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Business Success Tip: Never Pre-Judge

Business Success… We’ve all done it. We make snap judgements about people the moment we meet them. We decide that a person has business success or is unsuccessful, intelligent or simple-minded, influential or a hermit. Of course our capacity to judge has it’s time and place. If we sense danger or untrustworthiness in a person, […]

Success Secret: Love Your Life Now

Success Secret for you…  Sometimes we can get so consumed with where we’re going that we forget to look around us and appreciate what we already have. Now, before you roll your eyes, I don’t mean that you should settle. In fact, a little known success secret is that it’s actually good to have a […]

Could a Penny Make You Rich?

Income for Life… from a penny? I hope you grasp the concept I’m about to share. Have you heard the story of the penny doubled? It starts with this question: If someone were to offer you a choice to A) Receive a single PENNY today, and your money will double every day for the next thirty […]

Five Steps to Jeunesse Success

Jeunesse Success Starts Here… Did you know that building a successful Jeunesse business comes down to just FIVE activities? It’s true. If you can master these five activities and do them consistently, you can take your Jeunesse success to the top. Here are the five activities to focus on for Jeunesse Success: Jeunesse Success Tip […]

Opportunity Timing: Five Reasons the Timing is Perfect to be in Jeunesse

Opportunity Timing matters… When looking at an opportunity timing does matter. Here are Five Reasons the timing is perfect to be a part of the Jeunesse opportunity: Opportunity Timing Nugget #1: EVERYBODY wants to look younger, feel better, and make more money. Opportunity Timing Nugget #2: Jeunesse is in 115 countries already, yet we just […]

Jeunesse Review: Ten Things I Love About It

My Jeunesse Review… Jeunesse Review — 1st Reason I love Jeunesse: The community. I love that we’re creating a culture of giving. With Jeunesse Kids we feed hungry children around the globe, deliver urgently-needed medical supplies, and provide clothing, educational materials, and toys. Jeunesse Review — 2nd Reason I love Jeunesse: The friendships and professional relationships […]