4 Network Marketing Tips for Success!

Network Marketing Tips for success!

4 Network Marketing Tips for Success from an Industry Leader!

I am always trying to think of the best information I can share with my network marketing team to guide them to success. Anytime I can help my team, it helps them to get what they want and helps me to build my business too. The same goes for you! Take a moment to read my 4 network marketing tips for success and share them with your team.

1. Network Marketing Tips: Stay Positive and Be Grateful.

Network Marketing Tips: Stay positive, be grateful.

Take a moment and visualize the most successful network marketing leader you can. Is this person positive? Would you say they are optimistic? Do they handle their business graciously? Do they communicate with their team in a positive way? To be a good leader and network marketer, you need to STAY POSITIVE.

When you are negative, you attract negativity. Network marketing is a lot of work. You need to be ready for people to say no, not everyone is going to say yes. If you have a rough day, ditch any attitude you have at the end of the day and start the next day with optimism. The minute you believe things won’t get better…guess what? They won’t. My network marketing tips come from experience! Be positive and grateful and success will come your way.  You won’t just have a better business, you will have a better life.  There will always be bumps in the road and things to complain about.  It is up to us from moment to moment, what we choose to focus on.

2. One of the Most Important Network Marketing Tips….Talk to as Many People as You Can!

My Network Marketing Tips for Success - talk, talk, talk!

No business can exist without customers! If you aren’t talking to people, you aren’t bringing in new business. You should be talking to as many NEW people as you possibly can, whatever ways you can. I suggest setting a goal of how many people you want to reach out to daily. It really is a numbers game and you have to be persistent. I’ve had a lot of success with reaching out to people online. If you want to learn more about how I do that, check out my blog post on generating leads. I would highly recommend talking to leaders in your company. Ask them what numbers they hit daily so you get really get a sense of what you need to do to be a network marketing rockstar!  Surround yourself with the people who are making it happen.  Success really does leave clues.

3. Don’t Give Up!

Many people in the network marketing industry don’t give their business enough time. People think success should come sooner and or with less effort…Surprise! It doesn’t. If you work hard, stay positive and reach out to as many people as possible, your chance of success is very high. I have found that educating yourself on what you are up against can really help. Here are some of the obstacles I have experienced in my career.

Network Marketing Tips: Don't GIve UP!

– Your upline may quit or jump to a new company.
– You may not have a system to follow.
– At times, you won’t feel like showing one more person your opportunity.
– You will over analyze what you need to know first to get started or to restart.
– You will wonder if this is for you.

You will have people on your team that you just can’t get along with.

_ Your company will make a decision that you think you can’t get over.
– You will wonder if the time you have put in is worth the money you have made.

People will think you are crazy for staying with it.

4.  Make Sure You Give Your Business Enough Time.

I mean this both in terms of the hours you devote each day and each week but also in terms of your long term view of making this work.  Most people don’t give this enough time each week and many people don’t have a realistic view of how long it should take so they quit too soon.  What if you were 3 feet from Gold?  What if the next person you talked to was the leader, the partner you were looking for?  That is actually one of the things I love about this profession, from one day to the next your business can change dramatically.  I find it very exciting.  Make sure you carve out at least 5 hours per week to build your business.  10 hours per week is even better!  If you do that, you will get to the place where it is rolling and you want to give it even more.  Set goals for where you will be in 5 years and 10 years with your business.  Short term goals are great but when you set a longer term goal too, it helps you create that vision that pulls you forward when it gets or feels hard.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. After many years in the network marketing industry, I know that following these network marketing tips CAN and WILL lead you to success. I have seen hundreds of men and women in our profession build successful businesses and I know you can too.  It is there for the taking.



P.S. I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you! You also may enjoy this additional training about Success Secrets From Top Team Builders.

My Daily Routine for MLM Success

One of the best ways to build your MLM success is to have a daily routine that keeps you on track with generating leads. You always want to have more people to talk to and to have an on-going list of people to talk to.  Over the years I have narrowed down my daily routine tasks to the top 10 and I am going to share them here with you!

My daily routine for MLM success…

1. Read affirmations and express gratitude.

Positivity is key. I like to start my day off by reading something positive and expressing gratitude for what is in my life. I keep a gratitude journal that I write in often.  I have a better day when I keep this focus.  Ask yourself why are you so successful and you will be amazed at the answers you will find to support that question.

2. Review goals.

Reviewing my goals helps me stay on track with completing them. I use checklists to keep me organized and cross things off as I go.  I read the other day that all of our inboxes are just someone else’s agendas for our day.  Revisiting my goals on  a regular basis really helps me stay on track and take care of the big things on the list.

3. Keep learning. 

I suggest reading 15 pages of a personal growth book. This will introduce new ideas into your business and keep you one step ahead.  Your business is the size it is right now because of where you are in your skills.  The best way to build a bigger business is to stretch YOU.

My Daily Routine for Success

4. Walk or exercise. 

Exercise is so important. Regularly exercising keeps our bodies healthy and our minds sharp. Taking a walk at the beginning of the day will boost your metabolism and give you natural energy for a productive day.  Plus we so weren’t meant to sit in front of a computer for hours on end.  I have to remember to get up and move and stretch – and I am trying to use a more ergonomic workstation too.  Taking care of our bodies is key to a long and healthy life and positive mindset.  I have been visiting with a lot of older people lately at my mother-in-laws apartment building – you can tell the ones that have taken good care of themselves….

5. Make 2, 5 or 10 new calls to new prospects/Facebook connects.

In order to build your business and mlm success, you need to generate leads. I suggest making about 2 to 10 new calls a day to prospects. Texting is another great way to generate leads. Keep it simple and conversational. Check out my blog post on how to become successful in MLM recruiting for tips on this subject.  Keep the conversations with NEW prospects each day and each week a major priority.  We get paid very well to keep talking to new people.  Getting into what we call “management” mode in this business is not a good idea!

6. Make follow up calls and schedule on-on-one appointments.

This is one of my best tips from my daily routine for MLM success – the fortune is in the follow up! Make follow up calls party of your daily routine and you will see a huge increase in scheduling one-on-one appointments.  Sometimes it takes calling people several times, but until they say NO, they are still on your list.  One on ones are a great tool to get to know someone and to bridge the gap between a prospect and a distributor in your business.  Sometimes picking up the phone feels like the last thing we want to do, when you feel that way it means you must pick up the phone.

7. Attend weekly trainings. 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Use your team resources to stay up to date with all the lastest news for your mlm business. Phone calls and webinars are great times to ask questions and connect with your teammates.  Weekly trainings can be in person or online.  The most important person you sponsor every day is YOU.  Make sure you are listening to inspired teachings so you feel “signed up” every day.

8. Host home party/attend a home party or host/attend an online webinar.

I believe Home Parties/Home Business Reviews are still very effective especially when you are just getting your business started and/or you want to jumpstart your business.  And this is true for most of your team too. Try to host and attend as many parties as possible!  Again, in person is great.  Home parties are great ways to build rapport and to share information.  And in today’s world, online webinars are fantastic too.  Sometimes it is wonderful to bring everyone together without anyone having to leave their home!

Social media to build your MLM business.

9. Post to your social media accounts.

Post positive and inspirational messages on Social Media. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% personal or inspiring, 20% business. You want to put out great content that is of value to people. Avoid over promoting your business, people don’t want to constantly see ads.  The more value you bring to the table, the more people you are helping = a bigger business.  When I first got started in the profession almost 9 years ago, social media was not a part of how we built our businesses, it was all too new then.  Today, I can’t imagine building without Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked in and Twitter!

10. Promote the next event.

Always always promote your company events! You can use a variety of methods to promote it including, social media, email, text and phone calls.  I don’t know a single high ranking network marketer that has achieved that rank without going to the big company events.  We build this business from event to event and the more people you bring to an event, the faster your business will grow.

I hope these daily routine tips are helpful to you!

It’s time to live your dreams!



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you. If you learned something in this article, please share it on Facebook!  Also, comment with your thoughts below. 

Network Marketing Tip: Creating Your Dream Life

Network Marketing Tip: Create your dream life

 Network marketing tip: Are you living your dream life?

Do you get up in the morning raring to go?  Are you living the life you really want to live?  Are you doing what it takes to follow your dreams?

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.  Oprah Winfrey

If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.  Les Brown

I just got back from an incredible mastermind event with Ray and Jessica Higdon in Destin Beach, Florida.   On the way there, the driver talked about how the beach ranked right up there with the beaches in Maui.  Coming from California and having traveled to Maui quite a few times, I have to say I was a bit skeptical.  So when I arrived at the hotel, I unpacked and went to the beach.  It is an AMAZING beach.  Gorgeous emerald green water, great temperature of the water and the whitest and softest sand ever.  The beach is my happy place.  I have been able to go to beaches all over the world and I have to say the driver was right, this beach ranks up there with the very best of the best.

Network Marketing Tip:  It is so worth it!

Our 15 year old daughter told my husband the other day that I was so lucky to get to travel the way I do.  She is right.  I am lucky, I am blessed and I am very grateful.  But you know that saying, the harder I work, the luckier I am?  Well, I feel that way too.  I am actively creating my life.  This is by design.  I was in corporate America for over 20 years and just got really tired of working for a boss, of helping them make a lot of money and especially tired of someone telling me how many weeks vacation I got to take.  It just wasn’t enough!  So I started thinking about how I could design my life and what would that look like.  I created dream boards and I wrote down exactly what I wanted my life to look like.  A day in the life of Kathleen.  A perfect day in the life.  Write it down.  Who are you with?  Where are you?  What does your house look like?  Who are you helping?  Visualizing what you want is the first step.  Getting clear on what you want is key.

Network Marketing Tip: Go for it!

That’s a great place to start to create your dream life.

Then you need to surround yourself with people who have what you want.  Who are happy, who are excited about life, who have what you want and who inspire and motivate you.  I just spent 3 days with a mastermind group that challenges me, that pushes me and that I can learn from.  Some of our friends and family are trying -without meaning to, to hold us back.  We can still love them, but remember we are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with!  Always be willing to learn.  Put yourself out there to get what you want.  It does take effort to really create your dream life.  And it is so worth it!  I am very grateful that my Father gave me the love of travel and the love of learning.  I am so grateful that I am on a path to follow my dreams.  I love that I get to help and inspire other people to dream bigger.

One of the best things you can do to follow your dreams and my very best network marketing tip is to include in your daily practice, time every day to read your affirmations and time to be inspired and to learn.  How that works for me is I journal every morning including time to read my affirmations and then I read my affirmations on my iphone at night before I go to sleep.  So that those positive thoughts are in my head (instead of some of the scenes in Scandal…)  And I also spend at least 30 minutes almost every day of the week listening to a positive message or reading from a book that inspires me and motivates me.  MINDSET is everything when it comes to being in the place where you can create your dream life.  So do everything you can every day, to enhance your current mindset.  Let go of what is stopping you and holding you back.  And if you are in network marketing, you have one of the best business models that exist, to create your dream life.

Network Marketing Tip: It is worth it!

Here is a quick video I took as I was leaving the beautiful beach of Destin, Florida.  Follow your dreams.  Go for it.  I can promise you, it is worth it.  Think in terms of what you will be able to do and who you can help by becoming the person that creates their dream life!

I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you and that you see why going to the company events is so important.   Click here for another network marketing tip. You may also love my recent blog post about working a home based business that can help you follow your dreams.

It’s time to live your dreams!



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Network Marketing Tip: One of My Biggest Breakthroughs

Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tip:  One of my biggest breakthroughs

 One of my biggest breakthroughs as a Network Marketing Leader came when I really understood that one of the most important things I could do was to advance in RANK.  When I realized that advancing in rank is an absolute best way to help the team, it helped me to understand a great network marketing tip that a mentor had shared with me years ago.
People need to know that it can be done.  People want to follow in the footsteps of people who have done it before.  You need to become the Network Marketing Leader who is leading the way.  Often we lose perspective on how important this is.

Why is your Advance in Rank Important?

We are all busy right?  A huge breakthrough for me came when I realized that even though I wanted to help everyone,  that the best way to help the team and inspire everyone was for me to advance in rank AND to partner with a few key people on my team and to help them advance in rank.  And then they could do the same thing for a few people.  And it snowballs from there.  A fundamental Network Marketing Tip is we have to lead the way and we have to set the example.  It is very true that the leader sets the pace.  Are you the network marketing leader that you would want to follow?  Have you made it a priority to advance in rank?
Advance in Rank
There are so many people to connect with and to build relationships with online and offline.  It is really easy to focus too much time on too many people.  It is easy to become overwhelmed.  Result: you are scattered and you have scattered results.  Not the best way to help the team.  Focus is key.  You have to decide in a strategic way who you spend your precious time and energy on.  We need to be spending our time with people who are open, interested and willing to do the work and most importantly, ARE doing the work.  Not saying they will do the work or saying they want to do the work.  But actually are doing the work.  They are coachable and are following your instructions and listening to your guidance.  One of the best ways to help your team is to FOCUS.  To focus on your own next advance in rank and a few key serious partners.  You can inspire many.  You can coach many with today’s tools.  You can build very serious partnerships that last with a dozen.  That sounds contradictory for our network marketing business model.  I know.  I resisted it too.  One of the reasons we do this business is from a sincere desire to help many people.  And you can and you will by first becoming successful yourself and then helping a few people.  You have to start out with a few before you can help the many.  How do we eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  As the leader you need to focus.  Look at your back office reports and find who are the people who are making it happen.  And then help fan that flame.  It will be the BEST way to help the TEAM.  
It is fascinating how often we find someone that really wants to build with us and what I have noticed is we help that person get started and then we often move on way too quickly, because of course we need to find another “good one” like that one.  And we end up spinning too many plates and there isn’t enough time to really hunker down and help a few to become really successful.  The best way to help the team is for YOU to advance in rank and to help a few others to advance in rank, then they can help some others advance in rank.    Choose the few to help advance in rank – be strategic.

What is the best way to help the team?

Best Way to Help the Team

Take the time when you meet someone that is ready to go that you really connect with, to help them become successful.  Don’t move on too quickly.  We often move on from Rachel Rock Star because we think “they are making it happen, I need to go work over here because Joe Bob really needs my help.”  That is faulty wiring.  If Joe Bob isn’t doing the work and isn’t motivated, you should keep spending your time with the Rock Star, not the ones on your team that you want it for more than they do.
You can’t do it all.  One of my biggest breakthroughs came when I realized that for me to advance in rank didn’t mean that it was all about me.  And it wasn’t selfish.  I realized that the best way to help the team was for them to see teammates advance in rank and that your OWN advance in rank helps them and inspires them in ways we can’t even imagine.  Help many.  Focus on a few.



I hope these network marketing tips are of value to you. For more business tips, click here. You may also love my recent network marketing tip blog post about the 3 biggest mistakes Network Marketers makeIf you learned something in this article, share it on Facebook! Also, comment with your thoughts below.