The Ten Daily Disciplines that Lead to Network Marketing Success

10 Daily Disciplines

Guess what:  There is NO shortcut to success. However, there are some ways to make life a little easier along the way. There are certain daily disciplines I follow everyday that have been a huge accelerator to my success. Now I am sharing them with you! Want to become a network marketing rock star? Then work to follow these ten daily disciplines and not only your business will be better, but your life will be better!

10 Daily Disciplines to Improve Your Life and Business

  1. Say/read affirmations and express gratitude daily. I express my gratitude daily in a journal, which I write in when I get up in the morning, but there are many great ways to do this.  I just had a friend of mine tell me that she says her affirmations in the shower.  Great way to multi-task!  Although it may seem otherwise at times, we always many things to be grateful for. Even if I have had a frustrating day, I can always find something positive that happened. Focusing on affirmations and gratitude can help you realize all the things you have in your life, as well as your potential. What I know for sure, is when we are grateful for what is here now, we will be able to receive more.  This activity will create feelings of contentment, help you live a happier life and make your thoughts more positive, which is great, because, positive thoughts are what lead to success. It is only from a positive place that you can focus on bringing your dreams into reality.  If you focus on lack, you will get more lack.  If you focus on moving forward and success, you will get more of that too!
  1. Continually review your goals. As I am writing in my journal to express gratitude, I also take time to review my goals. By setting goals, you give your life direction. It gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It also helps you organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most out of your life. By continually reviewing your goals, you can measure and take pride as you achieve them. It will also help you to see forward progress in what might have previously seemed a long and pointless grind.  Did you know that you have a MUCH GREATER chance of realizing your goals JUST because you wrote them down?  It is amazing when I review past goals how great it is to see the accomplishments.  Write them down and review regularly!  It works, trust me.


  1. Read or listen to a personal development book or podcast for 15 minutes a day. I listen to different personal development books on my walk each morning.  It helps me to feel motivated to start the day and have confidence in myself. Some of my favorite personal development books are: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardey, “Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want” by Brian Tracey and “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” by John Maxwell.
  1. Be sure to walk/ and or exercise daily. I could devote an entire blog post to the benefits of exercise. In addition to keeping you fit and healthy, making exercise part of your daily schedule will give you more energy and keep you happier. I make sure to take a 30-minute walk several times per week (I am making team calls while I walk.  Sometimes I have to mute myself because of the sound of the gravel.)  I also love yoga and lifting weights.   This is a new found love as last year I worked too much and sat at the computer way too much.  My physical fitness paid a price so a huge priority for me this year is to take better care of myself and move everyday.  It feels great!
  1.  Be sure to prospect to new people daily. Take time to call or send a text to 2-10 new prospects/Facebook connects. You talking to new people is the ONLY way you will expand your business. It will be easier if you schedule time and simply do it. Just be sure not to allow yourself to be distracted by “false work” while reaching out to clients. Also don’t just send generic emails or generic Facebook messages – take the time to send purposeful and personal messages by thinking about them and what is the message you want to convey.
  1. Make follow up calls and schedule one-on-one appointments. That is even more important than the initial email or call. To have success in your business, you must have a clear follow up system for all leads from every source. Put each lead into the system and methodically follow up with it. Make sure you provide value on every interaction to keep your relationship in momentum. Do things like sharing ideas and insight and continuing to educate your clients.  Have fun with follow up calls.  The more you follow up, the more you will stand out as someone that has it going on.  Set up a recurring event or a recurring toodledo activity that once a month you call this person and when you call them, with a smile on your face say “You ready for your call with me?  You ready to get started with me.  I know you are going to want to say yes sooner or later…”  People will appreciate the humor and the confidence and especially the follow up.  So very few people put themselves to hear no again after the first time.  The marketing gurus tell us most of us say no 5 times before we say yes.  The fortune is in the follow up!
  1. Attend weekly team training and meetings. Meetings are a great way to keep both yourself and your team members on track and to boost your morale. They also provide a great venue to build relationships and share success stories with each other, including the tips outlined in this blog!  Events fill you up!  The most important person you sign up every day is YOU and events always re-inspire you.
  1. Also remember to network have fun! Host a home party or attend a home party to meet new people and build relationships. Remember to smile and have fun and give yourself permission to learn! No matter what happens, just roll with it and make friends! Everyone at the party is a potential client or team member.  You know way more than they do.  Don’t sweat what you don’t know.  Best way to do this is to jump in and get the first one behind you.  You may not want to do a home party every  night of the week but could you commit to one or two nights a week?  Even in the online world we live in, home parties are still the BEST way to get a specific area going.

Daily Disciplines for Success

  1. Be sure to post positive and inspirational messages on social Media. Follow an 80:20 rule: 80% personal or inspiring and 20% business.  It is important to remember that your posts do not always have to be about network marketing or your business.  What are you interested in?  What do you love?  I  love baking and traveling so I include pictures about that.  Remember though, while social media can amplify your message and grow your business, it is also about listening and building relationships. Be sure to regularly engage with people on social media – you never know who you will meet.  Whether we meet online or face to face, we still have to relate to people and make connections.
  1. Promote the next event using the phone, texts, email and social media. I think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have the most to offer when it comes to getting the word out and connecting with prospective attendees. Use social media to curate the content around the event by including blog posts, pictures, infographics, conversations and videos to build traffic and engage your audience.  It is completely true that the more people you bring to an event the more your business grows and faster too!  We are in the tools and events driven business – if you aren’t taking advantage of the leverage events provide you and your teams, you will miss out!

Hope these daily disciplines help.  Time to go for my walk and to yoga class.  🙂  Want to share this list with your team? Click here to access the handy checklist I created. Now start with the first one and work your way down 😉  All the best to you!



P.S. I hope my tips on daily disciplines are of value to you. If you liked this blog post, I think you will love my blog post on How to Stay Persistent and Reach Your Goals.
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