#1 Most Important Tip When Handling Objections for MLM Prospecting

What is the #1 Most Important Tip when handling objections?

This may surprise you.  Maybe not. First, the worst thing you can do when you are prospecting and come up against an objection, say for example  “Is it a scam?” – the worst thing you can do is to get defensive.  The most worst thing you can do is to get MAD.  Is it a scam?  Of course not.  You know it isn’t but you have just been asked to see how good you are at handling objections.  It is a test.  That is all.  The #1 most important thing to do is to take a moment and to be empathetic.  You tell your story as in “That is a great question.  I wondered about that too.  What I found out is this business model has been around for about a century and is federally regulated.”  Be empathetic not in the sense where you apologize or start explaining away.  Keep your posture.  Keep your confidence.  Never give your power away to anybody.  It is okay to be understanding and to ask where that objection comes from.  You could say “No, of course not but it sounds like you have had a bad experience.  I would not be involved with something like that.”   When people ask “Is it a scam?” it is coming from a place of fear or concern that they could get involved in something not right.  Take a moment to reassure them.  Be empathetic.  Say things like “That’s a great question.  I had the same concern because of course I only want to be involved in a real business too.”

Is it a Scam Objection?

Handling Objections Professionally

When you are out there MLM prospecting, you need to let them know you are like them.  That you had some of the same concerns or fears that you had to get over.  If you are defensive or attacking, it will turn them right off.  Maybe they aren’t the right person for you anyway.  Maybe they don’t have the right mindset but you can still keep your posture and show that handling objections can be done professionally and quickly too.

 MLM Prospecting – important to develop your skill handling objections

There are really only a few objections that people raise – we hear different versions of the same few over and over again.  If you get really good at responding to the few standard objections, the outcome for your MLM prospecting will be much more successful!  If someone throws a random question at you that may not even be worth answering, like “How much Vitamin K is in this?”  another great posturing sentence is to say “I don’t know about that, but what I do know is…  and share your product benefits or your comp plan benefits.   Make sure you tell people the benefits NOT the features, especially with regards to how it will make them FEEL.

If you come across someone that is just really negative, best to just say next.  I don’t spend any time convincing a negative person as to why they should work with me.  Mainly because that is most likely a character flaw and do I really want to spend time with negativity?  No, I don’t.  There is a difference between someone that asks a lot of questions and someone that is negative.  Spend time answering the questions for sure. That can be coming from someone that is genuinely interested.



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