Great Productivity and Happiness Tip for Network Marketers

productivity tip for network marketers

Great Productivity and Happiness Tip for Network Marketers

Would you like to know one thing that I started doing last year that has helped me to be happier, more content and more productive in my business?  It is so simple!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.  I love creating lists; I am a checklist nut.  I am one of those network marketers that makes a list because I love checking things off the list.  I am the type of person that forgets to include something on my checklist that I have already done and I write it down on the list just so I can check it off right away.

Too many items on that checklist?

I am also the type of person that puts way too many things on my list.  Sometimes my list for the day looks like a list for the week and I have to scale it back.  Does that sound familiar?  Are you a network marketer that is unrealistic sometimes about how much you can get done in a day?  It is easy to do – we are busy entrepreneurs with big visions.  I still have bigger goals for what I can get done in a day than what is really possible, but this one productivity tip changed my level of satisfaction and even happiness.

Checklist for Network Marketers

Checklist for Network Marketers

What is one productivity tip that makes me happier at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, I create another list that bullet points what I DID get done!  The feeling of satisfaction I get from doing this makes my day.  I change from being a frustrated “I didn’t get everything done on my list” person to a “Wow, look at everything I got done today!”  It sounds really simple, which it is AND it also completely changed my focus from being one of scarcity as in not enough time to being one of feeling grateful and empowered for what I did get done.  I have to admit, sometimes I don’t make the actual list and when I get into bed and start thinking of what I didn’t get done, I can quickly switch gears and I start listing in my head ALL the things I did get done on my checklist.

And it feels great!  Network marketers – I highly recommend trying this.  It is much better to end the workday feeling productive and empowered!  Here is to your happiness!



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