How to Stay Focused During the Holidays

How to Stay Focused During the Holidays!

We are about to enter the holiday season once again and with that comes a new round of being busier than ever. There just is never enough time to bake holiday cookies, attend the parties and buy all those last minute gifts for your friends and family plus do all of the work you normally have to do. Many of my team members that work from home always ask me about tips on how to stay focused at work during the holidays so that is what this week’s blog is going to be about! Here are 10 tips for staying focused on your work during the holiday season:

How to Stay Focused in 10 Easy Steps

How to Stay Focused and Relaxed.

1. REMAIN CALM. I know your to do list may seem overwhelming as your time seems to be shrinking. But don’t let your personal stress affect your work performance or diminish your productivity. Remember to take some time off from work to spend holiday time with family or even get a little shopping out of the way. That way you can have a chance to refresh yourself during the busy holiday season.

2. Make a to-do list. Even though it may seem overwhelming, it will give you a chance to clear your mind and focus on the most important things that need to be. I like to create one giant list then prioritize by importance. I also love using a website called Toodledo.  Highlight the tasks you must have completed by the time your family arrives in town to celebrate the holidays. Or, if you have tasks that MUST be done during those days, prioritize what needs to be done, set a time and goal. Do the most important things first!

Use a To Do list: How to Stay Focused

3. Make a daily plan. If you have a plan for each day of the holiday season, it will help you be more organized. Create a plan so that you can assign work tasks to each day, as well as holiday shopping and travel time. If you have children, it may be a good idea to also think of activities to keep the kids busy and occupied.  You won’t be able to get everything done, so make sure you are focused on the top 5 things that will really make a difference.  Don’t get bogged down in the busy work.  Focus on the “A” level activities.

How to Stay Focused = To Do List

4. Get a jump on your to do list. Start working on all those year-end projects ahead of time. Even start your holiday shopping earlier than you did in the past. That way you can attend all of the holiday parties and family obligations later in the month, knowing that you have the time and that you are better organized.  Make sure you delegate too.  My husband always says I have learned the art of delegation.  Delegate with a smile and a please and thank you but make sure you are including the people who can help you with tasks.

5. Look out for distractions! They are everywhere during the busy holiday season. When you are setting aside time to work – do that! Let your family know that for the next 3 hours you are off limits.  Don’t get distracted by online shopping. That can wait until later. Remember, if you are trying to do too many things at once you will get overwhelmed. Sometimes going to a coffee shop or library can be helpful because there aren’t as many things to pull you away from productivity.  It can be a nice break in the day too.


6. Create boundaries. If you set aside time to work, make sure that everyone in your family knows that it is your time and that you should not be disturbed unless it is an absolute emergency. Put your phone on silent so that you are not tempted to answer the phone. On the other hand, if you set aside time to spend with your children, parents or other loved ones – don’t get distracted by work! Family time is especially sacred during the holiday season and should be one of your major commitments.  Make sure to put the phone down during these times.  We are setting examples for our kids and loved ones.

7. Take care of yourself! Remember to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Try to exercise more this holiday season – don’t let your to do list take away from your normal routine. Also sleep more, not less so you have the energy to deal with everything you have to do during the day. Finally, watch what you eat and drink. Everyone eats more sugary foods and alcoholic beverages during the holiday season, but remember those will impact your next day at work, both mentally and physically. This one is hard, I know! Often we get sick in January because of how much we “overdid” in December.  If we take better care of ourselves in December, we can usually avoid the January blahs.

8. Don’t over commit yourself. It is all right if you cannot make every holiday party or function. Your friends will forgive you! Just be sure to prioritize and balance your holiday activities with your work obligations. In the long run it is better to keep focused and maintain a good work-life balance.

My Best Tips on How to Stay Focused

9. Remind yourself each morning to stay focused at work. Forget about all you have to do and focus on each day’s obligations. Make sure that when you are working, you are focused on the tasks that have to be done, and not thinking about what you have to do in the near future. I like to wake up with a cup of tea and look over my to do list. This really gets me in the right mindset for productivity. When you are at the actual holiday function then you can focus on the holidays and having fun!

10. Remember what the holiday season is about – celebration and spending time with friends and family! It is one of the happiest times of the year and does not have to be chaotic, even though there are lots of pulls for it to be that  – it is what we make of it!  Enjoy the simple things.  Your decorated house or your kids happy faces when they find the perfect gift, baking, the first snow, the way the light changes at night….  The list goes on and on.  I love the holidays and have learned over the years, that less is more.  We don’t have to make the 30 kinds of cookies we did when we were kids.  Think about your holiday traditions and continue to do the ones you only really love!

I truly hope these tips on how to stay focused will make this season less stressful. You got this. Follow these tips and I am confident you will focus on your work during the busy holiday season!  The holiday gatherings are a perfect place to share your products and business with lots of people that you don’t see all the time too.  Just be sure to ask questions, provoke curiosity so that they are actually asking you what you are up to!  Most of all, enjoy this precious time with your family and friends.



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How to Deal With Negative People

As you are trying to expand your contacts through network marketing, you may run into people who just don’t like MLM. This is just a fact of life!  Don’t take it personally.  Lots of people don’t get lots of things.  This will happen to all of us at one point or another. I have found that there are certain ways to handle these situations that leave you in the best position. In the network marketing world, you don’t want to work with negative people anyway and they can poison the moral of your entire team. When you get rejected or deal with a negative person, keep that in mind above all. Grab a cup of coffee and take a minute to read some advice from a someone who has been in the industry for a long time!

Do You Know How to Deal with Negative People?

Negative People

To deal with those negative nellies, you just have to learn what to say and what not to say. Most importantly, do not try to convince them to love MLM or act defensively. Those are the two worst things you can do but unfortunately it is the two ways that many people commonly react.

Instead you need to learn how to manage your energy. Do not be frightened if someone rejects you. Do not try to manage objections. Instead manage your energy and be sensitive of other’s energy. If you encounter someone with a crappy, cynical, skeptical, or negative energy then just remain calm and walk away.  You don’t need everybody and you definitely don’t need downer donna…

It is a very powerful thing to be able to learn to manage your energy. A lot of times, when you manage your posture and remain neutral, those very same people will then react positively as their negative energy melts away. Just remember: do not get defensive or try to convince them. Instead just say, “Oh, cool no problem. It’s not for everybody, but hey, let me ask you this. Do you know anyone that does want to make some extra money if I showed them how to do it?”  Or you could say, “No worries.  Looking healthier and having more money isn’t for everyone.”  Depending on who you are talking to, that last sentence could be said with a big smile on your face.  People will find that disarming.  I don’t intend for you to say that with sarcasm or anger.  Let it go.  At the end of the day, the last thing you want your business to do is to hurt or change your relationships.  Your business isn’t for everyone.  But just about everyone could probably benefit from your products.

How to Deal With Negative People

Another great technique is to do the take away.  You can say to a prospect, “This probably isn’t for you but I think you will love the products.”  Or “I know this business probably isn’t for you, but can I count on you to be one of my 10 customer testimonials?  That is all I am asking. ”  Remember, you are just looking for people who are open to learning more and then direct them to a tool.

The way you handle your energy when someone is negative towards you could potentially blow them away. All you have to do is remain calm and in charge of your emotions. Do not let anyone ruffle your feathers or upset you. Only then will you be anxiety free at the end of the day and excited to begin a new day of network marketing.  These are just objections you should expect to experience on a regular basis.  It isn’t a big deal and often isn’t even about you.  They just may not be ready for what you have to offer.  Many of these people will be watching from the sidelines to see if this something you really go for.  They will be watching to see if this is something you are really committed to.  So surprise them and really go for it.  All the best!



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Is Your Business Off to a Great Start in 2014?

Happy New Year!

Is your network marketing business off to a great start in 2014?

Start your 90 blitz today.

It’s two plus weeks into the New Year.  I hope your holiday season was wonderful, warm and filled with love and family.  If you are like me, the last two weeks have felt good to get back to “normal” life, too.  And I bet you have lots of great goals for being successful in mlm and ideas for how this year is going to be different and better.  Me too!

I love the beginnings of a new year and for lots of reasons, I am especially looking forward to 2014!  I think it is because we have spent the last 18 months building the foundation for my new multi-level marketing business with Jeunesse and it is really starting to come together.  I am excited to see where we will be one year from now.

One thing I have noticed is that we have great plans and goals in January and we start the year with the best of intentions and typically by mid- February we are off the rails.  Sound familiar?  How can we make this year the best we have ever had? It has everything to do with our commitments and our obligation to follow through.  We show up for so many things but we don’t always show up for ourselves!

Get your network marketing business on the path to success

Here are a couple of things I am committing to in 2014.  

I have stepped up my commitments to my Jeunesse business and as an entrepreneur.  My team and I started a 90 day blitz for the first quarter of the year.  That means we are stretching and pushing to do more each day, each week and each month than we did last quarter!  We can do anything for 90 days!  This works and is necessary to be successful in network marketing. I am so excited about where we will be one year from now.

I have stepped up my commitments to my health.  I am going to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar.  (would someone help me throw out the leftover Christmas chocolates?)  I am going to exercise first thing in the morning because all too often it doesn’t happen later in the day.  And I am going to get myself to sleep by midnight.  The last 3 out of 4 nights I have succeeded.  (I am a night owl – I love to work in the middle of the night but I know it isn’t good for me.  Not sleeping when we should be is aging to our bodies…which is the opposite effect of what Jeunesse products are trying to achieve).

Why do we fall off the rails of our New Year Goals?

Help your network marketing business succeed!

Most of us have a very hard time with discipline and consistency.  We want to be our own boss and to be successful working for ourselves. I think most of us think discipline isn’t a nice word.  I had to rethink what I thought discipline meant and when I did, it changed everything.  Discipline and being consistent is key to success in everything.

Whether it is losing weight, creating a great relationship, building your networking business or investing – being disciplined and focused is what makes it all happen.  Every day we have the chance to start anew, to start over, to start again.  Give yourself a break on the days where you fall short and keep going.  Most of us fall off the rails because we give up.  One thing that works for me is to write down my goals for the year and the steps I am going to take to make those goals happen.  And then I print that page out and I revisit it each week.  That keeps me focused and on track.

When I am feeling out of sorts, I change my physical state.  We can change our emotions and our sense of well-being very quickly.  It is just a choice.  Getting up and moving around, going for a walk, lifting weights for 5 minutes will move you to a more positive and productive mindset very quickly.

Then you will be in a better frame of mind to tackle that phone call or to set up that appointment.  Every day do the important activities to move your business forward.

At the end of the day, feel great about what you did get done.  Our to do lists are a mile long (at least mine is) and we will never get it all done.  I had to train myself to appreciate and feel good about what I got done and not focus on what I didn’t get done!  It makes a huge difference, especially if you are in the habit of falling asleep at night fretting about what you didn’t get done.  Guess what you will dream about?    It is so much more rewarding to feel good at the end of each day!

 2013 Recap

Every year, I “close” the ending of a year. I love to go through the past year and savor what happened before I really dive into the New Year.  At the beginning of each year, I also always choose one word or a phrase that will sum up the new year.  In 2013 it was appreciate and laughter.  This year the phrase for the year is PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS.  I am really going for it this year.

I heard this quote the other day:  Be grateful for where you are and where you are no longer.  I encourage you to be thankful for what you have accomplished.  2013 was a big year for me.  Here are some highlights.

  1. Mark and I celebrated our first year of marriage.

  2. I celebrated my one year anniversary with my new company – Jeunesse.

  3. I created the foundation in my new business for a great and long term success.  I feel honored to get to work with the leaders on our team – blessed to have them in my life.

  4. My team and I created a duplicatable system for our team to run with.

  5. I created a new brand, new websites and revamped social media sites

  6. We celebrated Christmas for the first time with our 3 kids.

  7. I participated in several life changing mastermind events.

  8. I hired marketing mentors to help me achieve my dreams.  Everyone needs coaching.

  9. I presented at our Jeunesse Las Vegas Convention in front of thousands of people – so much fun and feels like home!

  10. I traveled to Maui, Las Vegas, Napa, Mendocino, Orlando, New York City, Bangkok, Vancouver Island and Vancouver.  Plans are already in the works for Palm Springs, Vancouver, Seattle, and Italy.

 Make your network marketing business a success in 2014!

I am thrilled with the results of 2013 and believe me, when I say that I believe 2014 will be the best year yet.  When we focus on what we want and pull out all the stops, it is amazing what we can accomplish.  You can change your life.  We all can.  We all can create more than we can imagine.  There has never been a better time to be in the networking business.  And the internet and social media make it 1000 times easier to build a global business than even 5 years ago.  What are you waiting for?  No one else is going to take care of your retirement or send those kids to college.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  Let’s go get it done!  I wish you a fabulous 2014!

 What are your goals for 2014? Comment below if you’re committed to pulling out all the stops in 2014!