How to Find the Best Prospects

How to Find the Best Prospects

Attracting better people is important for both your personal life and your professional life. And the way to do that is to improve yourself! You must learn how to grow if you want to find the best prospects.  A universal law is like attracts like.  And your business today is exactly where you are.  As  you grow, your business will keep up with you.

One of the best ways to improve yourself and become the best that you can be is to make sure that your valuable time is spent only with those that you think deserve it.  Do you think this person is   more successful and smarter than you?  This may not sound very nice but it is a business principle that works.  The saying in our business is to reach up.  It is easier to go the other way but if you want your business to grow faster and to be more solid, then reaching up is a good thing to do.  To do this, you must learn how to use a people filter to determine who deserves your time and who does not. Only decide to prospect those that will bring you up in the world and help you to grow. Self-development will help too, but nothing compares to how spending time with the right people will change and influence your life.  Have you heard the saying that we are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Who are you spending all your time with?  Who is influencing you?  Who do you let speak into your life?

Find the Best Prospects for Your Business

Spending time with the wrong people can have just as much of a negative effect on your life. For example, it is very important that you stay away from negative people because if you spend too much time with negative people, you will start to think like them. That will not help you grow, or achieve what you want from life. Negative people are miserable due to the way they think: they bring the misery upon themselves. They simply complain too much and focus only on their personal problems, which makes their lives even more miserable and hopeless.

It is also important to remember – you can’t change people! So if you want to find the best prospects, don’t waste your valuable time and only spend time with people that are worth it. It is more than okay to make a decision that this person is too negative or grumpy.  It is more than okay to say next.  We are in the sifting and sorting business.  The only person you can change is yourself. If you do that, then you will find that positive people are suddenly coming into your life!

Learn how to find the best prospects!

As entrepreneurs and network marketers, our time is very limited. It is important to use every second wisely and only spend time with people that are worth it because the biggest waste of time is to spend it with the wrong people. It is worse than scrolling for hours on Facebook or watching bad TV.  Wrong people do not just take time away from you; they also drain you mentally because they stress you out.

People Filter: Find the Best Prospect in 4 Steps

Using my people filter will help you find the best prospects. If you meet someone new, they should possess the traits listed below if you are going to spend time developing a relationship with them. Remember, it is OK to be picky when choosing whom you are going to spend your time with. Your time is actually your most valuable asset.  Use it wisely.  Here is a list of some traits they should possess:

1. Is the person a negative or positive person? Do they focus on problems or a solution to those problems? If they constantly complain or blame others for their own personal problems, they are not worth your time. Negative people will only drag you down into their black hole.

2. Is the person grateful for what he or she has? Most of us that are reading this blog have it better than 85% of the people in this world. We can eat when we are hungry and have shelter over our head. If a person does not display gratitude then he or she is most likely a negative person and just not worth your time.

3. Is the person a giver or taker? The most successful people are those that give and give. They are successful because they give so much that people love to work with them. It may not always seem like it, but it is true that the more you give, the more you will get back. People who just constantly take are never successful in the long term and are not worth your time.  I heard Tony Robbins say just last week – the secret to happiness is GIVING.

4. Does the person have integrity? Do they say what they mean and mean what they say? Integrity means one always tells the truth and never lies and is always consistent. It means that how they act in one situation is how they will act in all situations – no exceptions. If they lie or cheat to someone else, chances are they may lie or cheat you.  Have you heard the saying: How we do one thing is how we do everything?  Keep that in mind as you are making decisions too.

If a person does not have integrity then you can not trust them and they are just not worth your time.  If a person does not have the qualities outlined above they are not worth your investment. Remember you cannot change other people, you can only change yourself and one way to do so is to change the people you spend your valuable time with. By working on yourself, you will start to attract positive people into your life. I hope this helps you find the best prospects for your network marketing business! One great team member can really make a huge difference and one really bad team member can bring others down too.  Go for the great!  You deserve it!



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My Top 5 Tips From Go Pro 2015 Last Week

What a great event we attended last week in Las Vegas.  The Go Pro 2015 event was the best yet.  I so appreciate that Eric and Marina Worre are hosting these events for our profession.  There isn’t anything else like it in the industry.  First class all the way and incredible training and inspiration from start to finish.
It was an honor to be one of the speakers at this event.  I was humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.  To the point, that when I was practicing my presentation the day I was speaking, I burst into tears.  I mean really sobbing tears.  I think part of it was stage fright or as Bob Proctor said earlier that day, I was breaking through a terror barrier.  As our son pointed out, “Well, there were 8000 people out there.”  But mostly the tears were from just how incredibly grateful I am for what has come into my life because I said yes to Network Marketing almost 10 years ago and what I get to do in my life now.  Speaking at this event I consider a career milestone.   It never occurred to me that someday I would be on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki.  All 3 have been mentors in my life and all 3 have such incredible wisdom to share.

So enough of that…  Here are my top 5 tips from Go Pro 2015.

Eric Worre

1.  The economy is actually helping us as a culture to embrace becoming entrepreneurs.  Think Uber, Air BnB and Shark Tank.  Eric Worre made this comment the first day and I keep thinking about it, because it is so true.  The world changes with the internet and what is possible today is helping so many of us think outside of the box and to be open to a new way of doing business.  Very grateful for that!
2.  We have two choices in our business.  We can attract leadership or we can develop leadership.  That’s it.  We have to become the leader in our town.  Remember to focus on the “one thing.”  We have a tendency to overcomplicate things.  Keep it simple.  It is what works and duplicates in our business.
3.  Prospecting is the answer to all problems.  It is true.  If something isn’t working, go out and sponsor someone new.  If you are stuck in management mode, go talk to a new prospect.   If your business isn’t where you want it to be, go sponsor someone new.  Prospecting is what keeps you fresh and your business thriving.  And your team will do what you do!  Leadership is everything!
4.  Robert Kiyosaki shared the biggest skill set of all time is managing YOU.  We have to learn how to manage our emotions and to get on with it.  People who stay stuck in their stories – stay stuck and honestly, waste a lot of time.  Successful people figure out what we need to do and do it quickly.    How can we lift other people up if we haven’t figured out how to lift ourselves up?  I loved how Robert said that “We are the role models for the rest of the world.”
Tony Robbins
5. Tony Robbins shared that we can change our “State” in a moment.  He talked about how to change our state, the place where we are emotionally by changing our physiology.  By changing what we are doing with our bodies.  We can change what we are focused on by moving our bodies.  Tony talked a lot about changing expectation to appreciation.  Just think what a difference that will make!  We will see what we look for.   Building our business becomes easy and fun when we are in a great state.  Tony encouraged us to be more real, to be ourselves.  Make it all come from the heart.   Bring the emotion you need to make it happen.  And I love how Tony talks about how the secret to living is giving!
6.  We approach people that in our business, you can be rich.  And what people really want is to be happy.  Let’s lead our business with you can be happier instead of making it all about the money.  Set the example that you can be happy with what you have, WHILE you pursue what you want in network marketing.
I had many more aha moments last week at Go Pro 2015, but let’s start with these.  Thank you to Eric and Marina Worre for all they do for us!
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Build Your Confidence in 10 Steps

Build your confidence!

How confident do you feel?

I know it is tricky to build your confidence, especially when it comes to network marketing. However, it is also vital because doing so will make you a much happier person and people are drawn to both confidence and happiness.  Not everyone is born with self confidence (in fact, studies show that most people aren’t), but anyone can learn to be more confident. Confidence will make you a strong leader, speaker and communicator – all skills you need to run a successful network marketing business. Here are 10 steps to help you right away. If you take these steps and practice them often, over time your will confidence will soar and your business will thrive.  The saying in our business is “Your business will only grow as YOU do.”

1. Control your thoughts!

Research has shown that the average human has 65,000 thoughts per day and 85% to 90% of them are negative. Did you read that right?  That number is way to high!  Be aware that your brain works that way and when you start thinking negatively, remember that they are just thoughts, not reality. If you don’t meet your phone call goal for the day, for example, don’t dwell on it. Stay positive so you can try again the next day.  At the end of the night, I often ask the question:  What was the best thing that happened today?  That is what I want to go to sleep thinking about, not the nightly news.  Be very careful who and what you let speak into your life.

2. Be grateful!

Start your day with gratitude by thinking of all that you have to be thankful for. I can confidently say that being grateful changes everything.  Remember that most of the seven billion people on this planet do not have the same opportunities as you. Then you will be in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.  I have a recurring event in my calendar that says:  Nothing new can come into my life until I am grateful for what is there now.

3. Always push forward!

Understand that most of us lack confidence, especially when we start something new. This is extremely pertinent for the network marketing industry. However, we need to move forward anyway. If you struggle with confidence, you are probably thinking “well, that is easy for you to say!” but it’s true! Most people do not go into something new full of confidence but they have worked through it. Also keep in mind that meditating your way to build confidence may not work – you just need to push through it!

Build your confidence outside of your comfort zone!

4. Take steps outside of your comfort zone.

If you do so, your comfort zone will expand. It is important to get out there and experience something new and frightening. When you do you will realize it’s not so bad.  When I notice that I am feeling nervous or uncomfortable, that is when I pat myself on the back and say, “I must be doing something outside my comfort zone”.  I also have learned that when I really resist something, then it usually means that is what I really need to do.  We have another saying in our business:  Your biggest resistance will be your biggest paycheck.  It is easy to be busy doing things within our comfort zone.  The things that will pay you the best are OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

Build your confidence one step at a time.

5. Be OK with a “NO.”

If you do not associate your feelings of self worth with getting “no” for an answer, then you won’t feel that bad. Be OK with just walking away from someone if they are being rude or they just don’t get it or what you have to offer them isn’t a fit for them.  A great book to read is Go for No by….  The more no’s you get, the more yes’s you will get too.

6. But remember to always bounce back up!

Everyone experiences failure at some point in their life it is natural. Once you get back up you will have learned what does not work and can give it another try. The more chances you take, the more successful you will be.  Failure isn’t even a word that I like or use, because of all we learn from our mistakes and mishaps, then they aren’t really failures, they are just learning lessons.

7. Practice, practice, practice!

In almost any situation, if you prepare beforehand you will feel more self-confident. Do you have to give a speech or are you going to meet with an important prospect? Practice before hand, maybe even record yourself and listen.  Do you research about the prospect and check their social media profiles as well.

8. Start to share what you are learning.

Build your confidence by teaching. Invest your time learning something and then teach that to others! It could be through online content or to your friends. The feedback you receive will do wonders for your self-confidence.  There is nothing like teaching to really help you embrace what you have learned.  And it is so true, the move value you provide, the more you will attract people to you.

9. Watch your posture.  And not the stand up straight kind.

Sometimes you just have to pretend you have self-confidence, even if you don’t. For example, if you are sharing your opportunity and you are feeling less than spectacular about it, remember your posture is everything. Your audience doesn’t know your confidence level. Sometimes you have to cop an attitude and make people believe it. I guarantee you will feel confident and next time you will start off with a bang!  Never ever ever give your power away.  And if you feel it slipping, grab it back!


10. Last, but most important, get plenty of sleep and exercise!

Several different studies have shown that if you get enough sleep, exercise and good nutrition, your mood and effectiveness will be profoundly boosted. Even moderate exercise three times a week for 20 minutes will do a lot for your brain, which will in turn boost your self-confidence.

Build Your Confidence, Build Your Business

I wish you the best as you build your confidence, change your life and create a thriving business. These tips can be easier said than done, but I know once you start it will be a snowball effect. It takes practice and reminders for sure.  Watch your self-talk.  You hear your words way more than anyone else’s.  Ironic isn’t it?  Cheers to you and your confidence!



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My Interview with Vince Reed, Network Marketing Nation

Vince Reed Network Marketing Nation

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Vince Reed of Network Marketing Nation. I was able to share my experience in the network marketing industry and I hope it will help you become more successful online as social media marketers. Here are some key points from my interview, but be sure to check out the full audio and article by Vince Reed.

  • The best thing about earning more money is the ability to inspire other people to take charge of their financial situations and become top earners! I have invested in that process over the years and I know it is a great use of my time.
  • What network marketing company should YOU work with? Do your research on the company, but also find a great team with an amazing leader. You should resonate with that leader’s style and integrity.  Your upline can make all the difference for you!
  • If you are just starting out in network marketing: it is important to laugh a lot.  And to bring your own personality into your business.  Just be you.  Don’t try to be anyone else!
  • Learn how to manifest your success! By reading and working with great masters, and consistently practicing spirituality and improving one’s skills with the laws of attraction, you can start manifesting the things you want.
  • Be consistent and always track your progress. A new person to the business needs to think of a BIG VISION and dedicate time to achieving that vision and do that every week.
  • Dedicate time to reaching out to 5 to 10 new people a day or a week (you choose) to build a network. Consistently work on this.  The speed that your business will grow ultimately depends on how many people see what you have to offer.
  • Check your ego at the door – remember: it is not about you, it’s about the team you work with.

Thanks for reading and cheers to your success!