know about that, but what I do know is…  and share your product benefits or your comp plan benefits.   Make sure you tell people the benefits NOT the features, especially with regards to how it will make them FEEL.

If you come across someone that is just really negative, best to just say next.  I don’t spend any time convincing a negative person as to why they should work with me.  Mainly because that is most likely a character flaw and do I really want to spend time with negativity?  No, I don’t.  There is a difference between someone that asks a lot of questions and someone that is negative.  Spend time answering the questions for sure. That can be coming from someone that is genuinely interested.



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you.  You may also love my recent blog post about the 3 biggest mistakes Network Marketers make.

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Great Productivity and Happiness Tip for Network Marketers

productivity tip for network marketers

Great Productivity and Happiness Tip for Network Marketers

Would you like to know one thing that I started doing last year that has helped me to be happier, more content and more productive in my business?  It is so simple!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.  I love creating lists; I am a checklist nut.  I am one of those network marketers that makes a list because I love checking things off the list.  I am the type of person that forgets to include something on my checklist that I have already done and I write it down on the list just so I can check it off right away.

Too many items on that checklist?

I am also the type of person that puts way too many things on my list.  Sometimes my list for the day looks like a list for the week and I have to scale it back.  Does that sound familiar?  Are you a network marketer that is unrealistic sometimes about how much you can get done in a day?  It is easy to do – we are busy entrepreneurs with big visions.  I still have bigger goals for what I can get done in a day than what is really possible, but this one productivity tip changed my level of satisfaction and even happiness.

Checklist for Network Marketers

Checklist for Network Marketers

What is one productivity tip that makes me happier at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, I create another list that bullet points what I DID get done!  The feeling of satisfaction I get from doing this makes my day.  I change from being a frustrated “I didn’t get everything done on my list” person to a “Wow, look at everything I got done today!”  It sounds really simple, which it is AND it also completely changed my focus from being one of scarcity as in not enough time to being one of feeling grateful and empowered for what I did get done.  I have to admit, sometimes I don’t make the actual list and when I get into bed and start thinking of what I didn’t get done, I can quickly switch gears and I start listing in my head ALL the things I did get done on my checklist.

And it feels great!  Network marketers – I highly recommend trying this.  It is much better to end the workday feeling productive and empowered!  Here is to your happiness!



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you. You may also love my recent blog post about videos and prospecting on social mediaIf you learned something in this article, share it on Facebook! Also, comment with your thoughts below. 


3 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Network Marketers biggest mistakes

The 3 biggest mistakes Network Marketers Make…

The first one has to do with how you see yourself.  What is your vision for you and your business?  Most of us know what we need to do to move our businesses forward.  We know the HOW to’s but how big is our reason TO DO it?  Most of us haven’t spent nearly enough time on this.  That is one of our first biggest mistakes when starting our businesses.  The HOW TO isn’t what you are missing.  It is the WHY TO which has everything to do with your vision.   If you don’t have a strong enough vision and why to do this business, you can have all the how to’s and it won’t get you there.  Is your vision clear?  Is it strong?  Is it powerful?  Does it make you want to move forward?  My vision is to represent this great industry in a powerful and abundant way and to be the best professional example I can be.  My vision is to help a lot more people to see building a home-based business as a way up and out.  My vision is to help many people to become financially free.  It bothers me how many people are struggling financially today.  It bothers me how many people are worried about their retirements (and they should be).  We as an industry have a solution and I love that I get to represent that vision.  What is your vision?  Spend a minute and comment below.  I would love to hear!

If you fix the first mistake – your lack of vision, the second biggest mistake will be easy to remedy.

I see many people come in and out of this.  Consistency takes discipline.  It takes hard work.  If you work this one week and don’t make any calls for 2 weeks and then come in and work it for a few hours the 3rd week, what do you think the results will be?  Would that work if you were trying to lose weight?  Not very well.  I always say that being consistent with your daily routine on HOW to build your business is critical.  I know I became a top earner in the industry because I was consistent with the activities.  And it still amazes me at how extraordinary the results are from ordinary actions done consistently.  If you are consistent and you have a big vision, you only need one more thing to become a top earner in this industry.

Network Marketers Vision


So what is the 3rd biggest mistake network marketers make?

There are just too many network marketers that buy into that this is going to happen quickly.  That it isn’t going to take serious work.   This isn’t a get rich quick or get rich overnight plan.  I know one thing for sure: the harder I work the luckier I get.  We have to give this enough time.  If you start your business (any business) with the attitude that “I will give it 6 months and see how it goes,”  I can guarantee what your results will be.  If you go into this saying “I have a great vision, I will be consistent and I will work this business until it works” – you increase your chances for success times 1000!    What if it took you 5 years to become really successful as a professional networker?  It would be worth it!    Work on your vision, be consistent with the activities and give this enough time and you will be amazed.  Take it seriously.  I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that I did!

Consistent Action for Network Marketers

I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you.  You may also love my recent blog post about videos and prospecting on social media.



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How to Recruit using Facebook Plus… For Network Marketers

Using Social Media to Recruit

Would you like to learn how to be more effective prospecting on social media?

The world has changed since I started in the Network Marketing profession in 2006.  At that time, the CEO of my then company told us at the convention NOT to talk about the company on Facebook.  That is how new and I guess, scary Facebook was.  Today, if a CEO said that we would think they were crazy.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram are exciting, fun and wonderful ways for us to connect with family and friends AND amazing tools to connect with potential customers and potential business partners.  I did not think that 4 years ago.  I went into this world kicking and screaming because I couldn’t imagine that I had more inboxes!  My assistant (much younger than me) told me that someday I would wonder how I ever lived without it.  And I get it now.   Since then, I have added Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Who would have thought?  Believe me, not me a few years ago!

It is great to be more connected with your tribe using all of these tools.  And yes, you can make money using Facebook and all the social media sites for your network marketing business.  I have recruited over 65 people in the past year using primarily Facebook.   Once I got serious about this, I realized how if I could figure out how to recruit using Facebook, then so could you.

Prospecting on Social Media is fun

AND there are some guidelines you want to pay attention to.  In this upcoming webinar,  I walk you through some key points.  They really would apply for any business but especially important for our network marketing community.  The key is to connect with people – just like you do in person.  It has to be more about them than you.  You don’t walk up to somebody in a coffee shop and slam your product or webinar in front of them.  That isn’t how you start the conversation, right?  Well, sending your link to a person you don’t know feels very similar.  It takes time to build rapport.  Get to know people and find out if you would even want to work with them.    Take the time…

The webinar is for all network marketers and entrepreneurs and will take place this Friday, May 16th at 12:00 noon PST.  Here is the link to register:

Here is a quick sample of one of the topics I will cover.

Recruiting on Facebook

I know this webinar will give you some ideas as to how to make better connections and how to recruit using Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest.

Those are my favs these days.  Choose one or two to master first.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  That really is a state of mind and a choice.  And a daily practice not to get overwhelmed.  Just break it down.  Organize your thoughts and your posts at the beginning of the week.  If you are new to this world, get comfortable with one.  You can have great success mastering one!   Once you get going, your team will start following your lead.  Just imagine that you have more people coming into your business every single week because your team GETS how to do this. Which means you and your team have figured out how to make money using Facebook plus… Prospecting on social media is something that you definitely can learn and then can teach.   There is a sense of accomplishment when you start to figure this out too.  I had a great conversation with a gal yesterday that “found” me on Instagram.   When someone says, I “found” you on Linked In or Facebook, you know you are doing something right.  Here’s to getting found more often!



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you.  Click here for more tips on how to recruit using Facebook and other network marketing tips.  You may also love my recent blog post about videos and prospecting on social media.

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Network Marketing Tips: How To Get More Customers

Network Marketing Tips…

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to get more customers?

Here is a question.  What if you could show and tell your prospective customers how to use your products and what you like about them?  What if there was a way to get your passion across in a duplicatable way – there is. I know videos are a great way to set you apart from the pack. They aren’t always easy to get done and lots of things get in the way but it is so true that the more you do, the easier it becomes. Create a video that shows your prospects how to use your products – whatever that might be – whether it is a health and nutritional product, or a body wrap or a legal service.

You could create a video that highlights the main products and explains when and where they would use it.  This short video is a quick example that I created for my company’s product line.  You get the idea.  It doesn’t have to go into all the ingredients and the features.  You will convert more prospects into customers because people feel like they know you. Like they have met you via the video.

Create a video to share how and when you use your  products.

How to get more customers …. it’s all about being personal

Just a quick overview with some of the things that you really like about product X.  Tell your story.  Telling a story will always make your videos more interesting and personal.  And it will be easier for you to create them!  And remember when you are creating a video – you are talking to ONE person.  Make it friendly and accessible.  Don’t think about the thousands that might see it.  Think about your neighbor across the street – the one you really like that is the perfect customer for your product or service.  And above all – don’t try to be perfect.  If you do, it may not ever get done.  Just start….  It is our quirks that make us interesting anyway.  All you have to be is YOU on camera. Make sure you smile more than usual and pump up the energy too.  The camera responds well to movement and passion in your voice.  I know I need to learn to relax more and smile more, too in front of the camera. All a work in progress!

Once you have this video, then you can start sharing it online.  You will have it to send out in emails when prospects inquire.  You can post it on Facebook and in Facebook groups.  You can write a blog about it.  You can publish it on Youtube.  Videos are so multi-purpose.  And they last.  You can use them over and over again.  And people love seeing and hearing you share what and why you love your products.  And I would expect that you would be one step closer to figuring out how to get more customers.



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Network Marketing Tips: Creating a Video on How to Join Your MLM Business

Network Marketing Tips…

Network Marketing Tips: Using Video

Something you might want to do for your network marketing business is to create a short video on HOW to join your business.  I get asked all the time how do I get your products?  How do I join your business?  Now I can send this short video that makes it easy for them and gets them started. People want to know how to join your mlm business.  Here is a quick example of what this type of video could look like.  Don’t make it hard….Don’t overcomplicate it.  It is so easy to not get a simple video done.  Believe me, I know….  This is just an example.  You don’t have to get too technical.  You don’t have to explain all your programs and options.  Just help your customer or possible builder get started.

Video: How to Grow your Business

Network Marketing Tips:  Creating a video on how to join your MLM Business

It should be short and sweet, personable, an easy process and most of all, help lead them to a decision. We all want a lot of customers right?  Not everybody is a business builder and we so appreciate our customers too! A video like this will also attract the business builder because they will see that you are in business and that you mean business. You are taking the time to do something that most people don’t do. And in the world of social media and the internet – videos are definitely winning. The more videos you have out there, the more people will find you and the more you will dominate the space you are in. The power of video is it is almost like you are there in person with them. It is SO much more personal. It reassures people that you are real.

A lot of us have fears and blocks about the camera and creating videos.  Sometimes we get stuck as soon as the camera is on us.  I know I was like that and can still need to run around the block a couple of times after a video session.  I have gotten much better though than I used to be – it takes practice.  That old saying about practice makes perfect.  It’s true but we don’t need to be perfect.  We just need to be better.  I remember reading a book called “The Purple Cow”, by Seth Godin.  I read that book when I first got into the network marketing industry and the message was because of all the advertising we see on a daily basis, that you needed to be a purple cow to stand out and be seen.  Videos will set you apart from what a lot of people are doing to build their network marketing business.  This is just one example of a quick and easy one that everyone can do.  Another network marketing tip:  if it is easy and duplicatable, then your team will grow faster.



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