10 Christmas Gifts For Network Marketers

10 Christmas Gifts for Network Marketers

Happy holidays! Tis the season time again and I have teamed up with Santa’s helpers to bring you the BEST gifts for network marketers. Whether you are buying for your team, a friend, or a family member, these gifts are sure to be a hit.

10. Eric Worre Go Pro

Eric Worre Go Pro

Books make excellent Christmas gifts. This book is absolutely amazing for a network marketer. I have learned so much from Eric Worre over the years and was fortunate to speak at some of his events! Everyone will learn something from this book.

9. Tea Bag Holder

Tea Bag Holder

I LOVE tea! Drinking tea throughout the day is a great way to stay hydrated and keep your energy up when working from home. One of my pet peeves is when the bag and string slip into my tea cup. I love these fun teabag holders – they keep my tea bag in place and make me smile every time.

8. Toodledo Subscription


This is a great Christmas gift for your network marketing superstar! I use Toodledo to keep track of all the tasks I have on my plate. You can also set reminders and recurring tasks which makes organizing your MLM business much easier.  Your calendar isn’t where you want to stash all the to do’s.   Once I started using toodledo, my calendar became so clear and so clean – just appointments and calls!  Plus toodledo captures all those sticky notes and the running commentary we have going on in our heads all the time trying to remember too much stuff.  I LOVE Toodledo!  My assistant, Anne Perry introduced me to it years ago.

7. Dream Board

Dream Board

This fun cork board is the perfect place to pin your dreams. Focusing and manifesting your goals and dreams is very important in the network marketing world. I have a few boards at home and on Pinterest that give me daily inspiration.  What you see on a regular basis will become much more real to you.  Dream Boards are incredibly powerful.  It is almost spooky how some of my dreams have come true – to the degree that I just stare at the dream board and shake my head at the reality of what has shown up in my life that mirrors the dream board exactly!  Even my engagement ring!

6. Book of Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

I love posting inspirational quotes in my newsletters and on my social media accounts. I always have a few books like this around so I can easily find new quotes to keep everyone motivated, including myself 😉  It is a nice pick-me-up for a few quiet moments a day.  It is so important to fill our minds and hearts with great messages.  Mindset makes a huge difference.  We think it is all about the technique, the how to’s and those are important but without a great mindset to put the how to’s to work, it won’t matter.  Stay inspired!

Christmas Gifts for Network Marketers!

5. Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Sometimes you just need to take a break and clear your mind…and coloring is a great way to do it! You wouldn’t believe how relaxing it is to pick up a few pens and color. I recommend pairing with a nice cup of tea.  🙂  Coloring books have become quite popular for adults lately.  Another type of mediation.  My sister in law, Kath has colored in her journal for years!  It is very soothing.  Remember how much you loved it as a child.  You still do – you have just forgotten.  I rediscovered coloring books at a spiritual retreat last year.

4. Laptop Travel Bag

Laptop Travel Bag

Network marketers travel a lot! We are also constantly giving presentations, sending emails, hosting webinars and posting on our social media accounts so we need our computers with us whenever possible. This bag is a great Christmas gift because it protects your gadgets AND slides nicely over your suitcase.  And odds are good, if you have a travel bag, it is probably looking shabby or you have had it awhile.  Time to upgrade and I love that this one fits on top of the suitcase.  Easier to get around the airports.


3. Fitbit


Having a daily exercise is vital when you are working from home or traveling a lot. I love the Fitbit because it helps me calculate my activity and connects online so I can read my stats anywhere I go!  It is inspiring to see how you are doing throughout the day.  My goal is to step at least 10,000 steps a day and this helps me to reach that goal many more days than if I didn’t have this tracker.  It is easy to sit at the desk for hours and to talk on the phone in our business.  We need to get up and move!  I know I do.  This is a big 2016 goal for me!

2. iPhone Photography and Video Kit


Video marketing is a powerful tool in building your MLM business. I love this kit because it let’s me turn my smartphone into a mobile video studio. It also has a remote control so you don’t have to move your phone every time you start and stop. Pro tip: make sure you have great lighting or the video will look grainy. And….always shoot your video in a horizontal format.  This is a great and very easy to use gadget.  And the final product is much more professional because your hand isn’t shaking the camera!

1. iPad


iPads are a great Christmas gift for network marketers! You can use it for scheduling, communication, sharing tools and giving presentations. It is also great for working while traveling.  It feels different than your laptop or primary workstation at home too.  There is a bigger “fun” factor.  Presentations and videos look great on it too.  Prospects are impressed when you share your products and opportunity easily and casually on your iPad.

Figuring out the perfect Christmas and Holiday gifts for your loved ones can be stressful.  I hope this list helps give you some ideas for the holiday season. Santa is working around the clock to make all your gifts – and the elves too 😉 Happiest of holidays!



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Having Fun in Business (Hint: It Makes You More Successful)

Having Fun in Business

Having fun in business is a hot topic today, and it is easy to see why.

We are connected all the time, to everything. Text messages, smart phones, iPads, laptops, social media newsfeeds, urgent emails, kindles, video games (my 83 year old Mom brought her iPad to a party last night to show her family slideshow) – all demanding our attention – on top of the actual work we need to accomplish!

Compared to what our grandparents experienced, the amount of information being fed to us at any given moment is nothing short of sensory overload. Since we can’t take a time machine back to simpler times, it is up to us to find ways for having fun in business.

Having Fun in Business

Having fun in business… Who has time for that?!?!

I want you to really hear this, especially if you tend to be driven and hardworking: Having fun in business and life is not optional. It’s critically important.

Many folks can fall into the trap of thinking they will take time for fun, leisure, and pampering once they achieve the wealth. Not so, my friend. You need to generate the experiences you want NOW, so you can integrate that feeling of success into your cells. What do you think comes first: happiness or success? We think that success will create happiness, but it is actually the other way around. Being happy creates more success in all areas of our lives.
Besides, who would want to join your team if you are constantly stressed and burned out? A big part of why you and I chose a career in network marketing is because of the lifestyle we get to create, right?

I couldn’t go back to working for someone else now. The perks for owning your own business are fantastic. This morning I worked out at 10am, sat in my garden working till 2pm – you get the idea!

If you want to attract your dream team, people need to see you having fun in business and experiencing life in abundant ways. And if you are having fun in business – it will show up in your personality! Has it been awhile since you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? Or since you had a tickling contest with your kids?

Here are some tips for having fun in business, and how it can actually accelerate your success:

#1 Tip for Having Fun in Business: Put Yourself in Good Feeling Places

Here’s a great daily practice for you that is guaranteed to make you feel abundant: At the top of a piece of paper, write, “I’m so happy that…” Now list ALL the things you are happy about. My list looks like,

I’m so happy that…

  • My first year of marriage was wonderful
  • My Mom is doing great
  • I get to live where most people vacation

Another variation is answering, “Why am I so wealthy?” Your mind will come up with all sorts of proof, and you will begin to embody the most successful version of yourself.

Why am I so wealthy?

  • Because I’m dedicated and focused
  • Because amazing people are naturally attracted to me
  • Because I’m having fun in business

Having Fun in Business

#2 Tip for Having Fun in Business: Create a Ripple Effect for Giggles

You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can control how you respond. The other day my husband was starting to make me a little bonkers and, as I felt myself getting annoyed, I stopped and asked myself: “Do I want to create a ripple effect of tension? Or do I want to create a ripple effect of giggling?”

As tempting as it is to be right, let’s be real… giggling is much more fun. So instead of getting testy with my man, I teasingly nudged him in the ribs, and we ended up having a great afternoon! Your assignment for having fun in business? Look for opportunities to create giggles.

At least more smiles! Don’t take everything so seriously! Smile when you pick up the phone. Diffuse tensions with a joke or something light-hearted. Be silly sometimes!

#3 Tip for Having Fun in Business: Do Something FUN

Of course building your business takes work, and you need to put the time in. Yet, understand that it never ALL gets done. So, rather than letting your “To Do” list run your life, why not wake up every morning and ask, “What do I WANT to do today? What do I GET to today?” You may be out of practice and may need to create a “Fun To Do” list. Part of having fun in business is making sure to do things from time to time simply for the sake of enjoyment.

Having Fun in Business

Even if you just pick one Fun To Do item per day, you will notice a huge difference. I love doing something every day that is fun, outside, and for me! Things like:

  • Take a walk along the beach
  • Pick flowers and create bouquets for our house from our garden
  • Bake cookies with the kids

#4 Tip for Having Fun in Business: Whistle While You Work

Having fun in business means making work fun! I noticed our kids drag their feet when it comes time to do dishes but, if we put some music on, dish duty becomes an opportunity to talk and laugh as a family. The kids might still need some convincing!

Having fun in business isn’t about blowing off your work; it’s about making conscious decisions to add the energy of FUN to whatever you are doing. Sometimes, I listen to music while I work. Sometimes I work in my garden or the local coffee shop.

My team and I just started a 10 day blitz and we text each other at 3pm to share what we accomplished in the blitz day. It creates some friendly competition and revs up the energy. We’re having fun in business together!

#5 Tip for Having Fun in Business: Dream!

Having Fun in Business

I am a big fan of dream boards. Standing in front of your dream boards with your morning cup of coffee is a great use of your time, and starts your day off with a sense of fun, peace, and success.

Here is one of my dream boards that I created about 6 years ago. This is an amazing story – When Mark and I were choosing my engagement ring, we found the one we loved on the first day out. Later, I took a look at the ring I had placed on my dream board SIX years ago and gasped out loud – the ring we had chosen was the EXACT same ring I had on my dream board.

Dream boards are a fantastic way to help you get very specific about what you would like to create in your life! Get a group of friends together and have a dream board party. Better yet, let’s have a dream board party on Pinterest right now!

To join my Network Marketers’ Dream Board, leave your Pinterest URL in the comments below and I’ll add you. Let’s support each other on our commitment to having fun in business!