My Top 5 Tips From Go Pro 2015 Last Week

What a great event we attended last week in Las Vegas.  The Go Pro 2015 event was the best yet.  I so appreciate that Eric and Marina Worre are hosting these events for our profession.  There isn’t anything else like it in the industry.  First class all the way and incredible training and inspiration from start to finish.
It was an honor to be one of the speakers at this event.  I was humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.  To the point, that when I was practicing my presentation the day I was speaking, I burst into tears.  I mean really sobbing tears.  I think part of it was stage fright or as Bob Proctor said earlier that day, I was breaking through a terror barrier.  As our son pointed out, “Well, there were 8000 people out there.”  But mostly the tears were from just how incredibly grateful I am for what has come into my life because I said yes to Network Marketing almost 10 years ago and what I get to do in my life now.  Speaking at this event I consider a career milestone.   It never occurred to me that someday I would be on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki.  All 3 have been mentors in my life and all 3 have such incredible wisdom to share.

So enough of that…  Here are my top 5 tips from Go Pro 2015.

Eric Worre

1.  The economy is actually helping us as a culture to embrace becoming entrepreneurs.  Think Uber, Air BnB and Shark Tank.  Eric Worre made this comment the first day and I keep thinking about it, because it is so true.  The world changes with the internet and what is possible today is helping so many of us think outside of the box and to be open to a new way of doing business.  Very grateful for that!
2.  We have two choices in our business.  We can attract leadership or we can develop leadership.  That’s it.  We have to become the leader in our town.  Remember to focus on the “one thing.”  We have a tendency to overcomplicate things.  Keep it simple.  It is what works and duplicates in our business.
3.  Prospecting is the answer to all problems.  It is true.  If something isn’t working, go out and sponsor someone new.  If you are stuck in management mode, go talk to a new prospect.   If your business isn’t where you want it to be, go sponsor someone new.  Prospecting is what keeps you fresh and your business thriving.  And your team will do what you do!  Leadership is everything!
4.  Robert Kiyosaki shared the biggest skill set of all time is managing YOU.  We have to learn how to manage our emotions and to get on with it.  People who stay stuck in their stories – stay stuck and honestly, waste a lot of time.  Successful people figure out what we need to do and do it quickly.    How can we lift other people up if we haven’t figured out how to lift ourselves up?  I loved how Robert said that “We are the role models for the rest of the world.”
Tony Robbins
5. Tony Robbins shared that we can change our “State” in a moment.  He talked about how to change our state, the place where we are emotionally by changing our physiology.  By changing what we are doing with our bodies.  We can change what we are focused on by moving our bodies.  Tony talked a lot about changing expectation to appreciation.  Just think what a difference that will make!  We will see what we look for.   Building our business becomes easy and fun when we are in a great state.  Tony encouraged us to be more real, to be ourselves.  Make it all come from the heart.   Bring the emotion you need to make it happen.  And I love how Tony talks about how the secret to living is giving!
6.  We approach people that in our business, you can be rich.  And what people really want is to be happy.  Let’s lead our business with you can be happier instead of making it all about the money.  Set the example that you can be happy with what you have, WHILE you pursue what you want in network marketing.
I had many more aha moments last week at Go Pro 2015, but let’s start with these.  Thank you to Eric and Marina Worre for all they do for us!
P.S. I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you. If you liked this blog post, I think you will love my blog post on How to Make Money With Network Marketing Companies! You also may enjoy this additional training about Success Secrets From Top Team Builders from Ray Higdon.
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