Well, 2017 is two week’s behind us now!  I hear over and over again how fast time is flying by and I feel the same way!  There are reminders everywhere to slow down and enjoy the moments.  Definitely a 2018 new year’s resolution for me is to slow down and play hooky more!  Last year was a great year for us.  We launched our business in India, we spent almost 3 weeks in Tahiti with family and my company and we purchased what is becoming our dream home!  Those are probably what I would call the “biggest wins”.

A learning moment would come from saying goodbye to a dear friend of many years.  My friend Carol passed away a couple weeks ago and I will very much miss her.  I want to learn from her and remember how much joy she found in small things and how much she laughed.  I think I will miss her laugh the most!

My best personal memory for the year would have to be when Mark and I walked into the home we now own for the first time.  We have been looking at homes for a couple of years and about 10 minutes after we were walking through this one for the first time, we turned to each other and said “This is it.  We are going to write an offer.”  Also a lesson in moving fast when you know you have to/want to do something.  If we had waited one more day, I don’t think we would have gotten the house and land that is perfect for us!

With all that said, I think it would be helpful to explore ways to make OUR 2018 powerful, meaningful, and full of personal and business success. My wish for each and every one of you is that you have a great 2018!  Here are 7 Ways to ring in the new-year with bells on!

goalsetting croissant

Set 5 Big Audacious Goals for Your New Year.

5 big goals may seem overwhelming, but there are usually at least 5 major areas of importance in our lives, things we want and need to give our attention to. For instance, yours could include Business / Financials / Spirituality / Family / Health & Nutrition / Creativity & Travel.

Setting goals for some, or all of these areas makes it possible to maintain some sense of balance in an ever-changing world. When you know your priorities, it makes it so much easier to accomplish your goals on a micro level – day by day.

Bonus points if you share these goals with your community, a close friend, or your partner. Accountability breeds legitimacy!  I share my yearly goals, dreams and resolutions with a close group of girlfriends.  In fact, we have been meeting twice a month on calls for 10 years!  Today as I write this, it is our 10 year anniversary!


Pick a Guiding Word for Your Year.

This is one of my FAVORITE activities. It’s such a gorgeous practice to sit down with a dictionary and a hot cup of tea to pick a word that rings true. This word is powerful.  It is THE word that you want to describe your year.  In one word.  So you have to be laser focused and really think about what is the MOST important feeling for you to have this year!  The word you pick will bring a central focus to your life, and can be applied to all of your goals.


My word for 2017 was Joy and for 2016 my word was Healthy.  I will be figuring out 2018’s word this week but I know it is going to have to do with play, creativity, fun and health.  It will be a trick to find the one word that best describes that! 


Spend An Hour Reflecting on the Best Moments of 2017.  

Self reflection is crucial to personal growth. But reflecting on the happiest days of your life from the previous year is crucial for your own inner sense of wellbeing. Beautiful things happen all the time. We often overlook them though, instead focusing on the painful events in life.

What was the best family moment of 2017?

What was an awesome business achievement of 2017?

What made you laugh the hardest in 2017?

Who made you smile the most in 2017?

My answers in that order:  Christmas Day with my Mom and 35 family members.  Opening India with my business.  My girlfriends.  My Husband.

I say, allow the joyful moments to shape you just as much as the painful ones. Our health, vibrancy, and ability to get back up after a fall, will all be greatly increased when we do!


Call 5 Friends Who Mean the World to You and Thank Them.  

Who are the people that make your life worth living? Who do you consider a part of your inner circle? When was the last time you let them know how important they are to you?

Take out a piece of paper and write down 5 names. Whether they live close or far away, make it a priority to call them or write to them (yes, write an actual letter!) before the new year.

After all, these are YOUR people, the people who make life so much better. They are your tribe and will be there for you no matter what.  Don’t they deserve a little love in return?  I LOVE getting an old-fashioned letter and can’t wait to write my 5 letters this week!


Complete 1 Random Act of Kindness.

This is such a fun one, and there are a million ways to make it happen.

Maybe anonymously donate to a charity that you love, but don’t often support. Maybe next time you’re in line at the coffee shop, pay for the person behind you. Maybe bake some cookies, and gift them to an elderly neighbour.  The world is a mirror and these random acts of kindness one act at a time makes our world and our lives a better place to be!  The other day when I left the bank, there was a homeless mom outside and I slipped her a $20 – the gift for me was seeing her smile.  

Look for opportunities in your day to day routine. There is always a way to give back, no matter how small!


Celebrate Anything That Slipped Through the Cracks.

Life gets busy. Kids and work and groceries and family obligations and, and, and…

There’s a good chance that something awesome happened this year that you really didn’t take the time to savour. Was it a successful business project that you never properly celebrated? Was it a family member’s achievement that went unnoticed? Was it a teammate’s success, that maybe got brushed under the rug during a busy time of year?

Look back in your calendar for missed opportunities to celebrate, and then have a little joy fest.  Make sure you tell people how proud you are of them.  We took our oldest daughter to the airport the other day to start her last semester of college and as I kissed her goodbye, I told her how proud I was of her.  I remember when my Dad used to say that to me how much it meant to me!

Buy a few cupcakes to share and celebrate, take a long walk with your friend, or write a celebratory card to your colleague.


Let Go of Your Losses , and Allow Gratitude to Shape Your Life Moving Forward.

If there was a lot of rough patches for you in 2017, take the time you need to let go of that pain/anxiety/disappointment. But do  let go of what you can.  Make a list of your losses, and then make a new list of reasons to be grateful for them – or reasons to feel grateful for what they taught you.  I love what Tony Robbins teaches that if you are going to “blame” someone or something for all the bad things then you have to remember to “credit” them or it for the good things too.  Another way of looking at it!

This one isn’t easy but I am going to do this too:  Set the intention to feel grateful every single day 2018. Frame your life with gratitude as your guiding principal, and 2018 will shape up just fine. At the end of the day, that cliche saying about how gratitude affects everything is TRUE!  I hope this list is helpful to you. You don’t have to do them all, but even picking just one of these things and actually doing it this January, is sure to have a major impact on your overall happiness.  A


All the best to a great New Year in 2018!!



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Manage Feeling Overwhelmed & Create Freedom in Your Business

Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you want to manage feeling overwhelmed and find that zone of peaceful productivity?

Unfortunately “too much to do, not enough time” sums up modern life for most folks these days and, if you are building a business on top of all your other responsibilities, overwhelm and stress can creep in if you are not careful.

Believe me, I am no stranger to this and, over the years, I have had to learn how to manage feeling overwhelmed so I can thrive in my business and enjoy my life along the way. There have been plenty of times when I have felt buried by a mountain of things to do and had no idea where I would find the time.

Sometimes we look at other people and think, “Well they can do it because…

They don’t have as much to do as I do…
He doesn’t have a family to take care of…
She’s rich so she must have more time…
Fill in the blank here

The truth is, until you have walked in someone else’s shoes you don’t really know what they’ve got going on and what they need to adjust in their own life to manage feeling overwhelmed. Nobody is immune to the pressures of life, and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. The secret to getting rich and achieving business success in your network marketing company is knowing how to manage feeling overwhelmed by making daily decisions on where to put your focus.

Manage Feeling Overwhelmed

Here are three strategies that will help you manage feeling overwhelmed:

#1 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Shift Your Perspective

One of my favorite stories to tell is how the network marketing industry changed my life in every way, including love. Yes, I met a man at an industry event, fell head over heels, and married him!

Based on what we have going on in our lives (business, kids, etc) we are currently traveling back and forth between our two homes – his is in Canada, mine is in the United States. Truth be told, sometimes I need to manage feeling overwhelmed by continuous uprooting and traveling, maintaining two households, and expanding my home life from just me to include a husband and three kids.

To manage feeling overwhelmed, instead of stress over it, I choose to shift my perspective by asking, “What’s good about this? Let me count the ways.”

Well, for starters, I’m madly in love with a gorgeous Canadian man. I have three amazing children in my life that love me as much as I love them! Keeping my home in San Francisco means I get to be close to my aging mom, spend quality time with family and friends, and get focused work done when the kids are back at our other home in Canada.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Look at your own situation and ponder, what’s good about this?  This alone will change your emotional state and move you to a place of gratitude. There is almost always something good about this – whatever this is…

#2 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Focus on Your Successes

I am a total list-maker and, in fact, sometimes I have a dozen lists going! Okay, so it’s not a perfect system, but it works for me and it’s how I keep track of all my commitments which helps me manage feeling overwhelmed.

Confession: Sometimes at the end of the day, I look at my list(s) and I see all the items on there that I didn’t get to check off. I used to feel dragged down by what was not getting done, yet one shift that I attribute to my success is that I now choose instead to focus on what I DID get done and celebrate my accomplishments.  When I am getting ready for bed at the end of the day, I look back and feel good about what I did get done instead of stressing about what I didn’t get done!

Because the truth is, it never ALL gets done. Most of us give ourselves a week’s worth of to do’s and one day to do them. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your successes each day. This will most certainly help you manage feeling overwhelmed by all those little things that fight for your time.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Look back at your day and honor yourself for everything you did get done.

#3 Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Do What’s Most Important


The number one reason why ANYONE is successful is because they prioritize, set goals, and do what is most important.

My friend Molly is a classical pianist and practices piano for hours a day. She is also teaching piano lessons and meditation classes, is happily married and raising three kids, and building her network marketing business. Her plate is quite full, yet the reason she is so successful in her business is that she does a great job of focusing on the most important (i.e. income generating) activities that will move her toward her goals.

This is important. At the end of the day, are the choices you make taking you in the direction you want to be five years from now? When you work on your business, are you picking up the phone and calling your prospects? Or are you avoiding the important actions by organizing your supply of product samples… again?

Oftentimes, to manage feeling overwhelmed, simply tackling the biggest, scariest (and probably the most lucrative) task first can have a domino effect and ease your stress immediately. My goal is to spend two hours of focused time on the highest priority income generating activities every day. I keep a journal to track this time because I know that what I can measure and track, I can improve.

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Do the biggest, most intimidating item on your list first.

BONUS Strategy to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed Learn to Say No

This simple two-letter word will truly help you manage feeling overwhelmed. If you’re building a new business, there are things you have to say “no” to. Perhaps it is not the year to volunteer for the annual fashion show at your school. Maybe you decide to give up watching Downton Abbey primetime and catch up on Netflix when the kids are in bed Saturday night.

Hmmm, shall I admit I’m no stranger to late night Downton Abbey marathons?
Oh wait, did I say that aloud?

Action tip to manage feeling overwhelmed: Say no to something this week. Today would be even better!

What do you do to manage feeling overwhelmed? Comment below!