How to Add Value in Business – The Secret to Winning in Network Marketing

How to Add Value in Business

How to Add Value in Business…

The bottom line is, the more you add value, the more money you make. Yet what does it mean to add value? How do you do it, and why is it so important?

To understand how to add value in business, let’s first look at what’s NOT working:

I’m going to be blunt here… If you’re not adding value, you are adding noise. Unfortunately, despite the best intentions, far too many network marketers out there are off-putting, without intending to be. You’ve seen it. The guy at the networking meeting who gabs for 30 minutes about why his comp plan is the best. That lady on Facebook whose newsfeed looks like a flashing billboard.

Maybe you’ve even done this yourself. It’s okay though, because once you understand how to add value in business, you are going to be more effective in your communication, make more money, and enjoy your business more!

So let’s break it down…

Secret #1 for How to Add Value in Business: BE OF SERVICE

If you want to know how to add value in business, first ask yourself why you are in business. Do you love how your products make a difference in people’s lives? Do you feel passionate about supporting people in achieving their financial goals and lifestyle dreams?

If you see people as dollar signs, they’ll pick up on that, and their “baloney meter” will go through the roof. But if you truly care, that will make all the difference. If you want to know how to add value in business, simply shift your focus from ‘what’s in it for me’ to ‘how can I serve you?’

One great way to do this is to become a connector. When you go to networking meetings, ask people who their ideal client is, and think of whom you can connect them with. Not only will they be more likely to return the favor and send referrals your way, when you focus on how to add value in business, you expand your abundance mindset and become a magnet for success.

Social Media Bonus for How to Add Value in Business:

Don’t promote your business like a broken record. For every TEN posts, you earn the right to post ONE (maybe two) that promotes your business or sells your product.

Secret #2 for How to Add Value in Business: LISTEN!

One of the simplest ways for how to add value in business is to offer an ear. Most people are busy trying to figure out what to say to get the other person interested in what they have to offer. Here’s the secret… Lean in and ask questions. The person sitting across from you will tell you exactly how you can help them.

The guy who jabbers on about his comp plan is wasting his breath if the person he’s speaking with only cares about the product. You must listen to understand what matters to the person you’re sharing your opportunity or product with.

And, be genuine! Are you connecting with people in a meaningful way? Do you care about what they have to say and what their needs are? Or, are you doing most of the talking just to get them to help you?

Social Media Bonus for How to Add Value in Business:

Whether you are in a coffee shop or on Facebook, if the conversation is one-sided people will tune out and shut down. Reading your newsfeed is how you “listen” in social media. Tune into others first, and then comment on posts in a way that establishes a connection. It is ALL about how we make someone feel. Do they feel like you care and are genuinely interested in them?

How to Add Value in Business

Secret #3 for How to Add Value in Business: SOLVE PROBLEMS

Perhaps the best barometer for whether you’re mastering how to add value in business is how many times you hear these two words: “Thank You.”

If people’s lives are improved because of you, THAT is how to add value in business. At the end of the day, how many people feel like you helped them? How many times did you hear “thank you” today?

In the network marketing industry we help people in so many ways. Some of the best products in the world are sold through network marketing channels. Our industry has made more millionaires than any other. Rather than worrying about how fast you can jump to the next rank, remember the problems you are solving and focus on what you are offering that really matters to people.

Social Media Bonus for How to Add Value in Business:

Before you post, ask yourself, “Why might they care?,” and phrase your status update in a way that solves someone’s problem. For example, rather than making people read between the lines with “Our Jeunesse PM Essentials contain powerful vitamins, nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants,” start the conversation with, “Do you need help sleeping?” Keep in mind the problem you are solving and how you are providing a solution.

Comment below with your thoughts on how to add value in business!

Manage Feeling Overwhelmed & Create Freedom in Your Business

Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want to manage feeling overwhelmed and find that zone of peaceful productivity?

Unfortunately “too much to do, not enough time” sums up modern life for most folks these days and, if you are building a business on top of all your other responsibilities, overwhelm and stress can creep in if you are not careful.

Believe me, I am no stranger to this and, over the years, I have had to learn how to manage feeling overwhelmed so I can thrive in my business and enjoy my life along the way. There have been plenty of times when I have felt buried by a mountain of things to do and had no idea where I would find the time.

Sometimes we look at other people and think, “Well they can do it because…

They don’t have as much to do as I do…
He doesn’t have a family to take care of…
She’s rich so she must have more time…
Fill in the blank here

The truth is, until you have walked in someone else’s shoes you don’t really know what they’ve got going on and what they need to adjust in their own life to manage feeling overwhelmed. Nobody is immune to the pressures of life, and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. The secret to getting rich and achieving business success in your network marketing company is knowing how to manage feeling overwhelmed by making daily decisions on where to put your focus.

Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

Here are three strategies that will help you manage feeling overwhelmed:

#1 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Shift Your Perspective

One of my favorite stories to tell is how the network marketing industry changed my life in every way, including love. Yes, I met a man at an industry event, fell head over heels, and married him!

Based on what we have going on in our lives (business, kids, etc) we are currently traveling back and forth between our two homes – his is in Canada, mine is in the United States. Truth be told, sometimes I need to manage feeling overwhelmed by continuous uprooting and traveling, maintaining two households, and expanding my home life from just me to include a husband and three kids.

To manage feeling overwhelmed, instead of stress over it, I choose to shift my perspective by asking, “What’s good about this? Let me count the ways.”

Well, for starters, I’m madly in love with a gorgeous Canadian man. I have three amazing children in my life that love me as much as I love them! Keeping my home in San Francisco means I get to be close to my aging mom, spend quality time with family and friends, and get focused work done when the kids are back at our other home in Canada.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Look at your own situation and ponder, what’s good about this?  This alone will change your emotional state and move you to a place of gratitude. There is almost always something good about this – whatever this is…

#2 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Focus on Your Successes

I am a total list-maker and, in fact, sometimes I have a dozen lists going! Okay, so it’s not a perfect system, but it works for me and it’s how I keep track of all my commitments which helps me manage feeling overwhelmed.

Confession: Sometimes at the end of the day, I look at my list(s) and I see all the items on there that I didn’t get to check off. I used to feel dragged down by what was not getting done, yet one shift that I attribute to my success is that I now choose instead to focus on what I DID get done and celebrate my accomplishments.  When I am getting ready for bed at the end of the day, I look back and feel good about what I did get done instead of stressing about what I didn’t get done!

Because the truth is, it never ALL gets done. Most of us give ourselves a week’s worth of to do’s and one day to do them. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your successes each day. This will most certainly help you manage feeling overwhelmed by all those little things that fight for your time.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Look back at your day and honor yourself for everything you did get done.

#3 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Do What’s Most Important


The number one reason why ANYONE is successful is because they prioritize, set goals, and do what is most important.

My friend Molly is a classical pianist and practices piano for hours a day. She is also teaching piano lessons and meditation classes, is happily married and raising three kids, and building her network marketing business. Her plate is quite full, yet the reason she is so successful in her business is that she does a great job of focusing on the most important (i.e. income generating) activities that will move her toward her goals.

This is important. At the end of the day, are the choices you make taking you in the direction you want to be five years from now? When you work on your business, are you picking up the phone and calling your prospects? Or are you avoiding the important actions by organizing your supply of product samples… again?

Oftentimes, to manage feeling overwhelmed, simply tackling the biggest, scariest (and probably the most lucrative) task first can have a domino effect and ease your stress immediately. My goal is to spend two hours of focused time on the highest priority income generating activities every day. I keep a journal to track this time because I know that what I can measure and track, I can improve.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Do the biggest, most intimidating item on your list first.

BONUS Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Learn to Say No

This simple two-letter word will truly help you manage feeling overwhelmed. If you’re building a new business, there are things you have to say “no” to. Perhaps it is not the year to volunteer for the annual fashion show at your school. Maybe you decide to give up watching Downton Abbey primetime and catch up on Netflix when the kids are in bed Saturday night.

Hmmm, shall I admit I’m no stranger to late night Downton Abbey marathons?
Oh wait, did I say that aloud?

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Say no to something this week. Today would be even better!

What do you do to manage feeling overwhelmed? Comment below!


How to Approach Prospects – Three Must-Have Strategies for Sharing Your MLM

How to approach prospects

How to approach prospects, you ask?

You are excited about your company’s products and opportunity, and you want everyone to see what you see. Yet, whether you are new to network marketing or are an MLM veteran, how to approach prospects remains one of the biggest learning curves.

When I first got started seven years ago, I could not understand why my friend Susan didn’t see what I saw in this business model. Looking back, though, I was making classic mistakes. I was talking too much and wasn’t paying attention to her cues. She was interested in the product, yet I kept telling her about the business.

My hope is that by reading this article, you will have a better sense of how to share your products and opportunity with people, thereby helping you to achieve success more quickly and enjoy the journey more! Here are three game-changing strategies for how to approach prospects that will get your message across effectively, expand your reach, and have people begging, “Tell me more!”

1) How to Approach Prospects Keep it Quick & Simple

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make when learning how to approach prospects, is talking too much, for too long. Are you overselling? I can remember a few times where I thought, “Oh my gosh, I just spent an hour trying to convince this person.” Now I just focus on people who are interested in what I have, and I don’t worry about those that aren’t.

How to approach prospects

Bottom line, your enthusiasm is a great attraction, yet talking for hours is not how to approach prospects if you want to succeed. Sharing all your knowledge about your products and opportunity may come across as over-the-top and, even though your intentions are good, you turn your prospect off. The more you talk, the deeper you dig your hole. Your prospects are trying on the opportunity for themselves and thinking, “Wow, I am going to have to learn all this? I am going to have to spend hours and hours talking about this with people? I don’t have time!”

A brilliant way for how to approach prospects and get around this hurdle is to have a quick and simple business tool do the talking for you. For example, my team uses a sizzle call, which I recorded to share the product and opportunity in about 5 minutes. I have been very successful in my seven years in the network marketing industry and have made millions of dollars. Since that is the case, even if you are brand new, your prospects get to hear the message from a veteran.

And sometimes, they just need to hear the message from someone other than you. Isn’t it “fascinating” that it’s so often the case with our family and our close friends? When I first started out, I sat with my friend Donna for a couple of hours trying to convince her of the business model and she just couldn’t get it. As soon as she heard the message from someone else, though, it clicked. Sometimes how to approach prospects is to get them in front of someone else.

With a sizzle call, how to approach prospects becomes as simple as, “I’d love for you to check this out. Can we get on this short call together right now?” If that doesn’t work then say, “Listen to this quick call on your drive home, and I’ll follow up with you to get your thoughts.” Ahhh, can’t you breathe easier just thinking about it?

How to Approach Prospects Action Step: See if your company or team has a similar tool that you can plug into. Here’s our sizzle call if you want an example of how to approach prospects this way: 888-319-2225

2) How to Approach Prospects Show, Don’t Tell

In my business with Jeunesse we have a groundbreaking anti-aging technology. The other day, a dear friend and team member posted a photo of hands before and after using our Luminesce serum and, within minutes, she had four people private message her asking how to get some product.

You know the saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” This concept of “show and tell” is what makes infomercials so successful. Seeing OxiClean turn a wine-drenched shirt stark white is quite compelling, isn’t it? The same goes for how to approach prospects with your networking opportunity.

How to approach prospects

Since we focus on anti-aging products, one of our most powerful tools for how to approach prospects is sharing real before & after pictures. Our products get results like nothing else on the market, and the before & after pictures get the message across so strongly that you never again need to wonder how to approach prospects.

Downloading the pictures from our team website and laminating them creates an easy on-the-go sharing tool for how to approach prospects. Whether you’re at a BBQ or a networking function, when people ask you what you do and you show them the results your product provides, you will start hearing a lot more, “Wow, tell me more!” Do you have a show and tell type of document or picture that you can share with your prospects?  I promise, it will make your job easier.

How to Approach Prospects Action Step: Find a way to “demo” your products.

3) How to Approach Prospects Make it Duplicable

The beauty of the two strategies I just shared is that they are part of a repeatable process. Perhaps the biggest key in how to approach prospects effectively is to have a duplicable system that you can repeat over and over again and, more importantly, everyone on your team can repeat over and over again.

If you constantly change how you share your products and opportunity, you won’t have the tracks you need to run on, and your team won’t have a path to follow either. Your team will do what you do, so if you are constantly re-inventing the wheel, your team will lose focus, get frustrated, and eventually burn out.

One of my friends is a coach in the industry. Although he has over twenty years experience in the industry, he sticks with the sizzle call introduction because he knows his new team members will follow suit and he wants to be sure he is modeling a duplicable process. And, it works brilliantly! Just last week he sponsored five new people using our sizzle call to introduce Jeunesse.

I always ask my team, “Do you want to build quickly, or do you want to build slowly?” By using tools such as a sizzle call or an on demand webinar, not only do you leverage off the success of your leaders but you will also learn how to approach prospects properly.

How to Approach Prospects Action Step: Plug into your team’s duplicable business-building system.

Did You Learn Something about How to Approach Prospects?

Follow the three steps outlined here and you will see a difference in your business. By the way, I am always available to my followers for a short 10-minute free coaching session. If you are interested, contact me today.

All the best on your journey,

P.S. Share your comments below and, if you want to give your team a leg up on how to approach prospects, pass this article along!

How Network Marketing Changed My Life

“This is going to be big.” I remember having that thought when a good friend of mine introduced me to a new product and opportunity she had recently learned of. I had never been involved in network marketing and knew nothing about the industry, but those words rang in my head. This. is. going. to. be. big.

I enrolled as a distributor that very day and, since then, my life has changed completely in every way. Here’s my story…

My life changed PHYSICALLY.

I have found over the years that some of the best products on the market are distributed through the network marketing model. I am currently building a business with Jeunesse and sharing our nutrition and anti-aging skincare line based on adult stem cell technology. After just six weeks of using our Luminesce skincare products, my esthetician told me I had a 50% reduction of fine lines on my face! What a feeling to turn back the clock on aging and witness such wonderful changes.

My life changed FINANCIALLY.

When I was new to the network marketing world, I set a goal to become a millionaire. I didn’t know exactly how to achieve it, but with commitment and persistence I stayed the course, and I achieved my goal of building a multi-million dollar business in just two years. I still have to pinch myself sometimes… Wow, I love this industry! What I love about this business model is it levels the playing field. I have many friends who went from barely getting by to living big because they went for it and succeeded in network marketing.

My life changed SPIRITUALLY.

I often say, one of the best things about having a network marketing business is the person you get to become. You have the opportunity to step into bigger shoes, for your own personal development and for the world. We have such an incredible culture of giving back, and the level of person that is attracted to this business is inspiring. If you are ever in a bad mood, go hang out with a group of network marketers and you will be inspired and uplifted. Throughout my journey in network marketing, my existing friendships have become even stronger as we build our businesses together. The relationships that I developed along the way have been just as fulfilling.

My life changed ROMANTICALLY.


What? Yes, it did! This one came out of left field, I must admit. I was chatting with a good friend and fellow network marketing millionaire, and our conversation turned to love. My friend announced, “You know what Kathleen? I’m going to go home and find someone for you.” True to her word, a few weeks later, she sent me a picture of Mark with his mom and sister. We met soon after that, and now he is my husband. True story!

How about you? Have you ever said yes to something great that turned out to be even better than you imagined? Share your comments below!



Get Paid to Vacation like a Celebrity

Paid to Vacation

Paid to Vacation? Yep, you heard right!

When I first started my career in network marketing in 2006 I knew I was onto something big. I knew the opportunity had the potential to change my life and build true wealth. What I didn’t expect, though, was how much FUN it would be to build a network marketing business!

I recently looked back on all the times I’ve been paid to vacation, courtesy of my network marketing career, and had to laugh when I realized I couldn’t count them on my two hands. I would need two more fingers for that because I have been paid to vacation over FIFTEEN times!

In my current business with Jeunesse, the company rewards us with generous paychecks, and they also treat us to first class corporate incentive trips! When is the last time you were PAID to vacation at a five star resort? I have had to pinch myself many times throughout my networking career.

Vacation like a celebrity!

Someone pinch me… I’m getting paid to vacation?!?!

I had only been with Jeunesse for seven weeks when I earned my first incentive trip – a Mediterranean cruise! As if the generous paychecks aren’t enough, Jeunesse gives us travel points and numerous other opportunities to earn trips like this.

The luxury of being paid to vacation is just a small reason a career with Jeunesse is the opportunity of a lifetime. The community we are a part of is one of the most giving groups of people I’ve ever known. This includes the corporate executives as well as our internationally growing distributor base.

I have never had so much fun “working.” I have loved the lifestyle I have been able to afford for my family as a result of building a network marketing career. Many of my friends are now financially free as well and are getting paid to vacation too! It has been an honor to be part of that process. The friends I have made along the way are priceless, and the lives that have been touched by the benefits of our products is so rewarding.

Where would you like to be paid to vacation? Comment below!

How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days

How to Find Success in Life

How to find success in life – that is the question.

No doubt you’ve experienced failures in your years. You’ve had moments where you hung your head low, feeling defeated and ashamed. You may have felt like you work so hard and you want to crack the code for how to find success in life so badly, yet you just can’t seem to catch a break.

You have also experienced successes, though. You ran through the finish line. You scored the girl. You made the team or got the promotion. Some of your successes aren’t necessarily moments in time, rather ways of being that you have mastered more than most people.

The question is, which have you been focusing on — your failures or your successes? Which have you been identifying with? Which have you been projecting into the world?

Kitten Lion

Do you want in on a secret of how to find success in life? Here it is… BE successful. No matter what challenges you are facing right now, you can choose to embody what it is to BE successful. That’s how to find success in life. You’ve probably heard that before, yet I invite you to try it on for yourself.

In fact, join me in a “How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days” challenge. Yes, I just made that up, although I have a sneaking feeling it might just change your life. After 30 days of following the “how to find success in life” rules, you tell me what shifts you notice.

Here are the rules of the How to Find Success in Life in 30 Days Challenge:

How to Find Success in Life Rule #1: Change Your Physiology

How to Find Success in Life

Tony Robbins talks about how to find success in life via “state changes.” We have four types of states of being: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. When you change one state, you change the other three. Which one is the easiest to change? Yes, you got it — physical.

Try this… put a pen between your teeth so that you create an artificial smile. Did you know research has shown just activating the “smile muscles” can increase your experience of happiness? This is because your body triggers smiley emotions rather than frowny emotions.

Ever notice how when you stand tall you experience more confidence? This is an example of a physical state change affecting your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. This key for how to find success in life is in your control at this very moment. Right now, put your shoulders back and your chin up. Take a deep breath and embody success.

How to Find Success in Life Rule #2: Dress to Impress (Yourself)

How to Find Success in Life

How you dress sends an impression of you into the world whether you want to believe that or not. Yet, forget about other people for a moment. Think about a time when you felt really confident. Chances are you felt comfortable in what you were wearing.

If you want to know how to find success in life, dress up! Not for other people, for yourself. If you have a job, dress as if you are the CEO. If you work from home, no more working in your pajamas! Spend time getting dressed nicely in the morning as if you were going to a high-end corporate job.

Stretch your comfort zone a little bit with this. You may find that you feel a little bit uncomfortable dressing up. I have a down-to-earth type friend who occasionally chooses to “sass it up” as she says, by wearing heels and red lipstick. Have fun with it!

How to Find Success in Life Rule #3: Play the Part

How to Find Success in Life

I met someone who threw a “Come as Your Future Self” party. The task was to show up as who you want to be in five years. You are still yourself, yet you get to dress and act like the version of yourself who has achieved great success in all the areas of life that are important to you. What a fun way to support each other’s quest for how to find success in life!

You don’t need a party to start playing the part, though. To know how to find success in life, just ask your future successful self! When you observe your thoughts, ask, “What would my successful future self think in this situation?” When opportunities cross your path, ask, “How would my successful future self approach this?” When you network, ask, “How would my successful future self greet this person?” And then BE this successful version of yourself!

So, will you join me in the “How to Find Success in Life” challenge?

If so, here is your assignment for the next 30 days: Stand tall, with your chin up, shoulders back, and a smile on your face. Dress to impress yourself. Role play you are the super successful version of yourself five years from now.

If you agree to join the 30 Day “How to Find Success in Life” Challenge, comment below! Your comment is your declaration that you’re in. And, please share your stories with me as you take this on. I can’t wait to hear about the shifts you notice and the results you experience!

Five Strategies for How to Manage Time Like a Millionaire

How to Manage Time

How to manage time…

Knowing how to manage time is the difference between calling your own shots and being a victim of circumstance. It’s the difference between spending your days in a way that pleases you versus in a way you have to. Knowing how to manage time is your ticket to freedom and success. In fact the wealthiest people have figured out how to manage time, and this is a big reason why they are wealthy.

So, how is it that some people accomplish a great deal in their 24 hours and still have room for fun and leisure in there too, while other people are constantly running around with seemingly no time to spare, yet they accomplish hardly anything at all? What has the first group figured out about how to manage time that the second has not?

They understand that you can’t actually manage time. You can only manage how you use the time.

Here are five strategies for how to manage time (rather, how to manage yourself within time) so you can have the freedom you deserve:

Tip #1 for How to Manage Time – Devote Time to Your Business

The first thing you must do to build a successful business is actually allocate a specific amount of time that you will dedicate to building your business. Make a deliberate decision about how much time each week you will devote to your business. It doesn’t matter as much how much time you decide to dedicate to building your business. It is more important that you make the decision about how much time you will spend, honor your commitment, and be consistent. Every week. This strategy for how to manage time was instrumental for me in consistently climbing the ranks in my network marketing business.

how to manage time

Tip #2 for How to Manage Time – Create the Time

You may be thinking, “I would dedicate more time to it, but I just don’t have any extra time.” Again, we all have the same 24 hours a day. What you fill those hours with is how you currently manage time. Finding time is like digging in your couch cushions for loose change. Get creative and think about where you can find some time where you thought you had none. If you create 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, you have 10 focused hours for your business.

Tip #3 for How to Manage Time – Be Productive, Not Busy

It is easy to be busy but not productive. In this business, “productive” means you are spending your time on business-building, income-generating activities. One strategy for how to manage time is to label your activities as A, B, and C level priorities. If you spend 80% of your time on those activities that create 80-90% of your results, your business will grow larger, faster. To get a clear perspective on whether you are being productive or if you are just being busy, play big boss for a moment. When you have your own business, you get to be your own boss. You also get to be your own employee! Put on your “boss” hat and look at your “employee’s” work performance. Would you fire yourself or give yourself a promotion?

Tip #4 for How to Manage Time – Focus on Personal Development

The truth is, the more you grow, the more your business can grow. Focusing on your own personal growth and professional development is essential to your success. And yes, this has to do with how to manage time. In order to build a big business, you must build a big you. It is your responsibility to fill your mind with great material that will lift you up. Develop habits of reading positive material, spending time in nature, and getting present. When you do this, your business activity will flow and grow more naturally.

Tip #5 for How to Manage Time – Turn Your Big Goals into Daily Action

You may have heard this concept before: In order to have a great year, you must have a great quarter. In order to have a great quarter, you must have a great month. In order to have a great month, you must have a great week. In order to have a great week, you must have a great day. You reach your big goals by focusing your efforts in the present, each day. Focusing your actions in the present is how to manage time in a way that transforms your dream from a foggy concept off in the distance into the actual path you are on.

What are your tricks for how to manage time? Comment below!

Business Success Tip: Never Pre-Judge

Business Success…

We’ve all done it. We make snap judgements about people the moment we meet them. We decide that a person has business success or is unsuccessful, intelligent or simple-minded, influential or a hermit.

Of course our capacity to judge has it’s time and place. If we sense danger or untrustworthiness in a person, often it’s a good idea to trust that intuition. Many times, though, our judgements are coming from a place of ego, and may not be based on the truth.

One big secret of business success is to decide not to pre-judge. This is a practice that you choose every day. If you are in the people business (and here’s a clue… if you’re in business then you’re in the people business), don’t decide who is a worthy prospect and who isn’t, who has business success and who doesn’t, who has an influential network and who doesn’t.

Business success: don't pre judge!

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know that the person you were certain would leave you a handsome tip left you high and dry, while the biggest tip came from the most unlikely customer.

Some people pre-judge the network marketing industry without knowing anything about it. If I had done that, I would never have achieved the level of business success I have in my business. Boy am I glad I had an open mind!

The video below captures the essence of how choosing not to judge can lead to the most unexpected yet fulfilling experiences. Watch this… I know you’ll love it!

Believe it or not, this video relates to business success…

That’s an unlikely friendship isn’t it? Set an intention to be like Bella and Tara in your life and for your business success. You never know what treasure lies within each person until you give them a chance. Some people are geodes. They look unassuming on the outside, but the real truth is they are spectacular!

This tip about not pre-judging is critical for business success in the network marketing industry. When you meet someone, stop yourself from deciding that they are a good prospect for your business or not. Share what you do and what you offer with EVERYONE. Let them tell you where they stand. Don’t decide for them before they even have a chance.

A friend of mine told me a story about how – when she was a hostess for a nice restaurant – a couple walked in wearing old sweatshirts and ratty jeans. Not the typical customer who appears to have a lot of money and business success. She thought, “Don’t they realize that this is a fancy restaurant? What are they thinking?!?!” Then she watched as the manager of the restaurant whisked them away to the nicest table in the establishment. They were the owners!

If you can catch yourself in the act of judging someone or a situation and then choose to open your mind instead, this will transform your business success and your life.

Can you think of a time in your own life when pre-judging (or not pre-judging) resulted in an eye-opening experience in life or business success? Share your story below!

Success Secret: Love Your Life Now

Success Secret for you… 

success secret

Sometimes we can get so consumed with where we’re going that we forget to look around us and appreciate what we already have. Now, before you roll your eyes, I don’t mean that you should settle. In fact, a little known success secret is that it’s actually good to have a sense of “healthy dissatisfaction,” because this means you are most likely up to big things and you are expanding. If you know there is something more for you out there, this is good news!

Let me put it this way:

Settling = Rough on the human spirit

Appreciating = Great for the human spirit

After all, the only moment you have is now. And when you appreciate where you are and what you have now, you are out of the world of your problems and into the world of your creativity. In that place, anything is possible and, because your appreciation leads to confidence, you are more likely to go for it. More than a success secret, this just makes sense!

I actually have a reminder of this success secret marked in my calendar so that I see it every day. It says: “All new things come into my life when I’m grateful for what is here now.”

Put this Success Secret into action…

Today, make a list of everything in your life right now that you truly appreciate!

Here’s a fun video about appreciating. Even if you have seen this already, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

So there’s your success secret! What do you appreciate about your own life? Post your comments below!