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How To Have A Rockstar Mindset

Have you noticed that everyone has endured ups and down in their careers? Myself included.  It is difficult during those down swings but, as I discovered, what seems to make them “low points” was my mindset.  It was how I looked at it.  And we really do choose that from moment to moment.  I would […]

What To Do When Your Warm Market Ignores You

Anybody have this issue?  There’s a chance that your warm market may have stopped responding to your e-mails and, possibly your calls.  This may make the building of your team seem difficult.  I have heard that the life you lead before network marketing is a critical factor in how quickly you succeed in network marketing.   […]

Should you attend Company Events?

Company events are a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in your company and can be a GREAT motivator and refresher.  They will help you engage with your peers, your company leaders and can give you many insights into what your company is doing and where they are going.  And they […]

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Have you noticed that in our network marketing businesses, sometimes it is hard to get motivated and stay motivated?  A wise mentor said to me years ago “The trick in business is to stay excited for years”.  Easier said than done!  Indecision and lack of motivation to make those decisions can sometimes give us that […]

4 Books That I Attribute To My Success

There are many, many things that can make an impact on your life. Reading has a way of changing how we think and can help us change our outlook and our habits. I tend to read a lot in my down time. And flying time! Here are four books that have really influenced my life. There are many more but these 4 jump out first. If these can help me make a change in my life, then I believe they’ll help you make a change in yours, too. These books helped shape my philosophies. The saying is as we grow, so does our business! Personal growth is my favorite part of our network marketing profession.