Network Marketing Tip: One of My Biggest Breakthroughs

Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tip:  One of my biggest breakthroughs

 One of my biggest breakthroughs as a Network Marketing Leader came when I really understood that one of the most important things I could do was to advance in RANK.  When I realized that advancing in rank is an absolute best way to help the team, it helped me to understand a great network marketing tip that a mentor had shared with me years ago.
People need to know that it can be done.  People want to follow in the footsteps of people who have done it before.  You need to become the Network Marketing Leader who is leading the way.  Often we lose perspective on how important this is.

Why is your Advance in Rank Important?

We are all busy right?  A huge breakthrough for me came when I realized that even though I wanted to help everyone,  that the best way to help the team and inspire everyone was for me to advance in rank AND to partner with a few key people on my team and to help them advance in rank.  And then they could do the same thing for a few people.  And it snowballs from there.  A fundamental Network Marketing Tip is we have to lead the way and we have to set the example.  It is very true that the leader sets the pace.  Are you the network marketing leader that you would want to follow?  Have you made it a priority to advance in rank?
Advance in Rank
There are so many people to connect with and to build relationships with online and offline.  It is really easy to focus too much time on too many people.  It is easy to become overwhelmed.  Result: you are scattered and you have scattered results.  Not the best way to help the team.  Focus is key.  You have to decide in a strategic way who you spend your precious time and energy on.  We need to be spending our time with people who are open, interested and willing to do the work and most importantly, ARE doing the work.  Not saying they will do the work or saying they want to do the work.  But actually are doing the work.  They are coachable and are following your instructions and listening to your guidance.  One of the best ways to help your team is to FOCUS.  To focus on your own next advance in rank and a few key serious partners.  You can inspire many.  You can coach many with today’s tools.  You can build very serious partnerships that last with a dozen.  That sounds contradictory for our network marketing business model.  I know.  I resisted it too.  One of the reasons we do this business is from a sincere desire to help many people.  And you can and you will by first becoming successful yourself and then helping a few people.  You have to start out with a few before you can help the many.  How do we eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  As the leader you need to focus.  Look at your back office reports and find who are the people who are making it happen.  And then help fan that flame.  It will be the BEST way to help the TEAM.  
It is fascinating how often we find someone that really wants to build with us and what I have noticed is we help that person get started and then we often move on way too quickly, because of course we need to find another “good one” like that one.  And we end up spinning too many plates and there isn’t enough time to really hunker down and help a few to become really successful.  The best way to help the team is for YOU to advance in rank and to help a few others to advance in rank, then they can help some others advance in rank.    Choose the few to help advance in rank – be strategic.

What is the best way to help the team?

Best Way to Help the Team

Take the time when you meet someone that is ready to go that you really connect with, to help them become successful.  Don’t move on too quickly.  We often move on from Rachel Rock Star because we think “they are making it happen, I need to go work over here because Joe Bob really needs my help.”  That is faulty wiring.  If Joe Bob isn’t doing the work and isn’t motivated, you should keep spending your time with the Rock Star, not the ones on your team that you want it for more than they do.
You can’t do it all.  One of my biggest breakthroughs came when I realized that for me to advance in rank didn’t mean that it was all about me.  And it wasn’t selfish.  I realized that the best way to help the team was for them to see teammates advance in rank and that your OWN advance in rank helps them and inspires them in ways we can’t even imagine.  Help many.  Focus on a few.



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you. For more business tips, click here. You may also love my recent network marketing tip blog post about the 3 biggest mistakes Network Marketers makeIf you learned something in this article, share it on Facebook! Also, comment with your thoughts below. 

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