What To Do When Your Warm Market Ignores You

What to do when your warm market ignores you

Anybody have this issue?  There’s a chance that your warm market may have stopped responding to your e-mails and, possibly your calls.  This may make the building of your team seem difficult.  I have heard that the life you lead before network marketing is a critical factor in how quickly you succeed in network marketing.


Some people enter into network marketing with a vast network already established.  They’ve built rapport with a lot of people, have been leaders in their communities and are very connected from a social standpoint.  For these people, recruiting can be easier.   Now some of us may even know the scenario where one person will stand up at a meeting and claim “I used this script to recruit 50 people right off the bat!” leading people to be in awe of this feat.  How did this person do it?  What did they say?  I better write up a script!




Honestly, it didn’t matter what the script said.  Those 50 people weren’t recruited by this “magic script”, it was the existing relationship and respect that those people had for them.  All the work was done BEFORE network marketing.  All the people in that room that listened to them, could have followed this script and it could have even been not that good; however, it worked because of the prior experience they had with this person.  This is a key concept to understand.  It is the relationship they already had with the presenter that made them say yes.  Or at least say yes, more quickly.


When I recruit someone with influence, I tell them that the most important thing is the relationships they have, not the exact script they need to say.   They need to get in front of a group of potential recruits and . say “This is what I’m doing.  It may OR may not work for you.  Take a look and if you are open to learning more, great.  If not, that’s fine, too.”  When they do that, they get sign ups.  This verbage helps people get past their biggest fear, which is just talking to people.  When it looks like it is going faster for someone, sometimes it’s about the respect and relationships they had before becoming a network marketer.  And remember, they have to get out in front of people too.


Talking to your network


Now, if you’ve been a part of 30 different network marketing companies, chances are you’ve made your pitch to just about every person you know.  The problem is that they are immune to your message.  They are a bit tired.  You could approach them and say “Give me $20, I’ll give you $40” and they’ll say “no, it’s okay.  I’m good.”  Now you could reply back with “You don’t understand.  You give me a single twenty dollar bill, I’ll give you back TWO twenty bills.” And your tired prospect will be “No, I’m good  It’s all good.”


Here is my suggestion: Go back to the ones that have become immune to your message and approach it from this angle “Hey, I know network marketing may not be for you.  You have no interest in it;I get it.   However, you may love the product.  Would you be willing to be one of the 10 customer testimonials that I need?”  This approach really works!


Warm Market Not Listening


The way you’re going to get that person to build your business or become a customer, is by getting them to see your presentation.  Chances are, you aren’t going to get them to see your presentation by using money as an incentive.  They’re already immune to that.  You’ll need to approach them a little differently.  By already declaring that they may not be a good fit for network marketing, but that they’ll like the product, you’re approaching them a way that may surprise them.  This is a fresh angle on it.  This will get them engaged by asking “what is the product?”  Now, you have an opening to show your presentation or video.  Send them a link to a website or video, ask them to check it out and if they’re interested or want more information, you would be happy to show them.


Everyone likes to buy cool products.  I know I do.  We all buy lots of cool products.  Some of us even buy from different network marketing companies.  The hesitation is adding new streams of income.  It is much easier to get a person interested in a product than to promote an opportunity.  If you’re going to your warm market once again and talking too much about money.  They’ve stopped listening.  Try telling them about the product and ask them to be a customer for you.  That is all you are asking.  Friends and Family can be the hardest market we approach for our business.  You want to ask them if “you can count on them to be a customer.”  That’s it.  Don’t worry if your friends and family are difficult prospects.  Most of them are.  Always ask for a referral too – something like ” I get this isn’t for you, but do you know someone that would be open to learning more about how to make some extra money/about how to share these products?”


Talking With Prospects


Some of you are reading this and thinking  “Wait.  Customers are nice but I still need recruits to build my business”.  Yes, that’s true.  For those thinking that, here’s what’s going to happen.  When the opportunity presents itself, you get them in front of your presentation.  Some of them, not all, will say “This seems pretty awesome.  Could I do this as a business?”   And you get to say,  “Sure, that is definitely possible.”  That opening wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t get that chance for them to see your presentation and that probably wouldn’t have been possible if you had started off the conversation about money.  If your warm market is not responding to you, maybe this approach will help!  You do have to read people and make quick decisions if this person should hear about the product first or the opportunity first.  When you are just getting started, it is easier for most of us to lead with the products.  You do want to learn to present the opportunity too.  You need both tools  in your toolbox.  And bring out the right one for the right person.


Remember, make this about them.  Not you.  If you come from a place of genuinely wanting to help someone, they will feel that.  If you come from a place of wanting to help yourself, they will feel that too.  I hope this gives you an idea of how to handle some of the most difficult prospects you will talk to – your family and closest friends.   Don’t worry too much about it.  You are on track if you are finding that to be the case.  I could tell you stories!


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Should you attend Company Events?

Should You Attend Company Events

Company events are a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in your company and can be a GREAT motivator and refresher.  They will help you engage with your peers, your company leaders and can give you many insights into what your company is doing and where they are going.  And they are fun!  YOU are the most important person you sign up everyday and the saying is that “those who show up, go up.”.  I can promise you leaders don’t become and stay leaders by opting out of the company events.


These are 8 fabulous reasons why you want to be attending company events:

1. Show up, go up!

Showing up to events can help you move up within your company.  They are a great way to connect to your peers, compare what approaches they are taking and what you may be able to change in what you’re doing.  You have the opportunity to meet with your leaders, get to know them and in turn, they get to know you.  If you aren’t plugged into what is going on with the company, the latest and greatest so to speak, your focus won’t be there.

2. Re-energize and Motivate

If you’re stuck in a rut, company events are a great way to press reset on your current state of mind.  They can give you back the energy and enthusiasm you felt when you left your first event.  Remember that?  I do!  After my first event, I was so excited I think I could have flown home without an airplane.  Speaking with others who are in similar situations and how they have overcome what was holding them back can be great motivation to get you back on track to your goals.  Hearing from the leaders, the folks that have made it will also give you great fuel to keep going.  We do have to recharge our batteries!  All of us.


Jeunesse Company Event

3. Latest and Greatest

New products, new events, new technologies.  Company events are a fantastic way to see what the company is currently doing but also to see what’s coming down the line.  Your company will have great innovations and they are excited to not only tell you about them, but they want to show you as well.  There is nothing like hearing from the Medical Advisory Board about the newest product!

4. Social event

The company event becomes a social event very quickly.  These events can be pretty exciting and high energy so you always want to bring as many people as possible.  Bring your friends, bring prospects.  The person with the most people attending is the one that will or does have the biggest business.  The event can be a great tool for you to showcase what your company does, what they do and how they can be a part of it as well.


Jeunesse Retro Party Night

5. Shiny Penny

Those that don’t attend company events will eventually experience the “Shiny Penny Syndrome”.  They focus all their time and energy on one company until they see a newer company that peaks their interest and forget about the first company just like if a person picks up one penny but then sees that shinier, newer penny and the pattern repeats.  Attending company events will help you and your team keep that original penny pretty shiny!  A wise mentor told me years ago, the key in this business is to stay excited.  The person who jumps from company to company will never make the long-term income that is possible.  Staying put isn’t always easy but that is where the stability and income comes from.

6. Most Important Person

Can you remember the first person you signed up?  What attracted them to the company?  What product stood out for them?  What was their motivation?  The first person you signed up was you!  You are the most important person that you sign up and you do that every day.  By attending these events, you are presented with a reminder of that and they help you recall the excitement you felt from the first one you attended.



7. Event to Event

The events evolve. Think about the first company event you attended and then think about the last one you attended.  Chances are that those events were different and the message of those events was presented in a different manner.  Just because you attended one doesn’t mean that the next will be the same.  And key point here:  the events are for YOU and YOUR TEAM.  You may have heard “everything” (doubtful) but your team hasn’t.  This is the principle of leverage.  You leverage the events and let the experts train your team.  Plus the presenters at the events receive feedback and the messages and products they present change so the events themselves change.

8. Expertise

There’s ALWAYS something new to learn.  These events are a great way to learn new things from not only your peers but it also gives you that opportunity to learn from those with company expertise and your leaders.  They can help you tweak how you approach prospects, clarify concerns you may have and answer your questions.  Who better to learn from than those who have already done it?  Most companies put on first class events too!


Kathleen Deggelman Ray Higdon Lisa Grossman


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How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Have you noticed that in our network marketing businesses, sometimes it is hard to get motivated and stay motivated?  A wise mentor said to me years ago “The trick in business is to stay excited for years”.  Easier said than done!  Indecision and lack of motivation to make those decisions can sometimes give us that paralyzing feeling – where we don’t know what do next.  You may struggle with lots of decisions you have to make.  Whether it’s a small thing like where to grab lunch or large things like purchasing a new car.  The process to make up your mind can take up a great amount of your time and energy.  Due to indecisions, you may often show up late, not get nearly as much done as you had set out to do and the perception among your peers could even be that you are disorganized.  Another wise mentor said to me years ago, “When you don’t know what to do, just do something.  Do anything!”  Sounds funny but it is true.  It is doing nothing that keeps us stuck.


So what is causing this?  Perhaps you have developed the idea that whichever action you take has no effect on your life.  You may not feel in control and that life is directing you, instead of you directing your life.  That is the biggest myth:  that you don’t control what happens in your life.  You can DO anything you want to do.  You can BE anything you want to be.  It’s important to believe that you have control over your outcomes and the ability to motive yourself.  The truth is we make decisions all the time.  All day long.  Even when we don’t realize it.  Making no decision and not taking the actions to fulfill our dreams and goals is a decision too.  Staying in overwhelm mode is a decision.  Getting bored with the business activities you need to take is a decision.  Are you making great decisions?  Are you doing what it takes to keep yourself started?  Staying started is the key in our business and any business for that matter.

The good news is there is a way to get things done and a way to overcome that feeling of indecisiveness and inaction.  Here are 4 steps that you can take NOW to feel more motivated, regardless if you have uncertainty or are fearful about the action to be taken.



Inner Voice

There’s no right way to decorate, is there?  A bedroom or an apartment is decorated how you want to decorate it.  There’s no right or wrong way.  There’s also no right or wrong way in how you live your life.  Some quiet time for yourself can help eliminate the pressures and noises from your day.  This time will allow you to listen to your inner voice.  I have a friend who speaks of getting a “feeling” when something doesn’t seem right.  I know that feeling well.  It is our inner voice.   And when we don’t listen to it, it always comes back to bite us.  That voice or gut feeling helps us in the decisions we make, be it at home or at work.  This is our intuition – there to guide us all the time!  When I was younger, I didn’t always listen to it.  Boy, am I glad I know now to listen to it.  The answers are inside of us.  We just stay so busy sometimes and choose not to listen.  Take time to listen to yours and what it tells you.  Your intuition will get louder the more you listen to it.



Take Action

You  need to believe in YOUR ability to shape your own life.  Successful people do it all the time.  Believe you can do anything from throwing a party to even traveling in space; whatever it is you want to do, you can do it!  Successful people are motivated to take action because they KNOW  they are in control.  And if you think about it.  They’re right.  We have all the control over what we do.   You control the effort that you put in at work.  You control how you treat others.  The one thing that anybody has control of is effort.  I read years ago this important teaching and I think about it all the time:  From moment to moment, we decide how we are going to be in the world.  Every moment.

You can either live your life as it happens TO you or you can make things happen in your life.  Which person are you?  Is life happening to you or are you deciding and creating the life you want?  A great quote that I love was made famous by Walt Disney: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.



Past Accomplishments

Reflect on times in your past where you had success.  Past wins can help propel you to future success.  What have you done in the past that you feel really good about?  Think about when you secured that job out of college or bought a new house.  Maybe you moved across the country.  These are examples of you making BIG decisions.  You’ve proven that you can do it and you can do it again.  Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves how capable and talented we really are.  I write in a journal on a regular basis.  It includes gratitude, goals, dreams, plans and dream boards.  Taking the time to reflect on a regular basis on what has gone well and what is going well is key for me.  At the end of the day or the end of the decade or the end of my life, I want to feel great about what I did get done and the life I lived.  Not what didn’t get done…




And Then What?

Making a decision can be frightening.  Keep asking yourself “and then what?” until you get to bottom of it.  You may worry about whether or not you should pursue a prospect or a geographic area.  What if you don’t do it?  What if it works?  What if it doesn’t?  What do you have to lose.  Sometimes, I ask myself the question – what is the worst thing that could happen?  And usually, the worst thing that can happen isn’t too bad and I can live with the risk.  Let’s break it down with the following:


  • You call the prospect and they say no, thanks.  And then what?
  • You’ll be disappointed.  And then what?
  • You may feel like it wasn’t worth it.  And then what?
  • Maybe you will feel discouraged.  And then what?
  • You think of another great prospect to get in touch with.  And then what?
  • You keep reaching out to people.  You keep meeting new people.  And then what?
  • You ask for some referrals and you sponsor a new distributor and some new customers.   And the process begins again.

You just need to go for it!  Not getting that prospect isn’t the end of the world.  By asking yourself “and then what?” you can guide yourself down a path that it may not be the worst thing to happen.  Often, it is the path we are on that leads to the BEST things that happen in our lives.  For this example, you can gain confidence to ask the prospect for referrals and/or to be a customer and then other opportunities may open up that you didn’t even consider.  You are in control.  Remember, successful people control their own lives.

The power is yours to choose how you want to live!  We can have such fears about making the wrong decision, that we don’t make a decision and don’t take action.  It is in the action, the doing of it, that the good things happen, even if it isn’t the “perfect choice”.  It never is.  If at the end of the day, you moved your business and your life forward, that is what counts!



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