Network Marketing Tip: Create a Vision Board!

Create a vision board!

Are you confused about what to do next in your personal life or business? A vision board is a great way to plan your future. A vision board can be an extremely powerful tool to manifest the goals you desire. You wouldn’t even believe some of the things that have come true that started out as an image on my vision board!  A vision board is made up of a variety of images, words and ideas. But it is much more than that! It also contains what excites and inspires you and sets out a blueprint for what you most desire in your future. In this post, I am going to dive deep into the power of the vision board and how it can help you become successful in business and life!  I remember the first vision board (I call them dream boards too!) I created years ago, I thought the exercise was fun but wasn’t sure I really believed or understood them.  I absolutely love my dream boards now and have created travel size versions so I can always take them with me.  Sitting with a cup of tea and reviewing my dream boards have become part of my almost daily ritual.  They quickly take me to my happy place!

The vision board’s power comes from the act of intentionally creating something to be a visual representation of everything you want to have or do in your life. If you hang the vision board on your wall or next to your computer or on your bathroom mirror, it will become a daily reminder to help you achieve your goals. By surrounding yourself with images of who you want to be, who you want to be with, what your house looks like, what your business is made up of and where you want to travel with – essentially, what you want your best life to look like.  You will find that by reviewing the dream boards regularly that your energy will change about your business goals and your lifestyle dreams.  Suddenly, you will find it easier to focus on those goals and truly achieve what you desire. The tactile process of creating your vision board – choosing images, cutting them out and gluing them on the board will cause your brain to work in a totally new way and spark your creativity.

my vision board

A vision board can be used for many things. It can be used to help you design what you want your business to look like. The vision board can be used to visualize the person you want to become to run a successful business. In summary, the vision board can be used to plan out your dream life. Are you interested in creating your own vision board now? Here is a step-by-step process to create a powerful vision board to support your dream business:

1. Define: First you have to decide if you want to create a vision board for every aspect of your life (business goals, brand goals, personal goals, travel goals, dream house, etc.) or just one aspect. Next, think about what you want to create. Do not be afraid to think about details. What would every aspect of your dream life look like? What would you wear? Where would you live? What would your office look like? Where would you work from?

2. Choose a base: Once you know what you truly want, you can start gathering the images together to create your vision board. First, gather up the base. I recommend using poster board, a cork board (if you use push pins you can continue to add, subtract and rearrange components or journals/sketchbooks. If you want to create a virtual board, you can use Pinterest.

3. Collect images: Once you have chosen your base, you can start collecting images. The best way to start is to gather together some of your favorite magazines and start cutting out anything and everything that appeals to you. Don’t censor yourself or spend too much time questioning your desires. Just choose everything that appeals to you! You can also tear out pages of typography with words, quotes or phrases that speak to you. Do not be afraid to go beyond tangible items – search for images that represent more abstract goals like creativity, freedom and flow. You can also go beyond pictures and add jewelry, napkins, cards and anything else that strike your fancy.


4. Curate: Once you have gathered together images and words, it is time to put them together on your vision board to make a cohesive vision. Start out by choosing those images, words or items that speak to you very clearly and eliminate what no longer seems to fit. Often times, we feel pressure to want certain things – a large home, a fancy come, a substantial income. The vision board is great because it helps us determine what we actually want, deep down. When choosing words, pull out those terms that describe the way you want to be in your business and your life.

5. Display: Once you have finished creating your vision board, make space so that you can easily see it. Part of the power of the vision board comes from viewing them regularly, both consciously and subconsciously. I keep my portable travel vision boards tucked inside my journal and before I start my spiritual practice, I spend a few minutes going over my dream boards.  Truly takes me to a happy and creative place right away!  I am not kidding when I say I LOVE my vision boards!

6. Review: Be sure to look at your vision board regularly.  Pay attention to what emotions come up for you. Is there anything that makes you feel some resistance? Are you afraid of any of the images that you chose? Is there anything there that feels like it is something you “should be doing” rather than what you truly desire? What do those feelings tell you about yourself, your life and your business?  You can always edit or make a new one.  This is not something that is done once.  I have done many vision boards now over the last 12 years.  I am looking forward to updating my business dream board in a week or so during my annual favorite week of the year trip to Mendocino.

To recap: Review and update your vision boards frequently. Constantly stay on the lookout for new images, better words, new inspiration, and more tangible representations of what you want. Although they may be just one aspect of your planning for your business and life, they can be a very important part of it energetically and creatively. The more specific and emotionally moving the board is for you, the more of an impact it will have on your life and your business!  I keep my past vision boards too because it is so fun to look back and see all the wonderful things that have come into my life that started as something I cut out from a magazine and then it took on a life of its own on one of my vision boards.  Someday I will share with you the pictures of the kids and the man I wanted to meet.  I had these great pictures on my vision boards for several years before I met Mark and the kids and guess what?  It all came true!  This is such a fun and creative process and it gives you a wonderful chance to truly put the law of attraction to work for you!

Have fun with this!  I would love to see your vision boards and your comments below.



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The Ten Daily Disciplines that Lead to Network Marketing Success

10 Daily Disciplines

Guess what:  There is NO shortcut to success. However, there are some ways to make life a little easier along the way. There are certain daily disciplines I follow everyday that have been a huge accelerator to my success. Now I am sharing them with you! Want to become a network marketing rock star? Then work to follow these ten daily disciplines and not only your business will be better, but your life will be better!

10 Daily Disciplines to Improve Your Life and Business

  1. Say/read affirmations and express gratitude daily. I express my gratitude daily in a journal, which I write in when I get up in the morning, but there are many great ways to do this.  I just had a friend of mine tell me that she says her affirmations in the shower.  Great way to multi-task!  Although it may seem otherwise at times, we always many things to be grateful for. Even if I have had a frustrating day, I can always find something positive that happened. Focusing on affirmations and gratitude can help you realize all the things you have in your life, as well as your potential. What I know for sure, is when we are grateful for what is here now, we will be able to receive more.  This activity will create feelings of contentment, help you live a happier life and make your thoughts more positive, which is great, because, positive thoughts are what lead to success. It is only from a positive place that you can focus on bringing your dreams into reality.  If you focus on lack, you will get more lack.  If you focus on moving forward and success, you will get more of that too!
  1. Continually review your goals. As I am writing in my journal to express gratitude, I also take time to review my goals. By setting goals, you give your life direction. It gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It also helps you organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most out of your life. By continually reviewing your goals, you can measure and take pride as you achieve them. It will also help you to see forward progress in what might have previously seemed a long and pointless grind.  Did you know that you have a MUCH GREATER chance of realizing your goals JUST because you wrote them down?  It is amazing when I review past goals how great it is to see the accomplishments.  Write them down and review regularly!  It works, trust me.


  1. Read or listen to a personal development book or podcast for 15 minutes a day. I listen to different personal development books on my walk each morning.  It helps me to feel motivated to start the day and have confidence in myself. Some of my favorite personal development books are: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardey, “Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want” by Brian Tracey and “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” by John Maxwell.
  1. Be sure to walk/ and or exercise daily. I could devote an entire blog post to the benefits of exercise. In addition to keeping you fit and healthy, making exercise part of your daily schedule will give you more energy and keep you happier. I make sure to take a 30-minute walk several times per week (I am making team calls while I walk.  Sometimes I have to mute myself because of the sound of the gravel.)  I also love yoga and lifting weights.   This is a new found love as last year I worked too much and sat at the computer way too much.  My physical fitness paid a price so a huge priority for me this year is to take better care of myself and move everyday.  It feels great!
  1.  Be sure to prospect to new people daily. Take time to call or send a text to 2-10 new prospects/Facebook connects. You talking to new people is the ONLY way you will expand your business. It will be easier if you schedule time and simply do it. Just be sure not to allow yourself to be distracted by “false work” while reaching out to clients. Also don’t just send generic emails or generic Facebook messages – take the time to send purposeful and personal messages by thinking about them and what is the message you want to convey.
  1. Make follow up calls and schedule one-on-one appointments. That is even more important than the initial email or call. To have success in your business, you must have a clear follow up system for all leads from every source. Put each lead into the system and methodically follow up with it. Make sure you provide value on every interaction to keep your relationship in momentum. Do things like sharing ideas and insight and continuing to educate your clients.  Have fun with follow up calls.  The more you follow up, the more you will stand out as someone that has it going on.  Set up a recurring event or a recurring toodledo activity that once a month you call this person and when you call them, with a smile on your face say “You ready for your call with me?  You ready to get started with me.  I know you are going to want to say yes sooner or later…”  People will appreciate the humor and the confidence and especially the follow up.  So very few people put themselves to hear no again after the first time.  The marketing gurus tell us most of us say no 5 times before we say yes.  The fortune is in the follow up!
  1. Attend weekly team training and meetings. Meetings are a great way to keep both yourself and your team members on track and to boost your morale. They also provide a great venue to build relationships and share success stories with each other, including the tips outlined in this blog!  Events fill you up!  The most important person you sign up every day is YOU and events always re-inspire you.
  1. Also remember to network have fun! Host a home party or attend a home party to meet new people and build relationships. Remember to smile and have fun and give yourself permission to learn! No matter what happens, just roll with it and make friends! Everyone at the party is a potential client or team member.  You know way more than they do.  Don’t sweat what you don’t know.  Best way to do this is to jump in and get the first one behind you.  You may not want to do a home party every  night of the week but could you commit to one or two nights a week?  Even in the online world we live in, home parties are still the BEST way to get a specific area going.

Daily Disciplines for Success

  1. Be sure to post positive and inspirational messages on social Media. Follow an 80:20 rule: 80% personal or inspiring and 20% business.  It is important to remember that your posts do not always have to be about network marketing or your business.  What are you interested in?  What do you love?  I  love baking and traveling so I include pictures about that.  Remember though, while social media can amplify your message and grow your business, it is also about listening and building relationships. Be sure to regularly engage with people on social media – you never know who you will meet.  Whether we meet online or face to face, we still have to relate to people and make connections.
  1. Promote the next event using the phone, texts, email and social media. I think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have the most to offer when it comes to getting the word out and connecting with prospective attendees. Use social media to curate the content around the event by including blog posts, pictures, infographics, conversations and videos to build traffic and engage your audience.  It is completely true that the more people you bring to an event the more your business grows and faster too!  We are in the tools and events driven business – if you aren’t taking advantage of the leverage events provide you and your teams, you will miss out!

Hope these daily disciplines help.  Time to go for my walk and to yoga class.  🙂  Want to share this list with your team? Click here to access the handy checklist I created. Now start with the first one and work your way down 😉  All the best to you!



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Why Attending Network Marketing Events Are Vital To Your Business


Success in network marketing is based on YOU attending your team and company events.  We are in the tools and events driven business.  If you are using one and not the other, you are building this the hard and slow way.  You have to show up for the events.  And bring as many people as you can with you.  I have been to many company events and I have learned something new every time. The events are what fill you up.  The events expand your belief in yourself, your company and our profession in ways that no one else can do for you.  The magic in belief happens at the events!  Here are four reasons why network marketing events are vital to your business.

1. You learn more when you go to events. Listening to a live speaker is highly engaging and you are more likely to remember it. You are more focused and aware at the event and therefore you retain more information. When you are just listening to a recording, you can easily get distracted because you may be multi-tasking or thinking of something else.  Your company puts these events together FOR you.  The more people you bring, the faster your business will grow.  This is just one of the ways LEVERAGE works in our business.  Let the company spend the millions and you bring the people.

2. The atmosphere is extremely motivating. Several studies have shown that the environment that we surround ourselves with plays a big part in our success. That is why watching sports on TV or listening to music at home is not as exciting as attending a live event. However, when you attend a network marketing event, you get to be in the same room and see things that you don’t get to at home. Therefore, attending your company’s events is very important. You are completely surrounded by positive and motivated people!  You have heard that the way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself?  Well, attending the company events for your business is a way to immerse yourself!

Network Marketing Events

3. You will learn tips from leading business experts about what it really takes to build a business. The best teachers are the network marketers in your company who have made it to the top. Listen to as many speakers as you can.  Attend every session.  Take lots of notes.  Go back and teach what you learned to your team.  And set a goal to bring as many people as you can to the next event.  You can tell how much a person earns by how many people from their team are at the event with them.

4. You will be able to make amazing business and personal connections that will increase your net worth and your life worth!  Your companies network marketing events are the best way to meet and learn from other successful people. You will have a chance to hang out and socialize with other people who are in the same business as you and who are excited and serious as you about making incredible things happen.  You have heard the saying that you are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with?  Well, at these events, you will be upgrading your 5 people.

Network Marketing Events

Attend as many network marketing events as you can! They will change your life. It will allow you to build your business and your self-confidence. You will meet great people and learn things that you could never learn from just watching YouTube videos at home. It is so important to invest in yourself and to invest in events. You will thank yourself later!  You won’t believe how your business will take off when you bring more and more people to the events.  Wishing you all the best!



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How to Stay Persistent and Reach Your Goals!


At the end of the day, the most successful individuals are those that keep on trying, even when it seems like there is nothing left to fight for. The ability to persist longer than anyone else is the one quality that will guarantee great success in life! Now apply this same idea to building your network marketing business. If you keep working hard and stay persistent, your business will blossom. Here are 18 tips to help you stay persistent and reach your business goals!

1. Start each day by visualizing your goals. Remember you are the director of your life’s movie and your imagination is your preview for everything you will achieve. Try to “see” your goals as if they already exist. Doing so will activate all of your available mental powers and help you attain your goals.  If you are new to this, you may be a bit uncomfortable with this – it works!

2. Do not be afraid to unlock your potential. You have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to. Just look at everything you have achieved so far. That was just the preparation for everything you will accomplish in the future. Decide to be uncomfortable with the status quo and to really go after what you want in your life.

3. Take charge. It is you who are responsible for whatever you achieve today, tomorrow and months down the road. You are responsible for everything you think, say and do and for everything you will become in the future. You must stop making excuses and blaming others for your failures. Instead, know it is up to you and work on your goals each and every day.  A mentor taught me years ago to not get caught up in our “stories”.  What are you telling yourself about your abilities and about how successful you can be?

Stay persistent!

4. Create your future. Refuse to accept that there are limitations on what you can do, be or have in the months and years ahead. Continually think about and plan your future. You will find the resources to create any life that you desire.  It is amazing what will appear if you stay committed and on course.  I know now that what I think about I attract.  What is I ask for usually shows up in one way or another, sooner or later.  And what I can measure and track, I can change.

5. Clarify your values. If you are going to set goals you need to think about what is the MOST important to you. It is your innermost values that define you as a person. Do not change or stray away from what you feel is right for you.

6. Really think about your beliefs. Those beliefs include what you think about your own abilities and about the world around you. What you believe you can achieve.  Knowing this in your heart of hearts will have more of an impact on your feelings and actions than any other factor.  I knew I could be successful in network marketing.  I just knew it! And I went to work and I did the work.

7. Next define your true goals. This will help you stay persistent. It is up to you to decide what you want to accomplish with your life. Clarity is essential for happiness and living up to your true potential. With that you can find a central purpose to build your life around. Try to find one single goal that will help you achieve all of your other goals.  I am a huge believer in setting goals and writing them down.  And reviewing them at least quarterly!  And don’t worry if they are a moving target meaning you don’t achieve all your goals in the timeframe you thought you would.  That is normal!

Stay persistent!

8. Do not be afraid to start from the beginning. Determine you exact situation and be both honest and realistic when you are thinking about what you want to accomplish in the future.  I have heard that most of us over estimate what we can get done in a year but very much underestimate what we can get done in 5 years.  Think bigger picture and longer term.  One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make is not giving their business enough time in terms of the time spent each week and the time spent working it before they give in or up.

9. Do something new every day. That is the best way to get started toward achieving your goals because it will allow you to make new moves and a momentum towards success.  We have to keep growing and learning.  I have a list of websites that I follow and when I need some inspiration, I go look at their websites to see what is new and different.  Being able to learn new skills and change it up is what keeps our businesses interesting and fun.  I love that no two days are alike and you never know what is going to happen today!

Stay Persistent and Grow Your Business!

10. Be sure to keep track of your progress. That will help you assess how well you are doing and aid you in making the necessary adjustments to assure that you are on track to completing your goals. Stay persistent!  I keep track of my business stats and volumes in an excel spreadsheet and once a month at least I update it.  This way I am aware of the metrics in my business.  If you aren’t in to numbers, you can still do this because this information is much more than just numbers.  It is the trends in your busines…

11. Unlock your creativity. Everyone has the ability to be creative and solve problems. If you are not meeting your goal, do not be afraid to come up with a new and better way than what you are currently doing. Anyone can tap into their intelligence to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.  People do so all the time.  Everyone has their moments where they feel like they are beating their head against the wall but that is just part of the journey to success.

12. Eliminate all obstacles. Your success boils down to your ability to solve problems and remove obstacles that stand in the way of your goal. Although you may make mistakes at times, if you just keep trying you will achieve your goals.  Don’t let the naysayers get to you.  Don’t let something that isn’t that important to you stand in the way of something that is very important to you!

13. Become an expert at what you do. You have within you the ability to be one of the best in your field. There are no excuses. All you have to do is put your mind to it, study, learn and never stop working until you get there. Only then can you join the top 10% in our field or any field.  People get hung up on the word “expert”.  You don’t have to have a degree in something to be considered an expert – if you know more than the person you are talking to about network marketing and you provide value on a consistent basis,  you will be seen as an expert.

14. Activate your super conscious mind. You have the power within you and around you to bring about everything and anything you could ever want.  Visualizing your success is key.  What do you think professional athletes or olympic athletes do before a big event?  Also, if you regularly take the time to tap into your peers you will find that they offer an amazing source of ideas and aid to achieve your goals.

15. Be sure to associate with the right people. The choices you make in regards to the people whom you live, work and socialize with will affect your success. You should only associate with people that you actually like, respect and admire. If you want to be a successful and good person, you should only associate with others who strive to be the best.  We are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? Are they pulling you up and lifting you up or dragging you down?

16. Do not procrastinate, stay persistent! Learn how to manage your time well and to double and triple your productivity. To do this learn and practice proven time management principles. I love the book The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard.  Do not get distracted by trivial matters and always set priorities before you begin.

17. At the end of each day, take a moment to review and reevaluate your goals and objectives. Make sure you are on track and that you are still working on the things that are most important to you. Be ready to adapt your plan, as it is needed.  Celebrate at the end of the day by focusing on what you did get done and what you moved forward.  Don’t look at the never ending to do list and feel frustrated for what you didn’t get done.   I have a process where at the beginning of the week I write out the top 5 things to get done that week.  I will get a lot of other things done too but if by Thursday, I haven’t gotten the top 5 things done then I focus much more on those.  It is so easy to be busy and to get distracted and not get to the most important things!

18. Remain flexible and roll with the punches. Keep your goals in mind, but do not be afraid to try an alternative way of meeting them. Who knows – there may be a solution that is newer, better, faster and cheaper. If something is not working, be willing to try a different approach.

I hope these tips help you as you build your business!  Being consistent and persistent with your goals and your daily activities is going to get you where you want to go.  When people ask me what is my secret, my answer is I am very good at being consistent.  It almost sounds easy.  It isn’t as most of us but we can create better habits that move us forward.  Hope you have enjoyed these tips!  See you at the top!



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8 Ways to Grow Your Prospect List

Grow Your Prospect List

One of the most stressful parts of starting your network marketing business is finding prospects. When you first start out, you lean on your close friends and family. Then you start reaching out to that old classmate from college or your yoga teacher. But what happens when you feel like your personal network run out and you need more customers and teammates? I have put together a list of 8 ways to grow your prospect list that have helped me reach diamond status in the network marketing industry.

Grow Your Prospect List

1. Join Local Meetup Groups.

This is a great way to meet new people that are not in your normal circle. One tool that I find extremely useful is You can find hundreds of different groups to join! I suggest finding groups that make sense for the product you are selling and groups that you are genuinely interested in being a part of.  If you are selling health and beauty products, I would consider joining groups geared towards women, health and entrepreneurship.
2. Attend Success seminars and Personal Development workshops.

Want to find go-getters to grow your business quickly? Success seminars and workshops are a great place to find like-minded people who are willing to put in hard work. Events related to mindset and personal development are the best.  I have attended many over the years and have learned a great deal each time.  And the network you will connect with can change your life!  It did mine.
3. Join Investment Clubs (think gold, stock and real estate).

Gold, stock and real estate clubs are wonderful places to meet prospects who understand the value of investment and opportunities.  They are there to better their lives financially.  They will be more likely to understand the network marketing model.  You are looking for people who are open – this is a great venue to reach more people who are looking.

4. Attend Networking Events.

Mixers. Meet-and-greets. Cocktail parties. Network events can be fun and profitable! Grab a stack of business cards and spend as much time as you can just chatting with people. Don’t sell them right away, just start building a relationship with them with a great conversation. Be sure to get their contact information and you can reach out to them at the appropriate time.  We are in the relationship business.  Build relationships and provide value – it will come back to you!

Grow Your Prospect List!

5. Attend Trade Shows and even host a booth or a table at a Trade Show.

Trade shows are a great way to build your contact list.  Again, go to or host at trade shows that make sense for what you are offering.  There is a trade show for just about everything today.  At a trade show you will have a lot of people coming up to your booth to see what you have to offer.  If your product or service demonstrates well, all the better.  Be sure to collect business cards or have the guests sign in to a list so you can follow up with them afterwards. There is a great side benefit to trade shows too.  You will tell your story and your product benefits over and over again!  Guess what happens?  It builds your confidence.  It builds the confidence of your teammates with you too!  By the end of the show, you will feel so much more comfortable sharing what you have to offer.  Need add tool in there.? 

6. Attend Wealth Building Seminars.

It is great to grow your prospect list by finding people who want to make money! Wealth building seminars are perfect. Do a quick Google search and you will find what is coming to your area. Pro tip: Most events will have a Twitter account. Look at the list of their Twitter followers and you have an instant list of prospects to reach out to online.  (Don’t spam people.  We are building relationships right?)
7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get involved with people who are already running successful businesses.  They already get business and entrepreneurship.  My favorite prospect is a business owner who is looking for another business.  There will definitely be people here looking for ways to make extra revenue.

8. Get involved with a Non-Profit Organization.

Choose a non-profit that you can become passionate about.  People will gravitate towards that enthusiasm.  You will be building your sphere of influence, building your prospect list AND doing good in the world at the same time.  If you have been blessed, always a great thing to become a blessing.  It isn’t what we get in this life, it is what we give that matters.  I have been involved in some extraordinary organizations over the years and love that through our profession, we get to do A LOT of good in the world.


Here is another quick tip.  Remember CCIC.

CCIC stands for Comment. Compliment. Introduce myself. Find something in common. To grow your prospect list, you will need to build up your social skills. I like this acronym because it really helps when I am meeting people I don’t know. Starting a conversation with someone with a comment is just a great way to be in the world and you never know who you  might be connecting with.  People LOVE compliments!  Make sure you introduce yourself and remember the the last ‘c’ and make a note of to find something in common, too.  When you reach out to that prospect again, you will have an ice breaker!

P.s. Here is a pdf version of this list to share with your team!  Enjoy the weekend.  I am looking forward to the Academy Awards on Sunday!



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2 Great Ways to Handle Objections

Handle Objections
Sometimes, just when you think you are about to bring on a new rockstar team member, you get hit with an objection! BAM!  If you work in network marketing, this is something you will deal with over and over again. I have put together a toolkit of the best way to handle objections. This has been a huge asset for me and my team as we build our business. Here are two great ways to handle objections.

2 Perfect Ways to Handle Objections

First, to overcome ANY objection memorize this line: “I don’t know about that, what I do know is….*share testimonial*. The testimonial story could be product based or business based depending on what question the prospect asks.
For example, when someone says “My neighbor tried one of those kinds of businesses and found out no one makes any money.” And you say, I don’t know about that company, what I do know is my company has many, many people making great money.”

Another great way to handle objections, no matter what the objection is, is to say “That is exactly why I thought of you!

People love that you thought of them and it helps them get over their resistance.  This is the absolute simplest way to handle an objection.  A friend taught this to me years ago and it is brilliant in its simplicity.
When your prospect says, “I would love to do this with you, but with my schedule the way it is, I just don’t have any time.”  And you say, “That is exactly why I thought of you!  I want you to have more time.”  Then watch your prospect smile or say “really?”.
These two tips are now your secret weapons! You have an amazing opportunity to share with the world and knowing how to handle objections will make it that much easier to share it. I would suggest sharing these two tips with your team and practice your best responses. This can only help you build your business!



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7 Tips to Help You When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you often feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Making the shift to network marketing means changing your lifestyle. There is no one there giving you a deadline for your work. You are responsible for your success. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are seven tips that can help you as you build your network marketing business.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try this.

  1. Only do what you know you can and want to do. A lot of people tend to overextend themselves and offer to do something for a co-worker, friend etc. when in reality they just don’t have the time. We may even offer to do something because we like doing it (some people – like me, ACTUALLY find doing something like organizing a closet fun!) and so we offer to do it even though we don’t have the time. If you are a manager or business leader, you may keep doing work that you should be assigning to another person. If you don’t take on extra tasks, you will not overextend yourself and won’t feel so overwhelmed.  Don’t get caught up with too many should do’s.  They take away your joy.
  1. Stay conscious when you are working. A lot of our time tends to get sucked up by activities that are simply not productive. I know it is great to take a break, or have a conversation that is lighthearted and fun. Sometimes, it may even be necessary. You just need to choose wisely. Otherwise, you will find that the day is almost over and feel overwhelmed by all that you have left to do.
  1. Get organized. Every really productive person has a schedule or system to track tasks. But make sure that the schedule does not shackle you. To do that, start by writing down the thoughts and tasks that pop into your head throughout the day – anything from very important to insignificant. I love getting the list out of my head and on to a sheet of paper or online system.  I have used for years.  It is a great online to do list.  Next, star those tasks that you need to complete today. Then find the most important three tasks and complete them first. Make a separate list for weekly and monthly items.
  1. Throw out insignificant activities and question your assumptions. Don’t think that you have to do something (professionally or personally) just because you are under the assumption that “you have to” or because it is something that you have done in the past. If you pay attention to what you do each day, you may find that some things are just a waste of time and yield little.  Ask yourself if it really NEEDS to be done. What would happen if you didn’t do it?

Feeling overwhelmed?

  1. Feeling overwhelmed?Learn how to say no, politely, diplomatically and graciously. Doing this will be a lifesaver. It will save you time in the long run because you won’t overburden yourself with too many conflicting activities.  If someone asks you to do something, make sure that you actually have time to do it, want to do it and that you can deliver on the commitment you made without being overwhelmed. If doing so will put you over the line, then just say no!  My husband had to learn this one.  We often are so attached to being nice that we commit to things that we don’t really want to do.  A favorite line of mine is to respond with “I don’t think I can make that work for me”. 
  1. Cut down on your complaining. When feeling stressed, you may want to vent to friends, family and even colleagues about your difficulties. That may actually be a relief in small doses. However, if you keep complaining, day after day, that will just make you feel worse. Instead of complaining, do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask people for their support to do the four things above or advice or insights they may have about why you are feeling overwhelmed.  Complaining also keeps you caught up in the story you are telling yourself.  I used to say I was overwhelmed all the time and then I started catching myself and instead started saying, “I have all the time I need”.  Just do something on the list when you don’t know what to do!  If something happens during the day and every time you talk to someone you have to repeat the story of what happened, imagine how many minutes you spend just repeating a story.  It is easy to get caught in that loop.  Let it go. Move on and find what you are grateful for.
  1. Invest in yourself.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, find activities that nourish you (such as walking, hiking, golfing, drawing, baking…) and make sure you have time to relax and think. I know it may be hard to stop and think when you are feeling overwhelmed, but it works wonders! Even if you are super busy, taking even 15 minutes a day to step back and think about your life will help you use the rest of your time more effectively. It just poses great physical benefits: it can feel like a mini-vacation, lower your heart rate and your blood pressure in a way that will feel truly rejuvenating. When you are feeling overwhelmed, that mini-vacation will allow you to see your way through a challenging situation.  Time to relax and rest is not optional, it is essential for the productive person.

I hope these tips help you as you build your network marketing business! Just remember to relax, breathe and tell yourself “I’ve got this!”. If you can learn how to manage stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, you are one step closer to being a network marketing superstar!



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My Interview With Lisa Lopez!

This month I had the honor of being interviewed by Lisa Lopez – a wonderful network marketing coach. I loved having the opportunity to share some of my best pieces of advice to newcomers in the network marketing industry. In this interview I share my story and what it takes to be super successful in network marketing. This profession has been so great for me and so many others that I care about, it is great to be able to share tips that may help many others just getting started or who have been building for awhile too.

Grab a cup of tea and tune in to our interview!

Network Marketing Tips With Lisa Lopez


If you loved these tips, don’t miss your chance to register for this free webcast – The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing! This is a huge resource for network marketers and you will learn so much by watching. I highly recommend it…and it’s free! To register for event, visit:

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Affirmations For Unlimited Wealth!

Affirmations for Unlimited Wealth

An affirmation is a phrase that you say over and over again to make a declaration to yourself and the universe. When you say affirmations repeatedly, a couple of things happen. First, you are sending a message to your brain that stimulates a filter that lets in information that we need, and filters out information that we don’t. As you start focusing in on your affirmation, you will start to notice more ways to accomplish your goals. For example, if you focus your mind on generating more leads, you may notice more networking opportunities. If wealth is your goal, investment and business opportunities will be more noticeable to you. Our brain is understanding what matters to us based on our goals and desires.


Having affirmations can help you dial in to your goals and help you achieve them. They also keep you in a positive mind state, which is very important in the network marketing industry.  What we focus on, we create.  What is your self-talk?  You hear you more than anyone else, so be careful what you are saying to you.  A positive mindset and great attitude will change your business – and your life!

I prefer to say my affirmations in the morning so I can set the tone for my whole day. I like to make a hot cup of tea and take a moment to look over my list of my favorite affirmations. Not a bad way to start the day right?

Affirmations For Your Business!

Below you will find my best affirmations for network marketing and finances.  I know that the more successful I am, the more people I have helped and the more people I can help out in the world.  One of the reasons why it is important to me to be successful is I am passionate about helping children in need all over the world.  What you visualize you can do, will come about.  The power of positive thinking has been around for a long time, because it works!

I suggest downloading this list and sending it to your whole team. Click here to download!

● I am a contribution; my services are valuable.

● It is easy for me to save money; there is always enough.

● Money now comes to me in unexpected ways for the good of all concerned.

● People are happy to pay me.

● I am able to ask for what I want.

● I always have extra money.

● I now attract prosperous and competent people who want to do business with me.

● Every day I wake up to new wealth.

● I now receive assistance and cooperation from all those people necessary to achieve my desired results.

● All my past failures have given me a tremendous personal advantage.

● I get value from everything I do.

● The more I support prosperity in others, the more they contribute to my financial success.

● I can achieve great results efficiently and without struggle; I always find the easiest and most pleasurable way to get things done.

● Wealth comes to me easily.

If you can stick to saying this once a day, you are on your way to manifesting success.




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How to Build the Right Network Marketing Team

How to Build the Right Network Marketing Team

In the past year, my network marketing team has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I am working alongside some of my best friends and brightest stars in the industry. I focused my energy into finding the right people and investing my energy into those relationships. And it pays off!

When you first start out, building a great network marketing team can be a challenge. However, having a productive and successful network marketing team is absolutely essential if you are going to grow your business. It can’t be all about you.  This is teamwork at its best!  Here are a few tips to train and launch a superstar network marketing team.

Building a Rockstar Network Marketing Team!



1. Be sure to follow the leader and accept input from more experienced network marketers. If you are going to train a successful network marketing team you need to be trainable yourself! To find some resources, I would advise that you first find leaders in your own business. Next, carefully watch what they are doing and follow in their footsteps. If you ask someone else for advice, listen to them and let them do more of the talking! You may be thinking “No duh!” but often times I find that people get in their own way by not listening. Ask great questions and then stop talking.  Listen.  Remember: those before you have blazed the way for success and it may be wise to listen to them.

2. Keep sponsoring! Do not get stuck in a “management mode” where you train a few people to sponsor others and then stop sponsoring distributors or reps yourself. Your team will do what you do.  The good, the bad and the ugly!  You must continue to sponsor others so you can serve as a model for your team. If you are going to be successful you must ALWAYS bring new people in! Be sure to continually engage with new people, meet new prospects and look for more people to add on to the team. You never know what network marketing gem may be waiting around the corner!  And talking to new people is fun!  It will keep the business interesting and engaging for you.

3. Remember to always make yourself available as a resource to your network marketing team. To train someone effectively, as a sponsor, you must make sure to get him or her started right. Your job is to educate people about what they need to know to get their own business running efficiently. The last thing you want is for your MLM to be dependent on you for everything. If that happens, then you won’t get the duplication and freedom you want. Remember your goal is to train them to become independent of you as quickly as possible.

4. Never abandon someone! It is a common mistake when training others to be a MLM to get him or her started and then, once trained, leave them alone to figure the rest out while you move on to the next person. Be sure to sit down with them and make sure they have all the tools to properly get started. Then, even after they are trained, continue to be a resource for them.

The Dream Team

How to Build the Right Network Marketing Team

5. Watch who you work with when you are building your team. Do not waste resources working with someone who just is not putting forward an effort to be the best network marketer they can be. If you continue to spend time with people who are not engaged, that will only create struggle and a serious lack of fun. If you want to create a successful business, then work with people who are motivated to be successful too and are actually doing the activities.  It’s great to give people “homework” and if they do that, then move them to the next phase.  If they don’t, then don’t want it for them more than they want it for themselves.

6. Be sure to set reasonable expectations. Do not promise them the world if you are trying to train someone to be successful. Never say something like: “You are going to be successful beyond your wildest dreams and make a lot of money very quickly.” Do not promise them that it will be easy – network marketing is never easy, it requires consistent effort and time. However, there is also great potential in the network-marketing model. I was in corporate America for over 20 years and I never saw anything like our business model potential there!  Just be sure to represent the business accurately so that you can train your teammate to be in it for the long haul.

IT IS possible to become successful and build a fortune in this industry. It just requires dedication, drive, ambition, time and some hard work. There will be ups and downs, good times and bad, but if you stick with it and keep these tips in mind, you can build a powerful and successful network marketing team.  See you at the top!



P.S. I hope my tips on building your network marketing team are of value to you. If you liked this blog post, I think you will love my blog post on How to Deal With Negative People! You also may enjoy this additional training about Success Secrets From Top Team Builders from Ray Higdon.