Should you attend Company Events?

Should You Attend Company Events

Company events are a great way to keep up to date on what is happening in your company and can be a GREAT motivator and refresher.  They will help you engage with your peers, your company leaders and can give you many insights into what your company is doing and where they are going.  And they are fun!  YOU are the most important person you sign up everyday and the saying is that “those who show up, go up.”.  I can promise you leaders don’t become and stay leaders by opting out of the company events.


These are 8 fabulous reasons why you want to be attending company events:

1. Show up, go up!

Showing up to events can help you move up within your company.  They are a great way to connect to your peers, compare what approaches they are taking and what you may be able to change in what you’re doing.  You have the opportunity to meet with your leaders, get to know them and in turn, they get to know you.  If you aren’t plugged into what is going on with the company, the latest and greatest so to speak, your focus won’t be there.

2. Re-energize and Motivate

If you’re stuck in a rut, company events are a great way to press reset on your current state of mind.  They can give you back the energy and enthusiasm you felt when you left your first event.  Remember that?  I do!  After my first event, I was so excited I think I could have flown home without an airplane.  Speaking with others who are in similar situations and how they have overcome what was holding them back can be great motivation to get you back on track to your goals.  Hearing from the leaders, the folks that have made it will also give you great fuel to keep going.  We do have to recharge our batteries!  All of us.


Jeunesse Company Event

3. Latest and Greatest

New products, new events, new technologies.  Company events are a fantastic way to see what the company is currently doing but also to see what’s coming down the line.  Your company will have great innovations and they are excited to not only tell you about them, but they want to show you as well.  There is nothing like hearing from the Medical Advisory Board about the newest product!

4. Social event

The company event becomes a social event very quickly.  These events can be pretty exciting and high energy so you always want to bring as many people as possible.  Bring your friends, bring prospects.  The person with the most people attending is the one that will or does have the biggest business.  The event can be a great tool for you to showcase what your company does, what they do and how they can be a part of it as well.


Jeunesse Retro Party Night

5. Shiny Penny

Those that don’t attend company events will eventually experience the “Shiny Penny Syndrome”.  They focus all their time and energy on one company until they see a newer company that peaks their interest and forget about the first company just like if a person picks up one penny but then sees that shinier, newer penny and the pattern repeats.  Attending company events will help you and your team keep that original penny pretty shiny!  A wise mentor told me years ago, the key in this business is to stay excited.  The person who jumps from company to company will never make the long-term income that is possible.  Staying put isn’t always easy but that is where the stability and income comes from.

6. Most Important Person

Can you remember the first person you signed up?  What attracted them to the company?  What product stood out for them?  What was their motivation?  The first person you signed up was you!  You are the most important person that you sign up and you do that every day.  By attending these events, you are presented with a reminder of that and they help you recall the excitement you felt from the first one you attended.



7. Event to Event

The events evolve. Think about the first company event you attended and then think about the last one you attended.  Chances are that those events were different and the message of those events was presented in a different manner.  Just because you attended one doesn’t mean that the next will be the same.  And key point here:  the events are for YOU and YOUR TEAM.  You may have heard “everything” (doubtful) but your team hasn’t.  This is the principle of leverage.  You leverage the events and let the experts train your team.  Plus the presenters at the events receive feedback and the messages and products they present change so the events themselves change.

8. Expertise

There’s ALWAYS something new to learn.  These events are a great way to learn new things from not only your peers but it also gives you that opportunity to learn from those with company expertise and your leaders.  They can help you tweak how you approach prospects, clarify concerns you may have and answer your questions.  Who better to learn from than those who have already done it?  Most companies put on first class events too!


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Why Attending Network Marketing Events Are Vital To Your Business


Success in network marketing is based on YOU attending your team and company events.  We are in the tools and events driven business.  If you are using one and not the other, you are building this the hard and slow way.  You have to show up for the events.  And bring as many people as you can with you.  I have been to many company events and I have learned something new every time. The events are what fill you up.  The events expand your belief in yourself, your company and our profession in ways that no one else can do for you.  The magic in belief happens at the events!  Here are four reasons why network marketing events are vital to your business.

1. You learn more when you go to events. Listening to a live speaker is highly engaging and you are more likely to remember it. You are more focused and aware at the event and therefore you retain more information. When you are just listening to a recording, you can easily get distracted because you may be multi-tasking or thinking of something else.  Your company puts these events together FOR you.  The more people you bring, the faster your business will grow.  This is just one of the ways LEVERAGE works in our business.  Let the company spend the millions and you bring the people.

2. The atmosphere is extremely motivating. Several studies have shown that the environment that we surround ourselves with plays a big part in our success. That is why watching sports on TV or listening to music at home is not as exciting as attending a live event. However, when you attend a network marketing event, you get to be in the same room and see things that you don’t get to at home. Therefore, attending your company’s events is very important. You are completely surrounded by positive and motivated people!  You have heard that the way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself?  Well, attending the company events for your business is a way to immerse yourself!

Network Marketing Events

3. You will learn tips from leading business experts about what it really takes to build a business. The best teachers are the network marketers in your company who have made it to the top. Listen to as many speakers as you can.  Attend every session.  Take lots of notes.  Go back and teach what you learned to your team.  And set a goal to bring as many people as you can to the next event.  You can tell how much a person earns by how many people from their team are at the event with them.

4. You will be able to make amazing business and personal connections that will increase your net worth and your life worth!  Your companies network marketing events are the best way to meet and learn from other successful people. You will have a chance to hang out and socialize with other people who are in the same business as you and who are excited and serious as you about making incredible things happen.  You have heard the saying that you are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with?  Well, at these events, you will be upgrading your 5 people.

Network Marketing Events

Attend as many network marketing events as you can! They will change your life. It will allow you to build your business and your self-confidence. You will meet great people and learn things that you could never learn from just watching YouTube videos at home. It is so important to invest in yourself and to invest in events. You will thank yourself later!  You won’t believe how your business will take off when you bring more and more people to the events.  Wishing you all the best!



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8 Ways to Grow Your Prospect List

Grow Your Prospect List

One of the most stressful parts of starting your network marketing business is finding prospects. When you first start out, you lean on your close friends and family. Then you start reaching out to that old classmate from college or your yoga teacher. But what happens when you feel like your personal network run out and you need more customers and teammates? I have put together a list of 8 ways to grow your prospect list that have helped me reach diamond status in the network marketing industry.

Grow Your Prospect List

1. Join Local Meetup Groups.

This is a great way to meet new people that are not in your normal circle. One tool that I find extremely useful is You can find hundreds of different groups to join! I suggest finding groups that make sense for the product you are selling and groups that you are genuinely interested in being a part of.  If you are selling health and beauty products, I would consider joining groups geared towards women, health and entrepreneurship.
2. Attend Success seminars and Personal Development workshops.

Want to find go-getters to grow your business quickly? Success seminars and workshops are a great place to find like-minded people who are willing to put in hard work. Events related to mindset and personal development are the best.  I have attended many over the years and have learned a great deal each time.  And the network you will connect with can change your life!  It did mine.
3. Join Investment Clubs (think gold, stock and real estate).

Gold, stock and real estate clubs are wonderful places to meet prospects who understand the value of investment and opportunities.  They are there to better their lives financially.  They will be more likely to understand the network marketing model.  You are looking for people who are open – this is a great venue to reach more people who are looking.

4. Attend Networking Events.

Mixers. Meet-and-greets. Cocktail parties. Network events can be fun and profitable! Grab a stack of business cards and spend as much time as you can just chatting with people. Don’t sell them right away, just start building a relationship with them with a great conversation. Be sure to get their contact information and you can reach out to them at the appropriate time.  We are in the relationship business.  Build relationships and provide value – it will come back to you!

Grow Your Prospect List!

5. Attend Trade Shows and even host a booth or a table at a Trade Show.

Trade shows are a great way to build your contact list.  Again, go to or host at trade shows that make sense for what you are offering.  There is a trade show for just about everything today.  At a trade show you will have a lot of people coming up to your booth to see what you have to offer.  If your product or service demonstrates well, all the better.  Be sure to collect business cards or have the guests sign in to a list so you can follow up with them afterwards. There is a great side benefit to trade shows too.  You will tell your story and your product benefits over and over again!  Guess what happens?  It builds your confidence.  It builds the confidence of your teammates with you too!  By the end of the show, you will feel so much more comfortable sharing what you have to offer.  Need add tool in there.? 

6. Attend Wealth Building Seminars.

It is great to grow your prospect list by finding people who want to make money! Wealth building seminars are perfect. Do a quick Google search and you will find what is coming to your area. Pro tip: Most events will have a Twitter account. Look at the list of their Twitter followers and you have an instant list of prospects to reach out to online.  (Don’t spam people.  We are building relationships right?)
7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get involved with people who are already running successful businesses.  They already get business and entrepreneurship.  My favorite prospect is a business owner who is looking for another business.  There will definitely be people here looking for ways to make extra revenue.

8. Get involved with a Non-Profit Organization.

Choose a non-profit that you can become passionate about.  People will gravitate towards that enthusiasm.  You will be building your sphere of influence, building your prospect list AND doing good in the world at the same time.  If you have been blessed, always a great thing to become a blessing.  It isn’t what we get in this life, it is what we give that matters.  I have been involved in some extraordinary organizations over the years and love that through our profession, we get to do A LOT of good in the world.


Here is another quick tip.  Remember CCIC.

CCIC stands for Comment. Compliment. Introduce myself. Find something in common. To grow your prospect list, you will need to build up your social skills. I like this acronym because it really helps when I am meeting people I don’t know. Starting a conversation with someone with a comment is just a great way to be in the world and you never know who you  might be connecting with.  People LOVE compliments!  Make sure you introduce yourself and remember the the last ‘c’ and make a note of to find something in common, too.  When you reach out to that prospect again, you will have an ice breaker!

P.s. Here is a pdf version of this list to share with your team!  Enjoy the weekend.  I am looking forward to the Academy Awards on Sunday!



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My Top 5 Tips From Go Pro 2015 Last Week

What a great event we attended last week in Las Vegas.  The Go Pro 2015 event was the best yet.  I so appreciate that Eric and Marina Worre are hosting these events for our profession.  There isn’t anything else like it in the industry.  First class all the way and incredible training and inspiration from start to finish.
It was an honor to be one of the speakers at this event.  I was humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.  To the point, that when I was practicing my presentation the day I was speaking, I burst into tears.  I mean really sobbing tears.  I think part of it was stage fright or as Bob Proctor said earlier that day, I was breaking through a terror barrier.  As our son pointed out, “Well, there were 8000 people out there.”  But mostly the tears were from just how incredibly grateful I am for what has come into my life because I said yes to Network Marketing almost 10 years ago and what I get to do in my life now.  Speaking at this event I consider a career milestone.   It never occurred to me that someday I would be on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki.  All 3 have been mentors in my life and all 3 have such incredible wisdom to share.

So enough of that…  Here are my top 5 tips from Go Pro 2015.

Eric Worre

1.  The economy is actually helping us as a culture to embrace becoming entrepreneurs.  Think Uber, Air BnB and Shark Tank.  Eric Worre made this comment the first day and I keep thinking about it, because it is so true.  The world changes with the internet and what is possible today is helping so many of us think outside of the box and to be open to a new way of doing business.  Very grateful for that!
2.  We have two choices in our business.  We can attract leadership or we can develop leadership.  That’s it.  We have to become the leader in our town.  Remember to focus on the “one thing.”  We have a tendency to overcomplicate things.  Keep it simple.  It is what works and duplicates in our business.
3.  Prospecting is the answer to all problems.  It is true.  If something isn’t working, go out and sponsor someone new.  If you are stuck in management mode, go talk to a new prospect.   If your business isn’t where you want it to be, go sponsor someone new.  Prospecting is what keeps you fresh and your business thriving.  And your team will do what you do!  Leadership is everything!
4.  Robert Kiyosaki shared the biggest skill set of all time is managing YOU.  We have to learn how to manage our emotions and to get on with it.  People who stay stuck in their stories – stay stuck and honestly, waste a lot of time.  Successful people figure out what we need to do and do it quickly.    How can we lift other people up if we haven’t figured out how to lift ourselves up?  I loved how Robert said that “We are the role models for the rest of the world.”
Tony Robbins
5. Tony Robbins shared that we can change our “State” in a moment.  He talked about how to change our state, the place where we are emotionally by changing our physiology.  By changing what we are doing with our bodies.  We can change what we are focused on by moving our bodies.  Tony talked a lot about changing expectation to appreciation.  Just think what a difference that will make!  We will see what we look for.   Building our business becomes easy and fun when we are in a great state.  Tony encouraged us to be more real, to be ourselves.  Make it all come from the heart.   Bring the emotion you need to make it happen.  And I love how Tony talks about how the secret to living is giving!
6.  We approach people that in our business, you can be rich.  And what people really want is to be happy.  Let’s lead our business with you can be happier instead of making it all about the money.  Set the example that you can be happy with what you have, WHILE you pursue what you want in network marketing.
I had many more aha moments last week at Go Pro 2015, but let’s start with these.  Thank you to Eric and Marina Worre for all they do for us!
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